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We have a wide range of the latest Portable Herbal Vaporizers available from USA including the famous PAX brand. We have Pax 2 and Pax 3 in the new 2020 Colors & the 2019 Colors (16 options) in either a Basic or Complete Kit. We also stock all Pax Parts, Pax Mods and Pax Accessories in NZ. PAX now shipping direct to your door from Australia!

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer NZPortable Herbal Vapes Helenskinz NZ

60+ Portable Herbal Vaporizer Brands available, Imported from USA, we import the very latest dry herb portable vaporizers from the 2021 range in America! We specialize in Canadian, German & American Portable Herbal Vaporizers. Pax Vaporizers are our specialty brand, we have been importing genuine Pax portable vaporizer products into NZ for over a decade. We still offer the famous Pax 2 and Pax 3 Portable Herb Vapes, all Pax Parts and some handy Pax Mods. We have sold more Pax vaporizers than any other vape because it's simply a fantastic all round high quality little vape that is often called the iPhone of portables! We have a nice fresh collection of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on offer in NZ including all the top US, German & Canadian brands. We offer the full color range for each vape and we always start selling new portable vapes and new vaporizer models the same day they are released in the US. The Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer has GoldSink Technology with a Gold Plated Airway, Oven and Cooling Chamber. By Zeus Arsenal Vaporizers. ETA for the Zeus Arsenal Vapes is unknown at this stage, Helenskinz is partnering with Zeus Arsenal to bring you this little vaping masterpiece! We introduced DynaVap brand into our shop in 2020 and will be selling a wide range of DYNAVAP products from single VapCap Pens like the "Colored 2020 M" to full DynaVap 2020 M Starter Packs designed with Helenskinz custom accessories, not your standard Starter Kit! Better lighters, Stash Tins, Grinders, we have some amazing DynaVap Kits available now! DynaVap Parts, DynaVap Mods and much more, all Stocked in NZ. No waiting for DynaVap products, they will all ship from our Auckland warehouse NZ & Australia wide.

Please read our Herbal Vaporizer Buyers Guide NZ.

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Oil Infusion Machines NZ, Botanical Extractors, Butter Machines & Decarboxylators NZ.

Oil Infusion Machines & DecarboxylatorsOil Infusion Machines & Decarboxylators

The NOVA FX NZ - NOVA FLEX NZ, is Ardents latest Herbal Kitchen All-In-One (infusion device) Butter Machine, Helenskinz imported New Zealand's first NOVA FX Kits on August 12th, 2020, here. They are currently IN STOCK in Auckland, NZ. The new Ardent NOVA FLEX (FX) is a game changer, be sure to check it out, Decarboxylate and Infuse 4oz with one machine.

The New All-In-One Nova FX Butter Machine - In Stock NZ!

We also stock the full Magical Butter range including the MB2E 220v Butter Machine, DecarBox, Purify Filters, Butter Trays and The Love Glove. All of our Herbal Infusion Machines for creating infused butter, infused oils, and tinctures are stocked in Auckland, NZ. We also import the famous Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator & Oil Infuser. Decarboxylators and Infusion Devices are becoming very popular in NZ and for good reason, they are great tools for decarbing herb and infusing oils! We also import the Ardent Nova Decarber Infusion Sleeves. Please check out our huge directory of Magical Butter Infusion Recipes NZ , Levo Infusion Recipes and Ardent Nova FX Infusion Recipes we have on our website.

Magical Butter MB2E | DecarBox | PurifyFilter Packs | Butter Trays | Ardent Nova Lift | Ardent Nova Sleeves | Ardent Nova FLEX | Magical Butter Infusion Recipes 100+ | LEVO Infusion Recipes | Ardent Infusion Recipes

Magical Butter NZ    Ardent Nova Lift NZ


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About Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers NZ, Decarbers & Infusion Devices.

Herbal Vapes / Aromatherapy Vaporizers are generally considered the safest and healthiest way to consume herb. This is because portable herbal vapes do not emit smoke or contain the dangerous toxins associated with conventional combustion/smoking methods. Thermal Extraction has become very popular world-wide generating over $30 Billion USD in sales per year and headed to wards $60B by 2025. Portable dry herb vapes have become very high-tech, smart, powerful and simple to use. These amazing super portable herb vaping devices allow safe combustion free delivery of your favorite herbal aromatherapy blends and vaping oils. Whether it's for the many health benefits that can be achieved, for medical use or simply kicking smoking/combustion methods for good you will find that vaping is a one way street, once you go down that street you will never want to smoke again! Most people find it unbearable! If vaping & inhalation of herb isn't your speed you may be more interested in making edibles or tinctures to consume your herb orally. It's often the preferred method of consumption for Medical purposes. If you are making Infused Edibles, Infused Oil & Butter, Homemade Tinctures etc we have you covered. All of our imported infusion machines, decarboxylators and Magical Butter products are stocked in Auckland, NZ and are dispatched the same day via Aramex Courier.

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Helenskinz™ Vaporizer Store NZ is Online Only, we do not have a physical vaporizer shop in NZ, all of our energy goes directly into our online vape shop making it the largest online herbal vaporizer store in NZ. We ship within NZ and to all areas of Australia from our Auckland, NZ warehouse.

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