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In 2010 we imported New Zealand's first Pax Portable Vaporizers from USA. We soon discovered that Kiwis love herbal vaporizers, the main attraction being the health benefits and kicking smoking/combustion methods for good! We now import over 60 American brands of herbal vaporizers from USA. We specialize in portable herbal vaporizers, wax pens, desktop vaporizers and forced air herbal vaporizers. We have developed an extensive vape supply network throughout USA allowing us to provide the latest and greatest Herbal Vaporizers, E-cigs, E-Liquid, Vape Pens, Vaping Supplies and Vaporizer Parts to New Zealand and Australia. We stock several US brands of vaporizers, parts & accessories and offer a massive range of vaporizers by order. We do not sell any Chinese Brand vaporizers, we only sell American Brands. All Order Only sales are shipped from USA via our Auckland Base. We use Fastway Couriers to ship all orders NZ & Australia Wide. We do the importing, pay all the importing fee's & shipping from USA and guarantee delivery on all Ordered Products, there is no risk of losing your money at Customs or being stuck with a hefty Import Duty and GST bill, we take care of all these things. Helenskinz is an Importer and Retail Vaporizer Shop, we are located in New Zealand and our Vape Shop is Online Only. Beware of shops claiming to be local that are not! They do exist with fake NZ addresses!

How can you confirm Helenskinz is local to NZ?

Feel free to test any other domain/shop using Whois by entering their domain only. Eg: This is the best method to find out if a shop is truly Local to NZ or not. Look for the addresses on the report. We highly recommend you do this with all local stores you intend shopping with online. There are many shops claiming to be local that are not, there are also many Whois sites you can use. As seen on TVNZ's Fair Go TV Show on April 24th, 2017. Do not be deceived by rouge stores claiming to be local, do a quick check, results may be very surprising!
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