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About Helenskinz

Who are we and what do we sell?

We specialize in Portable Aromatherapy Vaporizers. We have developed an extensive supply network throughout USA since 2010 which allows us to provide the latest and greatest aromatherapy vaporizers to our customers in New Zealand and Australia. We also stock a range of high quality Grinders, Vaporizer Parts and Accessories. We sell nothing but top of the line genuine products imported from USA. We take care of all the importation fees and clearances for all orders. All imports come through our Auckland base and then on to the customer via courier NZ and Australia wide, (we are not a drop-ship business where we ship to you direct from the overseas supplier). With a large range of Portable Vaporizers in our range you are sure to find something that will be perfectly matched to your needs! Dive in and enjoy a healthier alternative to combustion!

Other Products

We also sell a number of other interesting products and we are constantly adding new items like MagicalButter Machines,  Solar Power Banks and Mini HD Cameras for example. Our shop is constantly evolving! We specialize in bringing the latest technology down-under, we take the pain out of importing products to New Zealand, we simply do it for you!

We sell Mini HD cameras and Camera Package Deals. We discovered the Mobius brand in 2014 and realized that it was the perfect mini-cam solution for so many reasons. The Mobius HD Mini Action Camera is basically the same as a GoPro camera that you regularly see people wearing on their bodies on reality TV shows but much smaller with exceptional quality. We have a range of imported Jewelry, Waterproof NFC Tags and more.

Authenticity & Genuine Brands

All of our products are imported directly from USA. We only sell Genuine well known brands. We do not sell any copies, knock offs or counterfeit products whatsoever. Cheaper vaporizers are readily available on Ebay but with vaporizers you truly get what you pay for and if you try to save a buck by buying either a brand that isn't well known or a knock off version of a well known brand you will more than likely be very dissapointed. Vaporizer technology is actually quite complex and most vaporizer manufacturers get it right but some really stand out and have come up with some amazing devices, like Plooms Pax 1 and 2 and Storz & Bickels Crafty Vape and the all new Firefly 2. The old saying you get what you pay for couldn't be more relevant with vaporizers. Buying a knock-off is ok as long as the retailer makes it known that it is a copy and not a genuine product. Due to the fact that vaporizers have become very hi-tech the copies don't stand much chance of lasting if they work at all. Even the odd genuine one can have issues, it might look the part but it is the inside workings that really count.


Please note that Helenskinz is 100% Online, we are based in West Auckland, New Zealand. We do not operate a brick and mortar store. Unlike other Global businesses that "pull the wool" so to speak and pretend to be "local and operating in New Zealand using fakes NZ addresses", Helenskinz is truly 100% Kiwi to the core. Shopping locally is a wise choice but be careful that the shop is in fact a Local Shop and not one pretending to be local!!! If you find an alternative to our store that claims to be a local New Zealand Shop that doesn't mean it is, one company that is claiming to be local and operating in New Zealand is actually on the other side of the world using fake New Zealand contact details etc, if you are hunting for aromatherapy vaporizers online you will no doubt know what we are talking about. Don't believe everything you read is all we are saying. A bit of homework is advised :-)


We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on our website and if you have any questions about any of our products please don't hesitate to drop us an email, we are always here to help. We offer customer service on a personal level and see everything through to the end, having happy customers is our daily goal and it's something we manage to achieve day after day! We love what we do and we are very passionate about Aromatherapy, New Technology and Vaporizers in general, we thrive on making these new hi-tech devices available to Kiwi's and Australians.

Thanks for visiting our website, we look forward to chatting on our Social Media pages too if that's your cup of tea!

Cheers Helenski.
Owner - Helenskinz Online.

Beware of Global Stores - Not Local to NZ



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