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LEVO Butter & Oil Infusion Recipes - LEVO Infused Baking Cooking NZ

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Free LEVO Infusion Recipes NZ

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 Homemade Vanilla Bean Scented Reed Diffuser

  Lavender-Infused Buttercream

Lavender Latte

 Soothing Calendula Lotion Bars

Whipped Coconut Vanilla Body Butter

 Rosemary Citrus Hand Scrub

Spicy Jalapeno Infused Chicken Chili

Broccoli, Cheddar, & Cauliflower Soup

 Basic LEVO Honey Infusion

Your New Favorite #LEVOMade Gummies

Buffalo Chickpea Tacos

PLVNT-Based Mac & Cheese

Cajun Sweet Potato Fries + Roasted Garlic Sriracha BBQ Sauce

Brown Butter Churro Rice Krispies

 Anxiety-Free Doggie Tincture

In the Kitchen With STUDIO A-OK x ODB

Superfood Series: Smoothie Bowl w/ Homemade Granola

 Vegan-Friendly Pesto-Pizza

Superfood Series: Infused Goji-Cacao Bark

PLVNT Takeover: “Green” Curry + Smoothie

Activated Walnut Oil

Adaptogen-Rich Coconut Butter Cups

Healthy No-Bake Caramel Apple Bars

Valentine's Day Classics Reimagined

Easy DIY Suppositories

 VdP Presents: The Edible Leaf

Fat Washed Gin

Olive Oil Cake

The Cocktail Edition

Rosemary Garlic Hummus

Herbal Green Olives

DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer

Fall Treats Line Up

New Year, New Flu Season Remedy

Microdose Matcha Energy Balls

Cinco De Mayo Infused Horchata

2-for-1 Treat: Levo Lip Balm

Lavender Bath Scrub

Meet the Ghee Machine

Basic Levo Butter Infusion

Basic Levo Coconut Oil Infusion

The LEVO 2

We are looking forward to LEVO making a 220v Version of the LEVO 2 so we can use them in NZ & Australia. It's currently only available in 110v for USA. Unfortunately they promised this in mid 2019 so we are not very hopeful that a 220v version is coming, if you want an all-in-one Butter Machine we suggest you check out our Ardent Flex machines. We also worked out that the Levo 2 would be more expensive than the Ardent Flex making it over $800 NZD which is getting up there! They are not cheap.

There would be a big market for the Levo II due to the fact that it Decarbs your herb too like our Ardent FLEX does. The only 2 Butter Machines we know of that can also Decarboxylate your herb. We keep in touch with Levo hoping one day there will be a 220v model we can import.

Levo 2 NZ


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