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Thermal Extraction, by Vaporizer or Infusion, that's our specialty! We import & sell Portable Vaporizers & other Portable Devices catering for people On-The-Go!

DaVinci Herbal Vaporizer NZ   Firefly Vaporizers NZ  DynaVap Vaporizers NZ

Our Team has been busy building up our range of Vaporizer Parts, Accessories & Mods. We have something for everyone!

A few quick links to some new imported vaping products. We import all of our Herbal Vapes, Parts & Accessories to NZ from USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia.

Lithicore 18650 Batteries, The Wand Tripods, The Wand DynaVap DYADP Adapters, Cleaning Products, Car Chargers, DynaVap Hemp Shield Cases, Yllvape Induction Heaters, Boveda Humidity Control Packs, Battery Chargers, Grinding Trays and so much more. We are also now selling the New Crafty+ Vaporizer, the new Mighty+ Vape and Mighty+ Medic Device and we have 3 very different Induction Heaters in stock NZ for DynaVappers. Our DynaVap range is now topped up as well if you are looking for a 2021 M or a VonG Vape. We also have the brand new DynaVap Omni Obsidium (Black Titanium) Pens in stock NZ.

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Vapormed NZ - Medical Vapes


We have introduced Certified Medical Devices | Medical Vapes for Patients wanting to use a Medical Vaporizer NZ with Legal Prescribed Medical Cannabis. We now stock Vapormed Medical Devices / Medical Vaporizers in our Auckland NZ warehouse and can deliver the new 2022 Mighty+ Medic Portable Medical Vape or the Volcano Medic 2 Desktop Medical Vaporizer to your door in 1-2 days via Aramex Courier NZ Wide. Please note, we no longer sell the older Mighty Medic or the Mighty, we only stock the Plus models. These vapes are available to everyone, no script required. We also stock a large range of Storz & Bickel Vaporizer Accessories & some Radical Mods from around the globe in Auckland, NZ. Water Bubblers, Adapters, Stainless Steel Cooling Units for Crafty+ & Mighty series, Glass Mouthpieces, Mighty Stands etc.

Certified Medical Vapes NZ | Mighty Medic NZ | Mighty+ Medic NZ | Volcano Medic 2 NZ | Storz & Bickel Mods & Parts NZ.

Mighty+ Medic Vaporizer - Vapormed Medical Device NZVolcano Medic 2 Vaporizer NZ - For Medical Cannabis use in NZStorz & Bickel Parts, Mods and Accessories NZ

What's New at Helenskinz NZ?
We have a NEW PAGE that everyone will find very useful! Check out our Vape Comparison/Price List Page with "Including GST" prices, here. Our new Mighty Plus page is up and running and we are taking orders finally! If you want to buy a Mighty Plus in NZ you can now, Mighty+ Vape NZ. We no longer sell the older Mighty Vape or the Mighty Medic! Mighty+ Vape (OZ Stock) or  Mighty+ Medic (NZ Stock) only. We also have a brand new "Just Released" Nectar Collector Wax Vape called the Releafy SLIDR. For all the Concentrate and Extract Vapers out there! Perfect for use with Medical Cannabis Extracts. Our new DaVinci Stainless Steel Dosing Pod Kits and DaVinci Extract Kits for use in the Dosing Pods. Pods come with Silicon Pod Holders. Check out the new DaVinci Accessories here.

Our new Ispire special DYADP DynaVap Inserts/adapters convert our Wand devices to make The Wand more like a regular Induction Heater for DynaVap Pens. We have been testing The Wand by Ispire with the new DynaVap 2021 VonG Vaporizer that we also now sell along with our DynaVap 2021 VonG Starter Kits. The Wand is a very unique device and we had great success using it with our DynaVap VapCaps.

We also have a brand new Induction Heater called the Yllvape - IH by Yllvape,  it has pretty much everything we wanted in a VapCap Heater. Check it out here, the YLL-IH. You can adjust the TEMP or the POWER to find the perfect tune for your DynaVap VapCap. It's also super portable with a 3,000mAh Battery! We highly recommend the new YLL-IH Induction Heater for DynaVap, we have extensively tested them for 3+ months running over 1,000 cycles on each unit with no issues. The new Yllvape Induction Heater is an awesome new generation of heater, you have full control and auto mode. Very few combustions with this new little heater. See banner below. Our favorite Induction Heater by far!! See All Induction Heaters.

DaVinci IQC 2021 Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ The VonG 2021 Titanium Vape Pen for Dry Herb by DynaVap NZ DynaVap Omni Obsidium Titanium Vape Pen NZ

DynaVap Dry Herb Vaporizers, Parts & Mods NZ Ispire The Wand Addons - DYADP & Tripods NZ Lithicore Batteries NZ - 18650 Batteries for Vaporizers NZ

We have 2 new Water Tools, The VapeTube 10 & The VapeTube 14 (10mm & 14mm). The VapeTube 10 water bubbler is ideal for all standard DynaVap VapCap Pens, no adapter required. We also have the VapeTube 14 and many different adapters to connect the 14mm Bubbler to most herbal vapes we sell including Crafty+, Mighty+, Mighty Medic, Pax 2, Pax 3, DaVinci IQC, IQ2 etc. If you haven't tried it yet, vaping through H2O is bliss! It makes all the difference when you can actually see the Milky Vapor build up inside the Glass Bubbler as you draw on it, vaping with a waterpipe is underrated!! Highly recommended. Some of the best vaping we have experienced has been with DynaVap, an Induction Heater and a Bubbler, it's really hard to beat!

DynaVap Orion V2 Portable Induction Heater by DynaTec Ispire The Wand NZ - Enail Dab Kit - DynaVap Induction Heater Yllvape IH - Temperature Control Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ

The brand new Storz & Bickel Mighty+ NZ / Mighty PLUS is now available for order, as of 24th Nov, 2021. We also have the brand new upgraded Crafty+-C / Crafty+ V2 which is the latest upgraded Crafty+ with some of the new Mighty+ features including a ceramic coated oven, Type-C Charging and more. DaVinci Vaporizers have created a new vape that is now available called the IQC, it looks very similar in size and shape to the DaVinci IQ2, the DaVinci IQC has Type-C USB Charging and some interesting features, it's like a refreshed but slightly toned down version of the IQ2. Check out our new pages with the Blue Links above. We are now also selling the brand new Pax 3 Limited Edition Midnight Rain. Check out our new Glassware section, we have new DynaVap BB9 Stems & our Fire Glass 90 PRO Glass Stems, Randy's Black Label Glass Cleaner etc, the rest is work in progress! We have also stocked up our supply of RYOT USA products, all our Smell Proof Cases are in stock with the new RYOT Multi-Tool V2 and RYOT Case Combo Locks. We have just received our brand new DynaVap Hemp Shield Zipper Cases in small and large form the US. These cases are hard cases and are ideal for all your DynaVap needs! Branded with DYNAVAP. The large DynaVap Case is perfect for the Mighty Vape series, Mighty, Mighty+, Mighty Medic and Mighty+ Medic!

Mighty+ Dry Herb Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel NZ DaVinci IQC 2021 Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ Glassware for Vaping NZ

All-In-One Releafy Portable SLIDR Nectar Collector Wax Pen NZ DaVinci Dry Herb Vaporizer Dosing Kits NZRYOT Cases & Vaping Equipment USA - Helenskinz NZ


Please read our Herbal Vaporizer Buyers Guide

Infusion Products and Butter Machines NZ
Buy Oil Infusion Machine NZ.
Magical Butter NZ    Ardent Nova Lift NZ

Oil Infusion Machines, Botanical Extractors, Butter Machines & Decarboxylators.

We have 2 main Infusion Machines we currently import and sell in NZ. The Magical Butter Machine which needs a separate Decarboxylator, ideally the Magical Butter - DecarBox. The DecarBox does the trick but for amazing results you will find the Ardent Flex Infusion Machine does a much better job of Decarbing your herb. The Flex also Infuses and Bakes so you can do everything in the A-I-O Ardent FX without buying any other expensive devices. If interested in our Infusion Devices and Butter Machines please read all the info on our Infusion product pages where you will find more than enough info to help you decide what machine is for you.

Please remember that Decarboxylation is not just a fancy word, it is an essential step in the process of Infusing Medical Cannabis into Coconut Oil for example. If you skip the Decarb step your Herb will not be activated and will remain as THC-A and CBD-A. You must decarboxylate your botanicals/flower to change the molecular structure of these important ingredients prior to infusing to have fully activated Medical Cannabis containing THC and CBD. It is also a much better and more potent method of decarboxylation compared to smoking for example. Fully activating THC without destroying valuable cannabinoids is a precise and scientific process. Decarboxylation is the process of converting Medical Cannabis into its active form, making it Bioavailable for the human body. For more detailed info please visit the Ardent Website here.

Oil Infusion Machines & DecarboxylatorsOil Infusion Machines & Decarboxylators

The Ardent Flex NZ / Ardent FX NZ, is Ardent USA's latest Herbal Kitchen All-In-One (decarboxylator & infusion device) Butter Machine. We import all of Ardents products from the US and keep a good supply of them in our Auckland Warehouse. The new Ardent FLEX (FX) is a game changer, be sure to check it out! We also have extra Silicon Infusion Sleeves and the new Ardent Vessel which is a Stainless Steel Infusion Sleeve with a handle for the Ardent Flex.

All Ardent FLEX purchases now include a Free $57 Silicon Infusion Sleeve.

We also stock the full Magical Butter NZ range including the MB2E 220v Butter Machine, DecarBox Decarboxylator and several handy Infusion Accessories including Sieve Kits and our Custom made Filter Bag Kits. All of our Herbal Infusion Machines for creating infused butter, infused oils, and tinctures are stocked in Auckland, NZ. Helenskinz imports all of Ardents products into New Zealand. Please check out our large directory of Magical Butter Infusion Recipes NZ , Levo Infusion Recipes and Ardent Flex Infusion Recipes we have on our website for anyone and everyone to enjoy.


Vaping Pozzum
About Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers, Decarbers & Infusion Devices NZ.

Dry Herb Vapes NZ - Aromatherapy Vaporizers are generally considered the safest and healthiest way to consume herb. This is because portable herbal vapes do not emit smoke or contain the dangerous toxins associated with conventional combustion/smoking methods. Thermal Extraction has become very popular world-wide generating over $30 Billion USD in sales per year and headed to wards $60B by 2025. Portable dry herb vapes have become very high-tech, smart, powerful and simple to use. These amazing super portable aromatherapy devices allow safe combustion free delivery of your favorite herbal aromatherapy blends and vaping oils in the form of fantastic tasting vapor. Finally you get to taste your Herb! You will find that vaping is a one way street, once you go down that street you will never want to smoke again! Most people find smoking unbearable after vaping and would prefer to go without if they find themselves vapeless! It's very common for people to have a backup vape just in case their main vape has a problem.

If vaping & inhalation of herb using an aromatherapy vape isn't your speed you may be more interested in making Infusions, Edibles and Tinctures to consume your herb orally. It's often the preferred method of consumption for Medical purposes. If you are making Infused Edibles, Infused Oil & Herb Butter, Homemade Tinctures etc we have you covered. Check out our Infusion Section. We have everything you need. We have the Ardent Flex that does everything in the one device and new machines on the way! We are currently testing 2 new Oil Infusion Machines that we hope to bring on line if we like them. They also Decarb!

HELENSKINZis 100% Kiwi Owned & Operated. Our HQ is in Whenuapai, Auckland, New Zealand. Est. 2008. HELENSKINZ NZ.

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