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Mighty Vape Stand - Custom Made for Mighty Vaporizers NZ

Vaping Fans

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Mighty Vape Stand for upright charging NZ: $27.50 Incl GST.


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Where can I buy a Medical Vaporizer in NZ? Answer: Helenskinz, Vapormed!
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Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer Stand NZ.

By Vaping Fans.


Easy loading and safe storing. The Mighty Vape Stand.Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape Stand in NZ
The Mighty Vaporizer Stand holds your Mighty upright, worry free, for easy loading and safe storing. There are 2 versions, Metal or Plastic, this page is for the Plastic (Poly-carbonate) version. The plastic ones are easy to snap on and off and are less likely to scratch your vape which is one problem with the metal stands. We do have the odd Mighty+ Stand if you are looking for one!

The Handiest Mighty Vape Mod - Mighty Vape Stand NZ

The Mighty has a curved bottom and can’t stand on its own without the risk of knocking it over easily, and this stand solves that problem. Simply snap this stand onto the bottom of your Mighty Vape. YES, It is possible to charge your Mighty while it is in the stand. See images further down the page.

Mighty Vaporizer Stand NZ

Package Includes.

  • 1x Mighty Stand - Plastic.
Pick a color. We mainly stock Black & Orange. We have limited stock of some different colors, ask us if you don't want Orange or Black, we have Golden, Rainbow & Silver. We can and will be getting the Metal Version soon. The plastic one is kinder to your Mighty, plastic on plastic is always better than metal on plastic, the metal will win every time. So we highly recommend the plastic version as it's so light you can leave it on your vape and it won't cause chaffing damage and scratches like the metal stands can.

    Mighty Vape Stand 2 colors NZ

    We have a bunch of new colors, Rainbow, Gold, Chrome Silver, quite the range of colors, all very nice.

    Black Vape Stand Mighty VaporizerOrange Vape Stand Mighty Vaporizer

    Silver Vape Stand Mighty VaporizerGold Vape Stand Mighty Vaporizer

    Rainbow Vape Stand Mighty Vaporizer

    Ideal for Charging and keeping your expensive vape off gritty surfaces.

    It would be nice if the Mighty could stand on it's own but it's a slick vape with no squareness to it at all, this vape stand / Mighty Dock really does the trick nicely. The metal ones are quite heavy and cost more to ship to NZ but we may have some in the near future. The Mighty can stand using the Filling Tool mounted in the bottom but it isn't very stable. This stand is much better and can be used basically anywhere. You could easily use some double sided tape and mount the stand in your car hooked up to a Mighty Car Charger for those long road trips.

    The Mighty Vaporizer in The Stand.

    Charging Mighty Vaporizer in Stand - Mighty Vape Stand NZ

    Mighty Vaporizer Stand NZ

    Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape Stand NZ

    Mighty Vape Stand Orange or Black NZ

    The Mighty Car Charger

    Mighty Vape Car Charger NZ

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    Brought to you by Storz & Bickel Germany, home of the famous Dry Herb Volcano Medic 2 Vaporizer, Mighty Medic Vape, The original Mighty Vape, Crafty Plus Portable and the Plenty Vaporizer. For more than a decade we remember S&B being at the top, nothing has changed apart from some radical upgrades to the Volcano Vape, now called the Volcano Hybrid or the Volcano Medic 2, the medical version from Vapormed. The Crafty Vape has also had a birthday and is now the Crafty+ Vape which has improved it so much that it is now supposedly better than the Mighty Vaporizer. If you want the "Aston Martin" of dry herb vapes, Storz & Bickel Vapes should be your first stop for all Desktop and Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers NZ! They are very hard to beat! By far the highest quality of all vaporizers we sell.

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