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We specialize in Thermal Extraction. We import all the top brands of American, Canadian and German Herbal Vapes, Vaporizer Parts, Vaporizer Accessories and Vape Mods. We sell all of the certified Storz & Bickel Medical Vaporizers for Kiwi patients. We also offer the best value All-In-One Infusion & Decarboxylator Machines in NZ.


Helenskinz has been operating online since 2008 when we introduced Pax Labs Brand (formerly Ploom) to NZ shortly after opening. We have been specializing in Pax Vaporizer products ever since and still import and sell Pax Vaporizers today such as the new Pax Plus and Pax Mini.

We mainly sell Portable Aromatherapy/Herbal Vaporizers and Infusion Products. We do not sell Electronic Cigarettes, E-Juice or any "Vaping Equipment". We only sell Herbal Vapes, not to be confused with E-Cigs/Electronic Cigarette Vapes. Same principle but a completely different and regulated market that we are not involved with in any way.

We have developed an extensive supply network throughout USA, Europe, Canada, UK and Australia since 2008 which allows us to provide the latest and greatest Aromatherapy Herbal Vaporizers, Medical Vaporizers and Infusion Devices to our customers in New Zealand. We currently, as of Oct 2023 now only sell to New Zealand customers, we no longer ship to any other countries including Australia. Having said that, if you are in Australia and want something we have, drop us an email, we can sell to Australia but by "special request only" and Credit Card payments are not an option. Bank Transfer is the preferred method.

Our Infusion products like our SPLICE Machines have become a big part of our business. Thermal Extraction at it's finest! We also stock a range of products for making Edibles, Brownies, Herbal Butter and even Gummy Bears! At times we also stock Magical Butter, Ardent and a few other top Infusion Brands but our main device is the All-In-One SPLICE! It does it all!

At Helenskinz we like to think we are at the tip of the spear when it comes to the latest greatest tech in the Herbal Vaporizer industry, mainly stemming from what is happening in the US but we also follow trends that have been sweeping through Europe, UK and Canada to name a few. If you are in NZ and find something new that we don't have, feel free to ask us if we can get it for you. We have wholesale accounts with dozens of manufacturers and vaporizer suppliers in USA, Canada and Australia and can often sort out a Custom Order for you starting with a no obligation quote showing you the total cost of the product delivered to your address in NZ (if we can get it).

We also import a range of high quality 2PC & 4PC Herb Grinders & Non-Stick 4PC Ceramic Coated Herb Grinders, Vaporizer Parts and a large range of Dry Vaping Accessories and Vaporizer Mods. We sell nothing but top of the line genuine products imported from USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia. With all the very latest Portable Herbal Vaporizers in our range you are sure to find something that will be perfectly matched to your Aromatherapy needs! All of our portable aromatherapy vapes are the latest models available that we start selling the same day they are released in the US. Keep in mind some Vapes are In Stock NZ and some are Order Only and ship direct to your address from one of our Australian Suppliers. This is clearly marked at the top of each page, Ships From NZ or Australia!

Dive in and enjoy a healthier alternative to combustion!

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Authenticity & Genuine Brands.

Most of our Vaporizers are purchased directly from the manufacturer or from one of our well known and trusted wholesalers and suppliers abroad. We only sell Genuine well known brands. We do not sell any copies, fakes, knock offs or counterfeit products whatsoever. Cheaper vaporizers are readily available on Ebay but with vaporizers you truly get what you pay for and if you try to save a buck by buying either a brand that isn't well known or a knock off version of a well known brand you will more than likely be very disappointed. Vaporizer technology is actually quite complex and most vaporizer manufacturers get it right but some really stand out and have come up with some amazing devices, like Pax Labs Pax 2, Pax 3, Pax Plus and Pax Mini and Storz & Bickels Crafty Plus,Mighty+ Medic, Volcano Medic 2, Zeus Arsenal ARC GTS, Firefly 2+, DaVinci IQC & IQ2 and many more. Buying a knock-off is only ok if the retailer makes it known that it is a copy and not a genuine product. Due to the fact that herbal vaporizers have become very hi-tech the copies don't stand much chance of lasting if they work at all. Even the odd genuine one can have issues, it might look the part but it is the inside workings that really count and you want them to last the distance. You will find nothing but Genuine Products at Helenskinz!


Yes, we are in New Zealand! Our Head Office is located in Whenuapai, West Auckland, New Zealand and our Vaporizer Store is Online Only.

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We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on our website and if you have any questions about any of our Aromatherapy or Infusion products please don't hesitate to drop us an email, we are always here to help. We offer quick customer service on a personal level with email and our Live Chat from 8am to 6pm 7 days a week, having happy customers is our daily goal and it's something we manage to achieve day after day! We love what we do, we are very passionate about Aromatherapy Vaporizers and Infusion, we thrive on making these new hi-tech devices available to Kiwi's.

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