Currency and Taxes.

All prices are in New Zealand currency (NZD) and all prices displayed "Include GST". Please also note that some of our products are listed as "ORDER ONLY", these products are shipped within a day or 2 direct from Australia and the odd one from USA, to your doorstep in NZ. Every product page displays a small badge at the very top of the description showing what Country the product ships from, most products ship from NZ, our Auckland Warehouse to be precise.Ships from NZ, Australia or USA - Helenskinz NZ

If it isn't ORDER ONLY the stock will be in Auckland already and will be only a day or so away rather than 10-12 days for Order Only products. Most of our Vaporizers are Order Only. We do stock all our DynaVap products in NZ and all of our Medical Vapes like the Mighty+ Medic and the Volcano Medic 2. Most of other vapes ship from either Victoria or Queensland, Australia.

Product Page.

Pricing on product pages


At times the prices of our products will fluctuate slightly because we are dealing with ever changing product prices, Credit Card processing fee's, exchange rates, Customs fee's and shipping charges. These things can effect the profit margins significantly overnight so we must adjust our prices accordingly. Sometimes we get a break on a product and we always pass this on to our customers by lowering prices of items we can buy ourselves on sale.

We do our best to offer our customers the best prices possible, some people find it hard to understand why products retailing in New Zealand are more expensive than USA. If you consider the purchase of the product at a reasonable price, a very poor exchange rate, high shipping charges to NZ, insurance, repackaging etc it really adds up! There is not a large profit in selling imported vaporizers. It is all these things that drive the price up and at the end of the day we do our best to provide vaporizers that are affordable to a lot of people but certainly still a costly investment. This is why we only offer the best Vaporizers on the market, if you are paying around $400-$500 NZD for a Vaporizer it better be good. If you are at all unsure about what to buy please email us we are always close by to answer you and we do know our vaporizers. We specialize in Portable Vaporizers and can answer most of your questions and if we can't we can always find out what you need by asking our suppliers or the manufacturer. They usually respond quickly with what we need. 

*Prices for our imported products are subject to change at any time.

POLi Online Banking Payments.

We accept Online Banking Payments right on our site. When you go through our Checkout you will see 3 Payment Types. We offer Latipay - (Visa & MasterCard, WeChat & Alipay), Bank Deposit and POLi Internet Banking. POLi allows you to log in to your personal bank account and transfer funds to pay for your purchase. Helenskinz do not see any of your login details. To reach the 2 payment options please follow the checkout process by selecting the Checkout Button. It takes a day for us to receive your funds but because it's going through POLi we are able to ship your order immediately not unlike our instant Latipay payments.

POLi Internet Banking

This is the Checkout Page where you select your Payment Method. Latipay, POLi Payment or Bank Deposit. If you don't select Latipay and use a credit card you will need to select one of the 2 options below.

Helenskinz Checkout Page - Payments

Bank Deposits.

Bank Deposits are made by logging in to your Bank Account on your phone app or your computer and simply transferring the amount due (Total) from your account to our account (a Bank Transfer). All the details you need are at the bottom of your Order Confirmation (Invoice) that we email to you immediately after you complete your order. If you selected Bank Deposit, complete the order and then check your email for your Order Confirmation. Once paid you can drop us a quick email to let us know so we can keep an eye out for it. Orders paid with Bank Deposit do not ship until your payment has cleared in our Bank Account. It's usually pretty quick and can be slower if used during the weekend. We only ship on weekdays anyway!

Shipping Prices.

New Zealand Sales.

Shipping & Handling is $10 Incl. GST New Zealand wide per order and $15 Incl. GST per order for all New Zealand Rural Deliveries. It is a flat rate - no matter how many items you buy. The shipping will be added to your total in the checkout along with a breakdown of taxes included. There may be separate shipping prices allocated to different products like our Heavy Infusion Machines, our Heavy Package rate may kick in, it only adds $5 extra to your shipping fee.

Australian Sales.

We have shipped to Australia on and off over the years but currently do not ship to Australia. If you are in Australia and want something from our shop feel free to email us, at times we can sort out shipping orders to Australia providing they are paid with a Bank Deposit from your Bank Account to ours. We cannot use our Latipay credit card system outside of NZ, no international sales, unfortunately.