Oil and Butter Infusion Filter Bag Kit 3-Pack NZ

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Helenskinz Filter Bag 3-Pack for Infusions NZFilter Bag 3-Pack for Infusions NZ. 

Filter your botanical extracts & infusions with our new Infusion Filter Bags NZ.

3 High Quality Filter Bags, with a 25 Micron Pressing Screen and a handy Carry Bag with a drawstring. Helenskinz Infusion Shop - Filter Bags NZ - 3 Pack

Made to Order for Helenskinz.

We have all of our Filter Bag Kits manufactured to order. This way we get the quality and exact bags we want. The quality of our Filter Bags is excellent!

Our Infusion Filter Bag Kits come all packed into the carry bag. Here is the full kit and what you can expect to find in the kit.

Infusion Filter Bag 3-Pack Kit Includes.

  • 1x 25 Micron Filter Bag - 4L | Purple
  • 1x 73 Micron Filter Bag - 4L | Yellow
  • 1x 220 Micron Filter Bag - 4L | Blue
  • 1x 25 Micron Pressing Screen
  • 1x Carry Bag | Black

Helenskinz Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ 

Helenskinz Infusion Filter Bag Kit 3-Pack NZ

We have searched far and wide for the best Infusion Filter Bags. We were able to decide on which ones to import pretty quickly when we got our hands on these ones, they are superb and perfect for squeezing out all the liquid in your infusions from the Nova FX or Nova Lift or any Butter Machine/Oil Infuser for that matter. We purchased samples from various sources, some were good, some were not so good! It's always nice to see and feel what you are importing because quality is everything when it comes to these products, we always want the finest quality we can find. There is a wide range of Micron sizes available but 3 bags of different Micron sizes is enough to create clean infusions.
Infusion Filter Bags NZ - 3 Pack - Helenskinz

The Filtering of your Infusions is a very important step in the process of making beautiful infused Oil, Butter, Lotions and many more incredible concoctions. If you wish you can easily remove most of your botanicals right at the start by pouring your initial infusion through one of our Special Fine Micron Sieves. We have a dual 10 Micron Sieve Kit, one is 8cm for a cup and the other is 12cm for a bowl. Using a Filter Bag to squeeze out your infusions is so much easier and effective, especially with larger infusions made in the Nova FLEX or Magical Butter Machine. Our Filter Bags are flexible, durable and built for the job! We no longer sell Magical Butter Filter Bags, we have replaced them with our own bags.

Filtering Infused Oil NZ We had our own Bubble Hash Bags made as they call them in some countries, we call them Infusion Filter Bags! We have made them into kits that will suit everyone, just like the Magical Butter Purify Filter bags, the same Micron and bag sizes. Our kits come with 3 different color coded filter bags, the Blue 220 Micron Bag is for basic filtering, the Yellow 73 Micron Bag is for medium filtering and the 25 Micron Purple Bag is for finishing filtering.

Micron sizes color coding filter bags NZThis kit has the smallest and the largest Micron Screens and one in the mid range. You can complete your infusions with ease using our Filter Bag Kit. The main difference with our Filter Bags is the color of the bags, our bags are color coded to make it easier to grab the one you want once you learn which is which even though they are also labelled with their micron size.

Helenskinz Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ - 3 Pack

Helenskinz Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ - 3 Pack

Helenskinz Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ - 3 PackYou can also make Bubble Hash in these bags, in fact you can even grow plants in them! They are double stitched and built to last the distance. They are specifically made for filtering out particles in infusions so when you complete your infusion, whether it be in a Nova Lift, Nova FLEX or Magical Butter Machine you will be able to pour your finished infusion straight from your device into the Filter Bags. You should mount them over a small container starting with your 25 Micron Bag (Purple), then your 73 Micron Bag (Yellow) and finally your 220 Micron Bag (Blue). Pour your infusion into the bags and squeeze to work the liquid out of the filter bags and into your container. The final 25 Micron Bag does a great job of filtering out the smallest particles due to it's very fine screen (feels like paper it's so fine) giving you a beautiful clear oil and consistent straining of botanical extracts, nut milk, cheese, cold-brew coffee, butter etc.220 Micron Helenskinz Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ - 3 PackEasy to squeeze - maximize your yield with no stretching or tearing. These bags are durable, flexible and ideal for the job. They are the perfect size for the new Ardent Nova Flex Butter Machine. Most customers who buy an Ardent Nova FX machine also buy Filter Bags. It's the one thing that the Nova Flex Kit needs! Most other Butter Machines come with at least one Filter Bag.

Helenskinz Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ - 3 Pack - 220 Micron ScreenEach bag has a pull cord on the top rim. They are also very easy to rinse clean under the tap and don't take long to dry if you hang them up for a few hours.

Infusion Filter Bag Kits NZ - 3 Pack - Helenskinz
The kit also comes with a 25 Micron Pressing Screen and a simple but sturdy nylon carry bag with a drawstring.

  Infusion Filter Bags Pressing Screen and Bag NZ  Filter Bag Kit NZ

Check out our 10M Sieve Kits as well, we have a new double Sieve Kit available which is ideal for your Ardent Nova FX infusions. They appear to be regular old sieves but they are not, our sieve kits are specifically manufactured for Helenskinz and are for fine filtering, they are 10 Micron and very handy especially for small infusions with your Nova FX or your Nova Lift Decarboxylator. Many customers buy the Filter Bag Kit and the 10M Sieve Kit. See link below to check them out. One is cup sized (8cm) and the other is medium (12cm) for using over a bowl. they work very well for smaller infusions when you don't want to dirty a bag and just want to filter out a smaller amount. The screen is much finer than your average tea leaf strainer, very fine 10 micron sieves are hard to find so we have put together the double 10 Micron Sieve Kit as another option or you may want the bags and the sieves. 


10M Sieve Kit + Filter Bags for Filtering Infusions NZ

    Infused Oil NZInfused Oil NZ - Helenskinz

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