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Imported Herb Grinders

Imported Herb Grinders NZ - Helenskinz NZ
US imported Herb Grinders NZ.
Our most popular seller is the SLX followed by Croc Crusher. Our best value Herb Grinders are the Croc Crusher Grinders. Our top of the range grinder is the non-stick "SLICKS" (SLX). Some dry herb vaporizers require a very fine grind (Pax, DaVinci etc, all Conduction Vapes) and some work well with a coarse grind (Firefly 2+, Crafty+, Mighty, all Convection/Hybrid Vapes). We highly recommend the new Ceramic Non-Stick SLX range! "Slicks". Don't forget to grab a stick of Grinder Grease, the greatest little invention for grinding herb! All Herb Grinders are stocked in NZ. At times we will have Santa Cruz Shredder range in stock, one of our favorite grinder brands ever! They can be hard to source! We will also be stocking Waterfall brand grinders that are very similar to the SCS grinders we like so much. Our Aerospaced 4pc medium grinders are ideal for all vapes and perfect for all convection vapes.