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Product pricing

Prices for our imported products are subject to change at any time.

Currency and Taxes

All prices are in New Zealand currency (NZD) and prices displayed are "Excluding GST". We always put the "Including GST" price under the "Add to Cart" button so there are no surprises when you get to the final checkout. 15% GST will be added to all sales in the checkout for New Zealand sales and no tax for Australian sales. See screenshot below, the Including GST price is listed on every product page under the Add To Cart button as shown. Please also note that many of our products are "Order Only" and the shipping times are listed in this section as well, if you see for example "Black - In Stock" this means the normally "Order Only" item is currently In Stock in Auckland and the "Products showing In Stock" shipping times will apply. Eg, 1-2 working days etc.

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At times the prices of our products will fluctuate slightly because we are dealing with ever changing product prices, PayPal processing fee's, exchange rates, Customs fee's and postal charges. These things can effect the profit margins significantly overnight so we must adjust our prices accordingly. Sometimes we get a break on a product and we always pass this on to our customers by lowering prices of items we can buy ourselves on sale.

We do our best to offer our customers the best prices possible, some people find it hard to understand why products retailing in New Zealand are more expensive than USA. If you consider the purchase of the product at a reasonable price, a very poor exchange rate, high shipping charges from USA to NZ, insurance, repackaging etc it really adds up! There is not a large profit in selling imported vaporizers. It is all these things that drive the price up and at the end of the day we do our best to provide vaporizers that are affordable to a lot of people but certainly still a costly investment. This is why we only offer the best Vaporizers on the market, if you are paying around $400-$500 NZD for a Vaporizer it better be good. If you are at all unsure about what to buy please email us we are always close by to answer you and we do know our vaporizers. We specialize in Portable Vaporizers and can answer most of your questions and if we can't we can always find out what you need by asking our suppliers in USA. They usually respond within minutes.


PayPal Payments

Please note that you DO NOT need to have a Paypal account to use your credit card through the PayPal system. When you pay on our website it goes through our PayPal system with either your PayPal account money or your credit card "through PayPal". When this transaction takes place we (Helenskinz) get charged for the transaction by PayPal not the customer. You may have your own credit card fee's but we pay for the PayPal transaction. Paypal works very well for everyone and is very simple to use, we hope our customers agree. PayPal also emails you a receipt and gives you a digital copy of your transaction that you can even print if you like. This is the receipt you would typically use should you need "proof of purchase" for a return to our store. If you are using your PayPal account please double check that your details are up to date, we have had some orders where the customer has not updated their details and all the details are incorrect including the shipping address and contact email.

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Quotes for Products and about Authenticity

If you would like a quote for a Vaporizer in our Vaporizer Catalog please request a price via email, these prices fluctuate, we prefer to work them out and get right back to you via email using the current exchange rate etc all worked out giving you a full and final price, delivered. If you are interested in a couple of different setup's we will work out a quote and check the availability as well, there's no point quoting something that we can't get. We have a large network of suppliers that includes the 2 biggest Vaporizer Suppliers in USA, we can get most products you find on the web but only genuine brands, we have nothing to do with fake, knock-off or copied imitation products in any way. Eg, If we say it's Ploom we guarantee it is Ploom or your money back, we don't beat around the bush with authenticity. Selling only genuine brands is very important to us, you will never see a counterfeit product in our shop, period!


Shipping Prices

New Zealand Sales:
All orders are shipped via Courier once they arrive in NZ. Shipping & Handling is $10 Excl. GST New Zealand wide per order and $15 excl. GST per order for all New Zealand Rural Deliveries. It is a flat rate - no matter how many items you buy. The shipping will be added to your total in the checkout along with taxes.

Australian Sales:
All Australian orders are shipped via International Courier, the cost of shipping and handling for all Australian orders is $30 NZD, it's a flat rate (no tax) and will be added to your total in the checkout. No taxes are payable for international orders. If buying from Australia you will pay the "Excluding GST" price plus $30 shipping only. Larger items may have more shipping than the standard $30 but most products will fall into the $30 shipping range. A large vaporizer kit like a Herbalizer for example may be slightly more due to the weight but will be obvious in the checkout before you commit to the sale/purchase. Products that have higher shipping rates will be clearly marked on the product page.

* The USA to NZ portion of the shipping is something we pay, it is not added to the price. We also pay all customs and importing fee's. The price you see is the price you pay, there are no hidden costs.