Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5" 4pc Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder NZ

Color: Blue - Cali OG Slick 2.5" Grinder
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Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5" 4pc Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder NZ
Cali Crusher Herb Grinders NZ

Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5"/63mm 4pc Non-Stick Ceramic Herb Grinder NZ.

Cali Crusher USA are well known for their high quality herb grinders, storage, glassware and other tools. A well-known and trusted brand that have been around since the beginning. We are broadening our range of Non-Stick Herb Grinders, this particular grinder produces a very similar grind to that of the SLX Non-Stick grinder.

SLX & Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZIt also feels like an SLX to grind due to the ceramic surface inside, it won't suffer from build up on the edges leading to jamming, you just don't have to worry about it. You also don't need to clean this grinder, sure it will be dusty with residue from grinding dry herb but no build up or anything you need to remove with ISO Alcohol, there's nothing to remove.

Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZ

What do they look and feel like in your hand?

Holding a Cali OG Slick Grinder NZ

We have to say that the new large Cali OG Slick Grinder checked all of the boxes for us, that's why we decided to import them from the US and sell them in NZ. One thing that really surprised us when they arrived for the first time was the quality and the finish on them, it's outstanding! If you appreciate quality and fine looking equipment, this grinder will have you jumping for joy, when nobody's looking of course. The darker colors like Black and Blue are the slickest grinders we have seen in a long time, they are stunning. The finish is metallic on all colors and sparkles in the sunlight, we did not expect a Ceramic Coated grinder to have such an amazing metallic finish like a new car. These grinders are also not heavy like you'd expect, they are quite light to hold.

Cali OG Slick NZThe other 4 colors are also super nice and very unique, having 6 colors in stock (the full range) will help you find an incredible looking grinder for your vaping kit. Having a grinder that looks amazing is great but having one that is Large, Non-Stick, 4PC and works like no other grinder you have ever used is just perfect! Trust us, these grinders are truly wicked!

Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5"/63mm Herb Grinder NZ

If you have already invested your money into enough grinders and plan to stick to the regular alloy grinders you have we highly recommend grabbing a stick of our Grinder Grease as that will make your regular grinder behave itself like you won't believe until you use it. No more jamming, no build up, it's fantastic, not as good as a Non Stick Grinder but darn close! Grab some Grinder Lube here. No need to use any on this Cali Non Stick Grinder!
4 Parts of the Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5"/63mm Herb Grinder NZ

Cali Crusher OG SLICK Ceramic Series 2.5” 4 Piece Grinder.

The OG Series were the first grinders that Cali Crusher released to the market, and they are still a popular option for connoisseurs. This is the next iteration; the OG Slick Series with upgrades to both aesthetics and functionality. There are 2 sizes available in the Slick Series; 2" or 2.5”/63mm and each are a 4-piece setup. Other than size both are identical, for now we sell the 2.5"/63mm large one only. The larger the grinder the better the grip!

Black Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5"/63mm Herb Grinder NZ

The OG Slick body has a matte finish and I find it interesting that they have used the word slick as the term conjures up shiny surfaces in my mind. Either way it is a very unique finish, and the bright colors really make them pop. Heavy Duty Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminium has been used in construction to craft a very tough and durable device. The logoed top lid is magnetized with notched out grooves around the perimeter for easy handling and more grip resulting in less effort for the same results. Nothing worse than a slippery grinder when you first try to get it started. Having these small notches helps a great deal.

3 colors of Cali Crusher OG Slick 63mm Herb Grinder NZ

53 super sharp diamond shaped teeth sit with 30 on the top and 23 beneath. These teeth have been aligned to provide a clean grind without ripping & tearing your herb. Your herbal material will be course and fluffy in consistency. When in use there is an extra smooth and rather quiet grinding motion. A massive point of difference with this grinder is the non-stick ceramic surface within. This will be a big advantage when cleaning because all you need is a small dry brush and some compressed air from your lungs!

Purple & Orange Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZ
A 4-piece grinder will almost always have a threaded screen that separates the teeth from the kief storage zone. 2 storage zones are created, one (larger) where your herbal material lands post grind and one (smaller) where smaller particles can fall through (kief). A small scoop is provided for easy dispensing.

Cali OG Slick Specs.

  • Size: 2.5″/63mm Large
  • Height: 1.625″
  • Parts: 4 Pieces
  • Heavy Duty aircraft-grade billet aluminium
  • Non-Stick Safe Ceramic (Full coating, teeth etc)
  • Strong Magnets
  • Notched Lid for extra grip
  • Extra smooth and silent grinding motion
  • Course fluffy grind ideal for most vapes
  • Micron stainless steel mesh for pollen filtration
  • Super sharp teeth aligned for a clean grind (no tearing)
  • Tough and reliable
  • Great for travel
  • All 6 cheerful colors available

Colors available.

6 Colors Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5"/63mm Herb Grinder NZ

All 6 Colors of Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZ

Package Contains.

  • 1x Cali Crusher OG Slick Series 2.5” Large Non Stick 4-Piece Grinder
  • 1x Pollen Scraper Tool

4 Piece Black Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZ

Cali Crusher OG Slick 2.5"/63mm Herb Grinder 6 Colors NZ 

Each OG Slick Grinder comes in a black display box, below.

Cali Crusher OG Slick Grinder Boxes Packaging NZ

Why buy a Non-Stick Grinder?

 If you have spent some time grinding various different strains of herb you may have noticed how it varies in stickiness, density, dryness, how many stalks there are and how easy it is to break up with your fingers. It can vary greatly from strain to strain, some herb is easy to grind while some is quite challenging due to it's density and stickiness. This stickiness is from the resin within and will build up on a regular grinder surfaces after just one grind. You will notice your grinder has resistance to turn and is jamming no matter how you go about it. This build up happens between the opposing surfaces of the top and bottom grinding plates. It usually builds up on the outer edge of the lower plate containing teeth and the inner edge of the grinder lid. You can remove this build up with some elbow grease and ISO Alcohol using a wooden or plastic scraper but before you know it, the build up is back right where you just cleaned it off.

Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZThere are 2 ways we know of to avoid this, it's not 100% perfect but very close! The best way is to use a Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Herb Grinder (like we are selling here) or to use Grinder Grease on any other regular grinder. If you do one of these 2 options you will be able to put jamming grinders in your rear vision mirror for good!

Blue Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZGrinder grease is the most underrated product we sell, we love the stuff so much we just purchased 5 large boxes of a Top Brand of Grinder Grease called Chronisuer Grinder Grease, it has to be imported from the US and is made from Hemp Seed Oil and is safe to use on all grinders. You won't have to use ISO to clean your grinders again, just wipe off any excess grease and stash your grinder away. Sometimes we brush the (regular) grinder clean and then wipe fresh grinder grease on all opposing surfaces before putting away so it's ready to roll when you next use it. We have been selling Grinder Lube for over a decade now and it truly is a great product to make your regular grinder work smoothly without jamming and of course no more time wasted cleaning build up off the edges, sometimes 1+mm thick and solid! We can all probably remember finding build up for the first time, trying to chip it off with a sharp knife etc.. bad idea if you value your grinder. Never use a metal tool on your expensive grinder, that goes for any type of grinder. If you need a tool you will find a plastic scraper in the bottom of the grinder.

Yllvape V2.0 Heater, DynaVap M+ & Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZ

We highly recommend buying a Non Stick Ceramic Grinder like our SLX or the Cali OG Slick. If you just want to make your regular metal grinder work without build up and jamming just pick up a stick or 2 of Grinder Grease here. We have new Titanium Herb Scoops that are excellent for most electronic vapes. It's ideal for the Mighty+, Pax+ etc. the base end has a magnet and is a great size and shape for packing your oven.

Herb Scoop with the Cali Crusher OG Slick Non-Stick Herb Grinder NZ

Cali Crusher OG Slick Non Stick Ceramic Herb Grinder Diagram NZ

Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZ
Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZ - Cali OG Slick & SLX

 Portable Vaporizer Accessories NZ

SLX V2.5 Ceramic Coated Non Stick Herb Grinder 4pc NZ

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