Honest Single Torch Lighter for DynaVap Vape NZ

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Honest (Single Torch) Lighters NZ

DynaVap Branded | Honest Single Torch Lighter NZ.

The Honest Torch is a refillable butane gas lighter that boasts a single torch for precise and controlled heating. The design focuses on hand comfort and has a non-slip grip texture. Includes a fuel window, adjustable flame size, and an easy-to-push button.

Comes with a convenient cap for the flame, attached to the torch by a small chain.

Available with DynaVap Branding in Green and Clear.

We have found that a small single torch flame is so much more controllable and less likely to combust and still only takes a few seconds to get that Click! Out of all the lighters we bought we finally whittled it down to our 3 favorites, the Blaze and the Flintstoner and the Honest Single Torch because all of them are just right and not too hot. Multiple flames can lead to combustion easily and use much more gas. There is no need for anything more than one flame. With the single flame you can get heat into the bottom of the oven by starting there and working your way up as you roll the pen, when you get near the top of the Cap and it Clicks you can often take a split second longer working back down the Cap again, you can do so much more with one flame. Also excellent to use on the new Finless Tips where you heat in one spot on the tip, one flame makes it easy!

Honest Single Torch DynaVap branding in Green and Clear NZ

Proven and tested! Selecting the best lighters was a mission as we wanted a lighter that was ideal for DynaVap vaping, reliable (always lights and stays lit), fills without issue, quality build, adjustable flame and a good size and a lighter that didn't get really hot as you hold it. Appearance didn't come into it but as it turns out, we have ended up with 3 great looking lighters. We have all lots of colors to pick from, all you need is a can of lighter fuel and you are in business! If you are yet to buy a DynaVap VapCap Vape Pen you can do so here. We have a number of DynaVap products to get you up and running.

You need to be gentle with the VapCap, having a single flame will give you room to experiment, we did and it's amazing how good you get at knowing "when" to heat "where" on the Cap, at different stages through the Oven Load you will learn to concentrate the heat to certain areas without overheating any one spot. Experiment, it's what the DynaVap VapCap is all about, you have the controls and when you nail it the results are powerful.

Product Description. 

  • Single Jet Flame (Windproof Flame)
  • Refillable with butane gas
  • Adjustable flame control


  • Brand Name: Honest with DynaVap Branding
  • Model: Single Torch


  • Green
  • Clear


  • Single Jet Flame Lighter

Package includes. 

  • 1× Honest Single Torch Lighter.

The Honest Torch NZ

Fuel for your Lighter

Please note: You will need to buy a can of Butane Lighter Fuel, not the Zippo Lighter Fluid. The white cans of "Newport" Butane Lighter Fuel are perfect, this brand seems to work much better than other brands. You can also use it without the Nozzle Attachments, just use the red stem/outlet tube on the can itself. You may need to pump it several times to fill the tank. Newport lighter gas can be purchased from most local New Zealand Dairy's or Supermarkets. It's all about the purity etc of the gas inside.

Newport Butance Gas for Honest Torch Lighter NZ

Other Options.

Check out our FLINTSTONER Torch Lighter here.

Aomai Flintstoner Torch Lighter NZ for DynaVapThe Flintstoner has a flint and an On/Off switch for the fuel so you can light it and sit it on the table then roll your VapCap in the flame, a nice option to have.

Check out our BLAZE Torch Lighter here.

    Aomai Blaze Torch DynaVap Lighter NZ
    This is an excellent lighter for DynaVap, you do need to hold the lever down the whole time but it's easy and a great reliable lighter.

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