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Aomai Flintstoner Single Torch Lighter for DynaVap Vape NZ


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AOMAI Flintstoner LIGHTER NZ: $34.00 Incl. GST.

Flintstoner Aomai Lighter NZ 


An ideal Single Torch Lighter for the DynaVap VapCap vape pen.

Imported from USA.

At Helenskinz we have tested the DynaVap VapCap Pens extensively and found that the type of lighter you use is vitally important, it has to be just right to achieve great VapCap results. We tested everything from a blow torch to a small cheap lighter and everything in between, we now have a lovely collection of lighters, and we don't smoke! LOL. To cut to the chase, we found that a small single torch flame is so much more controllable and less likely to combust and still only takes a few seconds to get that Click! Out of all the lighters we bought we finally whittled it down to our 2 favorites. Both Aomai which is a great brand, they perform better than the Jobon lighters we imported and being single flame they are super easy to adjust and get set up just the way you like it. We highly recommend using a single flame lighter, combusting your herb is super easy to do with the DynaVap VapCap pen so a small single flame is definitely the way to go. Proven and tested! Selecting the best lighters was a mission as we wanted a lighter that was ideal for DynaVap vaping, reliable (always lights and stays lit), fills without issue, quality build, adjustable flame and a good size. Appearance didn't come into it but as it turns out, we have ended up with 2 great looking lighters. We have a few colors to pick from, all you need is a can of lighter fuel and you are in business! If you are yet to buy a DynaVap VapCap Vape Pen you can do so here. We have a number of DynaVap products to get you up and running. Flintstoner Aomai Single Torch Lighter NZThe only real difference between our 2 different torch lighters is that you need to hold down the Lever-Action on the Blaze while you heat your DynaVap pen but with the Flintstoner you can flick it on, spark it up and let it sit while you roll your cap over the flame which is a nice option to have. Both of our lighters are ideal for the DynaVap VapCap and we are sure our customers will be happy with either one. We have read many articles and watched all the videos and although many people swear by the triple and quad torch lighters (that sound unreal) they really are too hot.

Flintstoner Aomai Single Torch Lighter Colors NZ

The Flintstoner is fully adjustable.

Fully adjustable Flintstoner Lighter Aomai NZ

We also found that the really nice quad flame Jobon lighter we tried only turned down to a roar, it was still a large and wide heat source at the lowest it would go to without flaming out. Just the sound of the 4 torch flames was enough to mask the sound of the VapCap clicking, we are not fans of multi flame lighters. Something to consider too is that a quad flame lighter will use 4x the fuel compared to a single flame lighter. That can be a real problem if you are out and about. Unless you carry a can of lighter fuel, you will be out of gas after a couple of sessions. Having a spare lighter was easier than carrying a can of fuel!

Flintstoner Aomai Single Torch Lighter NZ

Product Description. 

  • Jet Flame
  • Refillable with butane gas
  • Adjustable flame control at the base


  • Brand Name: Aomai
  • Model: Windproof Flintstoner
  • Dimensions (cm): 2.1(L)*2(W)*9.3(H)
  • Weight: 60g


  • Silver
  • Red


  • Single Jet Flame Lighter

Package includes. 

  • 1× Lighter 

Flintstoner Aomai Single Torch Lighter Flame NZ

Aomai Flintstoner Lighter NZ

Other Options.

Aomai Blaze Torch DynaVap Lighter NZ

*The Aomai Blaze is a really nice option, it's a super reliable, easy to use, tiny and great looking lighter that has proven to be excellent for heating the DynaVap Pens we sell.  


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