Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ

Thermal Extraction by Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ or Infusion Machine, that's our specialty! Based in West Auckland, NZ we import & sell Portable Herbal Vaporizers catering for people On-The-Go! Enjoy our most popular brands like Arizer, Zeus Arsenal, PAX, DaVinci, Storz & Bickel, DynaVap, XVAPE and many more. If you are new to vaping you will find that vaping is a one way street, once you go down that street you will never want to smoke or toke ever again!

Some of our Herbal Vaporizers ship direct to your NZ address from one of our Australian suppliers but most are now In Stock NZ. Herbal Vapes and E-Cigs are now banned in Australia as of March 2024. We still have an Australian supply for now but backup plans are in place! We offer Kiwis the opportunity to buy the best Dry Herb Vape brands available from USA, Germany & Canada. We stock all the Vaporizer Parts, Vaporizer Mods & Accessories for each brand and model of vape we sell, all stocked in Auckland, NZ. For example, we stock Water Pipe Adapters and Bubblers for most of our Dry Herb Vaporizers and Medical Vapes in NZ. As far as Parts & Accessories go we have over 400 products available in our Online Vaporizer Store NZ.

In our Auckland warehouse we stock the full Storz & Bickel / Vapormed Medical Vaporizer range including the Mighty+ Medic Portable Medical Vaporizer and the famous Volcano Medic 2 Desktop Medical Vape plus all associated parts and vaporizer mods, all in stock Auckland, NZ.


We stock the full DYNAVAP USA Vaporizer range including all parts, mods and accessories in NZ. We are your One Stop DYNAVAP Shop stocking the latest VapCap Pens before any other NZ Store, always on the official US release dates! We have The B Vaporizer in Neon colors and the new DynaVap 2023 M Plus released in April 2023. We also import the Titanium Nebulum & Quantium colored 2023 M+ DynaVap Pens. In March 2024 we launched the new DynaVap M7 series including the M 7 Pen, the M 7 XL and the first release of the M7 Condenser & MP to convert ALL models of the "M" Pen into an XL longer version. Don't forget to check out our very own Haze DUO Complete Dual H2O Bong Vaping Kit that is fast becoming one of our top selling products! It's the perfect Bong for all DynaVap devices and most other electronic vapes. Match it with an Armored Cap on an M+ SS Finless Tip mounted on a Bonger and then heat it with a Yllvape V2.0 Induction Heater and you will have one of the best H2O vaping set ups that we have had the pleasure to discover ourselves. To finish it off, mount the new Yllvape Decapper Tool on the top of your heater, the heater and the decapper both work with all DynaVap Caps including the DynaVap Armored Cap.

Dry Herb Vapes

Herbal Decarboxylators & Infusion Machines NZ

There's something for everyone at Helenskinz! Whether you are new to Dry Herb Vapes or you are a seasoned Herbal or Concentrate Vaper you are bound to find something that catches your vaping eye! If not you might find something in our Herbal Infusion products where we stock our new SPLICE All-In-One Decarboxylator & Infuser and our Ardent range of Infusion products like the Ardent NOVA Lift and the Ardent FLEX. We also have a large range of Infusion Accessories like Filter Bags, Infusion Gloves, Sieves, Gummy Bear Molds, Canna Butter Molds and much more.

Infusion Machines

NEW DYNAVAP M7 & M7 XL | 2024

DynaVap M7 page

Yllvape IH V2.0 - All New Variable Power Induction Heater for DynaVap NZ

Yllvape IH V2.0 page

NEW Flower Mill 2 Inch Grinder Mini NZ

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Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator Oil Infuser.

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More new Herbal Vapes & Vaping Products added to the shop, 2024.

We have imported the very first beastly Arizer SOLO 3 Kits into NZ, the new Zeus ARC GT3, the new Releafy TORCH 2.0 Wax Pen plus the new Storz & Bickel Venty the latest greatest portable convection/hybrid vape! Many of these vapes are in stock NZ including the full DynaVap range and our Storz & Bickel (Vapormed) Medical Vaporizers. We stock the Mighty+ Medic and the Volcano Medic 2 in Auckland, NZ.

Check out our brand new "HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong Kit" that we have custom made to order, this one's special, it's able to accommodate 10mm & 14mm vapes and adapters. This one's for all vapes! It's made with crystal clear glass enabling you to see the percolator spilling out thousands of vapor bubbles that burst when they surface. It's the most versatile and fun vaping bong we have used to date. You can vape with 2 vapes if you want to but the idea is to be able to use either size and vent with the other using our glass stoppers provided in the kit! Comes with a Long Glass Stem & complete Whip assembly with Glass Whip Adapter & Glass Mouthpiece, Glass Stoppers and Whip Retainer Clip.

This is a full H2O Vaping Kit custom designed by Helenskinz NZ. See below, vaping with the DynaVap BONGER in the 14mm joint.

Now available in 2 color themes, Ocean Blue and Sunrise Pink. The Bong is crystal clear in all kits, only the Glass Fittings & Retainer Clip are a different color!

2PC or 4PC Grinder?

What style of grinder should you buy? It depends on the vaporizer you are using. We suggest 2PC for all Conduction Vapes like PAX, IQ2 & DynaVap and 4PC for all Convection Vapes like the Mighty+, Rogue & XVape ROFFU. A 2PC Grinder will create a finer grind than a 4PC Grinder. Grinding while holding a 4PC Inverted will create a finer grind similar to a 2PC Grinder.

Top Grinding Tip!

If using a standard Herb Grinder, you can make grinding a whole lot easier by using a dab of Grinder Grease on opposing surfaces, it's amazing stuff! Just like a non-stick grinder in many ways! No jamming or build up, wipe clean. It's amazing what a smidge of lube can do! Made from Hemp Seed Oil, safe to use!

Non-Stick Grinders.

Our Non-Stick SLX 4PC grinder is our Top Herb Grinder and for good reason, it's Ceramic Coated and chews through the toughest herb with ease. No jamming, no build up! Also check out the new Best Value Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Cali Crusher OG SLICK 4PC Grinders! All 6 colors of the 2.5" Large In Stock NZ. These are stunning & work great!

All New Electronic Grinders.

The CHEWY Electronic Grinder project goes back a few years but to cut to the chase it's been fully revamped and redesigned and is b