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Shipping Policy

Delivery Times for In Stock Items.

Weekday, Aramex Courier NZ Wide.

Aramex Courier - Helenskinz NZ

New Zealand 
  • North Island: 1-2 days
  • South Island: 2-3 days
  • All Rural: 2-3 days
  • Australia Wide: 5-7 working days

* Tracking information for all destinations will be automatically sent to your email address shortly after Aramex Couriers pick up your package from our West Auckland Base.



Buying a Vaporizer? Please Read.

The shipping times of 10-12 days apply to normal conditions before the Pandemic started. Although things are constantly changing, it is taking on average 2-4 weeks for all Vaporizer Orders. Processing your vape is taking a week or more and shipping is slower than normal. We ask that you only purchase an Order Only Vaporizer if you understand that it could run into some unexpected delays due to the Pandemic. Once shipped it is out of control, we do monitor all orders and provide Tracking to all customers. We don't want to put customers off, we just want you to be aware of the circumstances and that delays are likely to occur. All orders are arriving at their destinations but are taking longer than usual.

Delivery Times for Order Only Items.

  • All Vaporizer Orders from USA.
  • Free Shipping.



New Zealand

  • North Island: 10-12 days
  • South Island: 10-12 days
  • All Rural: 10-14 days

* Please note our "ORDER ONLY" products usually ship within a day from California USA. Our customers sometimes receive their order in a week. We don't guarantee this but it is often this quick to receive your new vaporizer. On average it takes 10 days! We send all tracking information to you as soon as the package ships from USA. You can then track your order via the USPS and/or NZ Post links that we send you, right to your doorstep in NZ or Australia.


  • Australia Wide: 10-14 working days


Shipping Prices.

Please note:

  • All "ORDER ONLY" Vaporizers from USA have Free Shipping!
  • Rural Deliveries: If you have a Rural Address, please select Rural Shipping!

Regular Shipping Prices.

  • New Zealand Wide - $10 + GST
  • New Zealand Wide Rural - $15 + GST
  • Australia Wide - $30 + GST

Heavy Package Shipping Prices.

* Please note: When purchasing multiple items or a heavy item the shipping prices will increase once the total weight reaches 5kg or more. This doesn't happen to often!

Eg: Magical Butter Machines - 5kg+ Heavy Item Shipping Rates Apply.

SHIPS FROM AUCKLAND, NZ. The box weighs 5 KG+, Heavy Package Shipping applies. This is an additional $5. Please select your desired shipping in the checkout. Nth Island $15 + GST, Nth Island Rural and Waiheke Island $20 + GST. Sth Island $25 + GST, Sth Island Rural $30 + GST. 1 day delivery for Nth Island, 2 days for Sth Island and Waiheke Island and 2-3 days for all rural.

Processing Time & Delays.

We ship all "In Stock" orders within 1 business day, however we generally ship most orders the same day if ordered before midday. Orders dispatched from USA are normally processed within hours (in USA) of your purchase being made on our website. Orders coming from USA can be delayed in the post and/or by Customs. This can slow the whole process down, unfortunately we have no control over this but it only happens every now and then, on average it takes 10 days to receive most orders from USA. This can change as the seasons change, at times it can take only a week and when it's busy it can take 2-3 weeks.

Shipping Addresses and Contact Details.

All orders from the US and local delivers must have a Valid Physical Address for the courier to deliver to, we cannot send a courier to a Po Box for example. The address you provide is your responsibility, if a bad address is provided we usually pick up on it when we check it online but ultimately it is the customers responsibility if the package is lost due to providing an invalid address. You can check your address online here, it must be valid, a green tick!


Who is responsible for lost packages if an incorrect or invalid address was provided by the customer?

We ship all orders to the shipping address provided. If you provide an address that is incorrect, not valid, not available for delivery or simply not the right address Helenskinz will not be held responsible for orders that are lost in transit. Once the package departs our base in Auckland via courier or post we are no longer responsible for your order as far as it reaching you "if" you provided an address that is not correct or not valid as mentioned above. This also applies to Orders from USA. Often customers provide incomplete shipping addresses leaving out very important info like a post code for example. Another common problem is people ordering using PayPal but not realizing their shipping and contact information on their PayPal account is out of date. When the email address is incorrect we can't talk to the customer at all and if it's been sent to a wrong (old) address and has not arrived we have no way of contacting the customer, your contact and address details are vitally important, we don't want any expensive packages going missing! Check your address please and ensure it is exactly right, correct format, including your suburb and post code before you submit your order. We check all addresses with the online address checker and about 25% of them come back as "not valid for delivery". This slows down the delivery process, creates a lot of extra work and if it is not picked up by our staff during the processing of your order your package may be lost or sent to the wrong address. Helenskinz will not refund your money for a lost order if you provided an incorrect or invalid address. Please double check your address!

* Please update your PayPal details! Please also check that you have logged in to "your" PayPal and not your partners account which is another way when using a shared computer that the details can be confused.

Vaporizers from USA.

Once an order has been processed and the US distributor has confirmed the product has been dispatched to New Zealand or Australia we always have a rough idea of the time it takes, "example 10-12 days", this is an estimated arrival time only, we are at the mercy of the postal system during the shipping period and if a parcel is late there is little we can do about it. We ask that the customer be patient. At times, especially during holiday periods the postal system can become quite slow. When a package has not arrived within the estimated time frame you are welcome to contact us via email for an update on your order. We will be doing our best to track the package and work with the distributor who sent the package. We ask that if this happens and it does from time to time that you understand that it is out of our control while it is in the postal system. We understand it can be very frustrating when a package is late so we go out of way to resolve things as soon as possible. We do our very best to deliver as quickly as possible and we communicate with our customers regularly on the status of their order. Please also read our "Return Policy". Please note: Normally all Vape Orders pass Customs without any extra charges like Duty, GST and other Fee's because they are under the threshold due to their declared value. We have not seen any extra fee's requested for any single vapes coming into NZ. If extra fee's are requested at the NZ or Australian Border it is the responsibility of the customer to pay these fee's, ie: Duty, GST etc. As we say we have not seen any single vapes incur any extra fee's but it is a possibility. We want our customers to understand this prior to ordering an "Order Only" vape from us.

Shipping Methods

  • All In Stock orders are shipped via Aramex Courier in NZ.
  • All Orders from USA ship via USPS.

Shipping to other countries (other than NZ).

We do ship to Australia with Aramex Courier but not to any other countries at this stage. If you purchase a product from Australia there will be $30 NZD added in the checkout to cover your shipping, this is charged per order. In some cases it may be higher if it is a large and/or heavy item. You will pay the "Excluding GST" price as there is no tax for international sales.

Our Location.

Helenskinz Base is located in Whenuapai, West Auckland, New Zealand.