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Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator - Electronic Herb Decarber 220v NZ


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Ardent Nova Lift NZHerbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils 

Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator.

The only electronic automated decarber in the world by Ardent USA. Plus you can Infuse Oil with the Nova too!

Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator

  • First Ever In-Home Electronic, Automated Decarboxylator
  • Activates Flavor, Potency & Effects In Dry Herb
  • Stealthy Design
  • Holds 1 Oz Of Dry Material
  • Single-Button Control
  • High-Quality Metal Chamber
  • Quiet & Odorless Decarbing indoors
  • Infuses Oil - (Use Decarbed material in oil or butter to Infuse in the Nova)
  • 7.5" x 4"

Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator NZ - Helenskinz

AirVape USA

What is the "LIFT" all about? To clear this up and help it all make sense there is only one Ardent NOVA Decarber device. In the US it is often called or even packaged and labelled as the "Ardent Lift" but you will also see the "Ardent Nova". The reason is that Ardent needed to change the name so they could list it on Amazon, the Lift and the Nova are the same thing, ours are packaged and labelled as the Ardent LIFT. We usually refer to it as the Nova Lift or Ardent Nova.

Nova Decarber NZ - Helenskinz

AirVape USA

Ardent Nova

Nova Decarber NZ

Ardent NOVA LIFT - One button does it all! Decarbing herb is not just great for cooking and baking and making edibles, it's a great idea to decarboxylate your herb that you plan to vape. Decarbing can increase the potency of your herb by up to 3x. You can also Infuse Oil in small amounts by putting your decarbed herb into a small jar of your favorite Oil or Butter and running the Decarb Cycle again. Strain as you would with an Oil Infuser/Butter Machine and you will have beautiful infused oil made with decarbed herbs. Search YouTube for Ardent NOVA Oil Infusion.

AirVape USA


The Ardent Nova Lift is the first ever in-home decarboxylator, activating the compounds found in dry herb with the push of a button. Simply load your material,
press the button, and extract more flavor and potency from dry herb. Precision
decarbing ensures that even a little bit of material goes a long way. Sprinkle decarbed herb onto your food or beverage and enjoy.


The Nova Lift activates every bit of the compounds found in dry herb. Nothing is wasted. And the decarbed material is more potent and more flavorful, allowing you to get more out of smaller amounts. Save material and money by utilizing all of the flavor and effects you love.


While butters are messy and smelly, the Nova Lift is clean and efficient. Quiet and
odor-free, it offers a discreet way to decarb from home. Simply load the chamber and press the button. The Nova Lift doesn't hum or beep. Instead, a green light will turn on when your dry herb is fully decarbed.


Making edibles is fun but many of the compounds found in dry herb are burned in the process. The Nova Lift changes that with precision decarbing. You can add the decarbed herb to your favorite recipes, infuse into butter or consume as is. The high-grade metal chamber holds up to one ounce of dry herb. Powerful, compact, and easy-to-use, the Nova Lift lets you decarb from the comfort of your home.

Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator NZ - Helenskinz

NOVA Decarbing Device NZ

AirVape USA

What's in the NOVA Box?

  • 1x Nova Lift Decarboxylator - 220v Model (NZ & Australia)
  • Includes adapter plug for (NZ & Australia)

Ardent Nova Lift NZ - Helenskinz

Please note that Helenskinz NZ is an Authorized Reseller of Ardent products in New Zealand and Australia. We ship New Zealand wide and to Australia. It is important to buy your Nova from an Authorized Reseller for warranty purposes. If you buy a Nova from EBay for example it may not be covered by warranty if the reseller is not an Authorized Reseller of Ardent products. You will also find that stores like Amazon will ship to NZ and Australia but on closer inspection you will notice that they only sell the 110v US power version. You must have the 220v model if you are planning to use the Nova in NZ or Australia.

NOVA Decarbing Machine NZ  Ardent Lift Nova NZ

AirVape USA

Buy an Infusion Sleeve for your Nova.

Ardent Nova Infusion Sleeve NZ

Click here to visit the Infusion Sleeve page.

Or buy a Combo!

Ardent Nova Lift Combo Infusion Sleeves


The Ardent Concentrate & Infusion Sleeve ensures a more convenient decarbing and infusion experience with the Nova Lift. Constructed from BPA-free silicone, the Ardent Concentrate & Infusion Sleeve provides the Nova Lift’s inner canister with a full silicone lining, allowing you to infuse more concentrate and dry herb at a time. You just made yourself a Mini Butter Machine!! Just add ingredients, stir, place the cap on and click one button. It makes beautiful Infused Oil in under 2 hours!


To get started, decarboxylate your dry herb in the Nova Lift, using the sleeve for concentrate. Once the process is complete, simply slide the sleeve into the Nova Lift ’s inner canister, and mix the decarbed dry herb and/or concentrate. Next, run the Nova Lift for a second cycle to infuse, then remove the sleeve or canister. Finally, mix and strain the concentrate, and your infusion is ready for use.

Warning: Do not use Polypropylene Glycol (PG) to make E-Juice for vaping in the Nova Sleeve, it reacts with the silicon and leeches into it destroying the sleeve. We have had a couple of customers try this and both of them had damaged sleeves.  It would be better to remove the sleeve and use a small glass inside the metal chamber for any PG infusions.

Nova Infusion Sleeve NZ Infusion Chamber with Sleeve NZ


  • Makes Decarbing Easy
  • Fully Lines Inner Canister for Oil Infusion - Just pour in oil and herb!
  • FDA Approved
  • Food-Grade & BPA-Free Silicone Sleeve
  • Only For Use With The Nova Lift
  • Nova Lift & Nova Infusion Sleeves are Sold Separately or in a Combo.


AirVape USA

Check out the Ardent Nova Lift on YouTube - Here.

See what Shanel, (the inventor of the Nova) has to say on YouTube. We highly recommend searching YouTube for the Ardent Nova Lift as you will find many interesting videos on the Nova and what it can do.

Ardent Nova Decarbing Machine NZ - Helenskinz NZ

 Visit the ARDENT Website to learn more about the NOVA.

AirVape USA

What is Decarboxylation?

Click here to learn more. Decarboxylator Wikipedia.

The Nova is the perfect decarbing device if you are using an Oil Infuser or Butter Machine like the MagicalButter MB2E available here in NZ. Decarbing your Herb prior to Infusion is highly recommended if not essential! You should always Decarb your herb before you make anything with the Magical Butter Machine or any other method although we do have the new LEVO II Oil Infuser that has a built in decarber so you can complete the entire process in one machine. The LEVO 220v (NZ/Aust. Power) Butter Makers will be available in our NZ store before 2020. We will ship the LEVO Oil Infuser to NZ and Australia when available.

Once Decarbed, what do I do?

You can cook! Check out all our Herbal Infusion and Butter Maker recipes here. Or we have over 80 LEVO Oil Infuser Recipes here. This is a great device if you want to treat your herb prior to cooking, baking, infusion, vaping etc, it looks basic and only has one button but it is the king of decarbing devices. It's not cheap but if you are into any of the above we highly recommend the Nova Decarber.

You can Vape? Absolutely!!! The Nova will decarb your herbs and prepare them for vaping, expect to save a heap of money as you will find the potency of your herb increase by 2 to 3 times meaning you will use much less herb for the same results.

AirVape USA

Visit the NEW Ardent NOVA FX page - Here

Coming Soon - May/June 2020 to Helenskinz NZ.

     The Nova FX is an all-in-one activation device - Helenskinz NZ



AirVape USA

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