Return Policy

We truly hope that you are satisfied with your purchase from Helenskinz Online NZ. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and excellent service. We only accept returns for warranty issues, such as Manufacturing Faults. We don't accept returns for any other reason. (Eg, changed your mind). All Sales are Final.

Order Cancellations

For all "Order Only" products: Once an order is placed it can not be cancelled due to the fact that your order will have been placed in Australia or USA and paid for by Helenskinz specifically for you/the customer. Once we have paid for your product in Australia or USA it is not refundable.

*All "In Stock" product order cancellations by the customer incur a $15 fee to process unless we offer to pay depending on the circumstances. On the odd occasion we can help with cancellations if it's not too late.


If a refund is issued for any reason we refund the money owing to the customers Bank Account with a Bank Transfer. We would ask for your Bank details to do this. If you paid with Credit Card we can refund your card but there is a $25 refund fee from Latipay that the customer must pay. If you want to avoid the $25 refund fee simply pass on your Bank details so we can place the money in your bank account which does not incur a fee.

Warranty Information

Warranty claims are subject to the proper use and care, in accordance with the instruction manual's accompanied with each product. Please read your manual and warranty card. Warranty claims can be facilitated by Helenskinz with the respective manufacturer/s in the first 6 months of purchase. After this time all warranty claims will be with the manufacturer directly. You will still be required to register your product with the manufacturer and submit a warranty claim if within the first 6 months. If outside of the 6 month period you must claim on your warranty with the manufacturer directly. At their discretion goods may be credited, replaced or repaired with or without additional charges. Warranty will not apply in the event of misuse, damage caused by accident, negligence or normal wear and tear. In these instances, issues should be dealt with directly with the respective manufacturer/s.

For example, your vaporizer starts having electrical or software issues. This would be covered by warranty however if you used a wall charger with a USB outlet that did not come with your vaporizer your warranty would not be valid. This is a common problem, many people do not understand that wall chargers can have a much higher output not suitable for your vaporizer. Your warranty will not be valid if your vaporizer is damaged in any way, whether it is related to the issue you are having or not, we cannot return faulty vaporizers that are damaged or are showing signs of a hard life back to the US or Australia.

To make a valid warranty claim, please contact us within 6 months of purchasing your product and we will happily help you get back up and running again. Please note that due to the fact that we (in some instances) import products once ordered by our customers we may not have a replacement in stock in New Zealand and any replacement products will more than likely have to be shipped from Australia or USA to our base in Auckland, New Zealand if within the 6 month period and Helenskinz is taking care of the claim using your warranty. We then dispatch the replacement product to the customer. There could be a delay of approximately 2-4 weeks depending on product availability. If the product is not available in a reasonable time we would offer a full refund instead. If the product or an accessory like a battery needs to be replaced it may need to be sent abroad to be tested before they will replace it under warranty, products are only ever replaced if tests prove there is in fact a "manufacturing fault". If we can't get if replaced through our supplier due to damage or for some other reason, you are welcome to lodge a claim yourself using your warranty with the manufacturer directly.

We are a retail facility and do not operate a repair shop of any kind so all electronic testing on faulty products is usually done at the manufacturers, most of them are located in USA. We do have limited facilities to test most vaporizers in New Zealand to establish whether a device does or does not have a fault but we do not conduct any repairs in house. If within the 6 month period Helenskinz will arrange everything once we have the returned item at our base. Please remember if anything needs to be returned it must be cleaned thoroughly first. When Helenskinz manages the warranty Helenskinz will pay for the shipping to USA or Australia and for the returned item being shipped back to NZ and the courier to the customer. If the item that was sent for testing proves to be problem free and not a warranty problem Helenskinz will return your item to you and you will be billed for the shipping both ways to and from USA including the courier in NZ. Please make sure you are certain that your product is faulty before requesting a warranty claim, it can be very costly sending vaporizers to and from the US. Shipping products back to Helenskinz or the manufacturer is the responsibility of the customer. Helenskinz do not pay the shipping of returned goods, this is paid by the person making the return. If you return your product and it is lost or damaged in transit, Helenskinz will not be held responsible, this is the customers responsibility.

Incorrect or damaged items

All orders are inspected on arrival and repackaged in a professional manner. If, however, your order has reached you in an unsatisfactory or faulty condition, please contact us promptly (within 7 days) to discuss your concerns.

Use of Products

All products shown on this website are intended for tobacco and aromatherapy purposes only.


Helenskinz Online NZ reserves the right to amend this Return Policy at any time by amending the content on this page. Helenskinz reserves the right to refuse a return for any reason.