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Choosing An Aromatherapy Vaporizer.

What is a herbal vaporizer?

A Herbal Vaporizer is a device used to release the active ingredients of your herbal remedies or oils without combustion (which creates smoke). This is achieved through either Conduction or Convection (see below). Please note, Aromatherapy and Herbal Vaporizers are Not Electronic Cigarettes, we do not sell E-Cigs, you will have to visit a NZ Vape Shop for that!Herbal Vaporizers NZ - Helenskinz NZ

How is vaporizing herb healthier than smoking herb?

Instead of burning the material, your product is heated at a much lower temperature. This allows one to receive all of the benefits that blends have to offer without the carcinogens and other nasty by-products that are released during combustion (smoking).

What's the difference between Conduction and Convection?

With Conduction vaporization, your blend is placed in direct contact with the heating source. On the other hand, Convection vaporization occurs when hot air passes over the blend, but never actually touches the heating element/source. Each Vaporizer product page displays a small logo for Conduction, Convection or even Hybrid at the top of the page under the product banner. Hybrid means it uses both methods to vaporize your herb.

Does my herbal vaporizer come with a warranty?

For each vaporizer, the warranty period and coverage is pursuant to the manufacturer’s warranty policy. You can check the Warranty Information booklet or go to the manufacturers website to find the warranty period for each product if we don't display it on our page. Most pages do display the warranty period. If you receive a faulty product we can replace or refund your money in the first 6 months if your product has a "Manufacturing Fault" but after that you will need to contact the manufacturer direct for all warranty related issues. Pax products are not covered by the Pax Vapor 10 year warranty as explained on all Pax Vaporizer pages, please read carefully before you purchase. Helenskinz covers all Pax Vaporizers for manufacturing faults within the first 6 months, after that period there is no warranty coverage.

Does Helenskinz sell Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) and Juice?

No, Helenskinz does not sell any E-Cig Vaping equipment, we only sell Herbal Vapes and Herbal Vaporizer Parts & Accessories. We do not make or sell any E-Juice. You will need to visit a local Vape Shop for all of your E-Cig needs.

What type of Vapes does Helenskinz sell?

We do sell vapes but only Herbal Vapes or Herb Vaporizers or Dry Herb Vaporizers.. whatever you want to call them is fine but to newcomers it can be confusing. All vapes vaporize whatever you put in them, E-Cigs vaporize E-Liquid or E-Juice and herbal vapes vaporize dry herb and dry flower. A vaporizer heats the contents up to the point just before combustion where it vaporizes without burning. It's a very fine line between vaporizing and combusting, a vaporizers job is to get you into that zone and keep you there while you enjoy the vapor without any smoke whatsoever. Herbal Vapes NZ


Why am I not seeing any smoke?

There shouldn't be any smoke, you're vaporizing! The whole idea of vaporizing is to avoid the dangerous effects of smoking. You should, however, see a light cloud of white vapor when you exhale. How much vapor you see depends on your vaporizing temperature. Higher temperatures will produce denser vapor, whereas lower temperatures will produce less visible vapor. It's always best to vape on the lowest heat possible to have decent flavor, longer lasting loads, no combustion and a cooler mouthpiece and vapor for that matter.

Why aren’t my blends turning to ash?

Your blends should never turn to ash while vaporizing. Since you are heating the blends at a much lower temperature than smoking, you are avoiding the point of combustion which normally turn your blends into ash. Instead, you are extracting the key elements from your blends without actually burning them.

Why won’t my herbal pen vaporizer heat up? Is it locked?

Most pen vaporizers come with a lock mechanism. This is utilized so that your unit doesn’t unintentionally heat up while in your pocket or purse. To unlock/lock, simply press the button 3-5 times in rapid succession. Do not ever turn on a Pax (or any other "Motion Activated" vaporizer) and put it in your pocket for it to warm up, you could easily forget and burn your leg or hand. The motion sensor will keep it at full temp as long as you are moving about. This is also bad for your vaporizer as it will likely become overheated and could damage the vape. It's always best to turn it on and place it on a table so you can wait for your desired temp to be reached before you start vaping.

Will I get bigger clouds of vapor if I turn up the temperature?

Yes. Turning up the heating temperature will typically produce more noticeable and bigger clouds of vapor. If you go too high you may cough, this normally means you have exceeded the max vaporizing temp and you have now reached combustion, in other words smoke! That's why when you cough you should turn it down a touch if your unit allows this option. Most people will detect smoke/combustion immediately because it really stands out when you go from great tasting cool vapor to horrible tasting smoke, there's a huge difference between the 2. 

DynaVap Vaporizers NZUsing A Herbal Vaporizer.

What is the perfect temperature for vaporization?

It really depends on the vaporizer. However, the optimum temperature range for most vaporizers is somewhere within 375 to 395 degrees Fahrenheit. All vapes have the ability to display Celsius and Fahrenheit. As you vape away you will need to slowly step the temp up about 5 deg F at a time to a maximum of about 420 deg F. If you tried to vape a fresh load at 420 deg F you would most likely find that it will have some combustion, you need to start low and increase your temp as you go. Pax 2/3 vapes typically work great at the lowest temp and instead of increasing the temp when the vapor dies off you will find that a quick stir of the load/herb will start producing lots of vapor again while still on the lowest temp. You can very easily vape 80% of the load on the lowest temp using the stirring method to freshen up the load and then use the higher temps to finish it off. Always vape on low temp settings for all vapes!

How long does it take for the vaporizer to heat up?

It really depends on the vaporizer. Some vaporizers take 3-4 minutes to reach vaporizing temperatures, whereas some units can heat up in 10 seconds! The Pax is about 30 seconds to a minute.

Do I need to grind my blends before vaporizing?

Definitely. Grinding your blend allows for more efficient vaporization because it increases the surface area of your blends (conduction) and allows hot air to pass through much more effectively (convection). You should always use a good metal grinder when vaping, crumbling herb with your fingers just doesn't work well at all in conduction vapes but can work with unground herb in convection vapes. For the Pax we suggest a very fine grind, almost a powder!

How do I clean my vaporizer?

For glass components, Orange Chronic and Agent Orange are an excellent choice for keeping your glass clean and sparkling. You might need to disassemble some of the parts before you begin to ensure a thorough cleaning. Cotton buds are great for reaching those hard-to-reach spots. Most vaporizer screens can be cleaned with a small brush or glass-cleaning solution. This allows for proper air flow and maximum efficiency. Isopropyl Alcohol is a good cleaner for something like a Pax, it's all you need, it is cheap to buy at Jaycar Electronics in NZ. It is 3x the price in the chemist. Pipe cleaners can be bought at the dollar store very cheaply and so can cotton buds.

How can I tell when my blends are finished vaporizing?

It all depends on your preference. Some users will stop when the blends have turned lightly brown, while other users will vaporize until the blends are much darker. The best way is when you have reached the highest temp setting and you are not producing any decent amounts of vapor any more. If you are at a high temp and you have stirred the contents and repacked it into the oven and you can't see any visible vapor when you exhale then it's done. Time to dump it and reload!

How should I inhale while vaporizing?

For most vaporizers, we recommend a slow and steady inhale. This will typically produce the best results. With a conduction vape like the Pax you can mouth hit the vape by sipping (sucking into your mouth) and inhaling, sipping and inhaling over and over until your lungs are full. With a convection vape like a Crafty you really need to get the hot air flowing and heating the herb. We suggest taking one long slow draw to heat the herb and then on the second long draw you should start to see vapor on exhale. The methods for conduction are quite different to convection. You need a good set of lungs to be able to do long slow draws on convection vapes, your mouthpiece can get quite hot during these long draws so make sure your lips are on the very end of the mouthpiece where it is often much cooler.

Should I still charge the batteries if they came charged when I received them?

Yes. We always recommend that you fully charge your battery upon receiving your new vaporizer. This will ensure maximum performance and battery life.

How tightly/loosely should I pack my herbal remedy/herb in the heating chamber?

For most convection vaporizers, we recommend that you pack your herbal remedies very loosely in the heating chamber. This allows for better airflow and more efficient vaporization. All ovens vary and the Pax for example (conduction) can be packed quite firmly like a small loaf of bread but from finely ground contents. Convection = loose pack & coarse grind and conduction = firm pack & fine grind.

We hope this helped answer a few of your questions! If not feel free to contact us!

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