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Storz & Bickel Vaporizers NZ, Crafty+, Mighty+, Volcano Medic 2, Mods

Storz & Bickel Vaporizers NZ

Storz & Bickel, home of the famous Volcano Vape! Storz & Bickel have a reputation for producing very high quality herbal aromatherapy vaporizers. German technology at it's finest! Buy Storz & Bickel vapes NZ like the Mighty Vape, Mighty Plus and Crafty Plus Vape NZ. These herbal vapes are battery-powered handheld hybrid dry herb vaporizers capable of efficient and powerful vaporization from the very first draw. With a sharp LED displays and generous sized ovens, it's no wonder these portable herbal vapes have become so popular among the vaping community. We have a vast range of S&B parts & accessories and some American Vaporizer Mods for these vapes all stocked in Auckland, NZ. Mighty+ Vape NZ | Mighty Plus Vape NZ.

If you are a patient looking for our Certified Medical Vapes head over to our VAPORMED Medical Vapes section where you will find the Mighty Medic plus the Volcano Medic 2 which are our 2 certified Medical Devices with a range of related accessories.

Medical Vapes - VAPORMED.

  Vapormed NZ - Medical Vapes & Vaporizers for patients