RELEAFY TORCH 2.0 Dab Pen Coils NZ

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RELEAFY TORCH 2.0 Dab Pen Coils NZ

All-In-One Releafy Portable SLIDR Nectar Collector Wax Pen NZ


All-In-One Releafy TORCH 2.0 Dab Pen BNS, Ceramic & Quartz Coils.
Also called Releafy Heating Chambers.
In Stock, Auckland, NZ Warehouse.
Wax Concentrate Vape Mighty+ NZ
Designed for Extracts & Wax only, "not for Dry Herb".

Our Best Dedicated Wax Pen - an affordable one at that! Made by the same company that makes the SLIDR Nectar Collector.
Releafy are experts when it comes to Extracts..
Serious products at seriously decent prices!

Releafy Torch 2.0 Heating Chambers - Coils NZ

Releafy Torch 2.0 Ceramic & Quartz Heating Chambers NZ!

RELEAFY TORCH 2.0 Wax/Dab Pen Kit NZDual Heating Chambers.

  • Ceramic chamber paired with temp mode offers pure aroma and flavor.
  • Quartz chamber paired with voltage mode is capable of creating huge vapor cloud and bigger hit.
  • BNS: The base side chamber coil’s bottom is integrated with the coil wall, and there is no gap at the bottom.

Heating Chamber Options for the Torch 2.0 Dab Pen NZ.

  • Quartz Chamber kit (4pcs Coils).
  • Ceramic Chamber Kit (4pcs Coils).
  • BNS Ceramic Chamber Kit (2pcs Coils).

Torch 2.0 Detachable Cap.

Magnetic cap to keep users from the heating chamber, as the chamber might get hot after use. The cap is also fully detachable, convenient for cleaning. The Heating Chamber (coil) easily unscrews from the battery once you have the pen apart. It's very quick to swap the coil on this pen.

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 Dab Pen Diagram NZ

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 Coils/Heating Chambers.


The Torch 2.0 dab pen is updated with an intelligent chip, which enables the device to recognize different heating chamber and switch to different output mode. Change the coil and it will know what coil you just installed. Quartz or Ceramic, both coils are available separately on this page and they come in 4-Packs.

What's included in the kit?

  • 4x Heating Chambers (4-Pack) of either Ceramic or Quartz Coils.


  • 2x Heating Chambers (2-Pack) for the BNS Coils.

Ceramic and Quartz Heating Chambers for Torch 2.0 Dab Pen NZ

Releafy BNS Coil Packet - 2 Pack NZ
Torch 2.0 Ceramic Coils NZ  Torch 2.0 Quartz Coils NZ
Torch 2.0 BNS Base & Side Heating Chamber Coils NZ

Releafy Dab Pens NZ

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 Ceramic Coils.

Pros of Ceramic Coils:
  • Long life
  • Great taste, ceramic coil for a purer taste
  • Good thermal insulation, ceramic can hold heat very well
  • Slow heating, less harsh
  • Ceramic coils are suitable for low to high-viscosity oils
Cons of Ceramic Coils:
  • Temperature control is less precise
  • Smaller vapor clouds
  • The heating speed is slow, and the ceramic coil needs at least 10s-15s to heat up
Suitable for:
  • It is very suitable for low-temperature dabbing, and those who pursue the best flavor can choose the ceramic coil.

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 Quartz Coils.

Pros of Quartz Coils:
  • Fast heating, only 5 secs to heat, and the cooling time is also short.
  • Huge vapor clouds, your concentrates can bring huge clouds of vapor
  • The Popular, quartz coil can be said to be the most commonly used heating coil for most dabbing equipment
Cons of Quartz Coils:
  • Not the best thermal insulation
  • Constant high temperatures can cause the coil to crack
  • Large vapor clouds may cause coughing
  • There are many small holes in the quartz coil, so it has a great influence on the taste.
Suitable for:
  • Suitable for high temperature
  • Not suitable for low viscosity oils (thicker oil is better)
  • Cloud chasers usually stick to quartz because of its strong punch and a fast heat-up time

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 BNS Coils.

  • Torch 2.0 BNS Base & Side Heating Chamber Coils NZ
  • The BNS base & side heating chamber is intended to be used with Releafy Torch 2.0 wax devices. It comes in a 2-Pack of Ceramic Chambers in one kit.
  • Comparison with Torch 2.0 Ceramic Core. The base side chamber coils bottom is integrated with the coil wall, there is no gap at the bottom.

RELEAFY TORCH 2.0 Dab Pen Kit Videos.

6 Steps to Activate the RELEAFY Torch 2.0 Dab Pen Auto-Heat Mode.

How to clean RELEAFY TORCH 2.0, including heating chamber and magnetic cap.
Click here to see dozens of Releafy TORCH 2.0 Videos on YouTube.

Releafy Torch 2.0 on YouTube

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Helenskinz is the NZ Agent for Releafy.
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