Croc Crusher Herb Grinder NZ - 3 inch 76mm XL Size 2 Piece

Color: Black 2PC XL Grinder
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Croc Crusher 2PC Grinders NZCroc Crusher XL 3.0" (76mm) Extra Large 2 Piece Herb Grinder NZ.

We sell a range of Croc Crusher Herb Grinders in New Zealand and have Medium, Large, XL and XXL. Croc Crusher Grinders are high quality and super sharp, they are also great value. If you recall Space Case Grinders, these CC Grinders are exactly the same! The XL Grinder is on the far left of the image below.

All Croc Crusher Herb Grinders NZ

Grinder quality & matching the right grinder for your vape!

We have been importing Croc Crusher Herb Grinders from the US for many years and have sold several hundred and not once have we had a defected Croc grinder or a returned broken one. Some grinders break teeth if pushed too hard, not the Croc though, it's designed to have sturdy but also very sharp teeth. These grinders are robust, slice through your herb with ease, do a great job of creating the right coarseness and should last you a lifetime.

Be sure to acquire the right type of grinder for your vaporizer, normally you would use a 2PC for all Conduction Vapes like PAX, DaVinci, Zeus ARC, DynaVap etc. as you will be able to create a fine grind perfect for these vapes. If using a Convection or Hybrid Vape you are usually best suited using a 4PC grinder so you end up with a coarser grind, ideal for the Crafty+, Mighty+, ROFFU, Fog Pro, Firefly 2+, Healthy Rips etc.

Don't forget that we also import the 2 best Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Large 4PC Grinders available. The SLX Large Non-Stick 4PC and the new Cali Crusher OG Slick Large 4PC Grinders. Both are outstanding grinders, if you can afford one we highly recommend them. We introduced the new Cali OG Slick range in October 2023 for 2 reasons. We wanted to keep the best of the best, the SLX and currently stock over 6 colors and 2 sizes but the SLX isn't cheap! We wanted a more affordable but high quality Non-Stick Grinder so more customers can enjoy the benefits of using one. No Grease required, no cleaning, as they say, "like a hot knife through butter"! They are so good to use, we hope more customers will realize just how good they are!

There is one trick you can do with a 4PC grinder if you want a finer grind. Load your grinder as normal and put the lid on, now hold your grinder inverted, be careful not to let the grinder open and give it heaps, the herb will not fall into the lower layer until you return it to the upright position and continue to grind. This can create a finer grind more suitable for Conduction vapes.

XL - The Perfect Size in our opinion!

This is bigger than your average Herb Grinder and is perfect for bigger hands or just better grip and less fumbling. If you have a lot of herb to grind, this will do an excellent job. We also sell a larger one that is 3.5"/89mm, a Monster 2pc Grinder. That's the Croc Crusher XXL which is on the far right in the image above.

Croc Crusher XL 3 inch 76mm Herb Grinder NZ

You can process a large amount of herb on each grind, because it's a 2PC Grinder you can grind away until you reach the grind you are after, such as super fine powdery grind for Pax, DaVinci IQ2, IQC, DynaVap etc, great for conduction vapes.

3 Largest Herb Grinders Croc Crusher NZThis grinder is XL so you will want somewhere nice and safe for your herb. An airtight container is usually the best place for it. Then you can simply open it up, pour it into your vape directly or in the case of a DynaVap VapCap you can stab your pen into the ground herb in your stash tin, give it a press and place your cap back on, super easy way to load DynaVap Pens.Croc Crusher Large XL & XXL NZ - 2pc GrindersThe Teflon glide ring helps the layers glide as you twist, this can be improved even more by using a stick of Grinder Grease, the best invention ever! Regular cleaning will keep your grinder spinning nice and smooth for years to come but if using Grinder Grease your grinder will no longer get build up or start jamming. We highly recommend it for all grinders. Constructed of aircraft grade, milled aluminum. The diamond teeth are part of the milling process and are fluid with the parts they sit on. This ensures the integrity of your grinders teeth so they don't fall out. Machined from a solid block.Croc Crusher XL 3 inch 76mm Herb Grinder Teeth NZPick up a Croc Crusher today for yourself, or for a friend as gift. It's by far the best value herb grinder we sell, great quality and for a reasonable price. To be honest there really isn't any quality difference between all the grinder brands we sell, it's more about the CNC design they use to mill it out and how it works with the tooth design they use. The Croc Crusher is cheaper than most grinders, we buy them because we want to make Grinders more affordable to our customers. Especially after purchasing an expensive vape, it's hard to dig into your pocket for another expensive but essential item, we know, been there done that! So you will find these grinders are great quality and they work just as good as any other grinder we have sold, including Santa Cruz Shredder, Space Case, Sharpstone and many more.Croc Crusher XL 3 inch 76mm Herb Grinder with Sharp Teeth NZ


  • Solid 2 piece construction.
  • Teflon glide ring.
  • Sharp, long lasting diamond teeth.
  • Extra Large is so much easier with big hands, much better grip for all hands.
  • Being a 2 PC allows you to grind longer to create a powdery grind (Pax, IQ2).
  • The XL is big enough to process a full medium stash tin with one grind. It's a big grinder!

Package Includes:

  • 1x XL 76mm Black Croc Crusher Herb Grinder.

Croc Crusher XL 3 inch 76mm Herb Grinder NZWith super sharp teeth that will stand up to all challenges the Croc Crusher Grinder tears it's way through your precious herb leaving you with a fluffy grind perfect for conduction vapes and convection vapes. We introduced the Croc Crusher Grinder in NZ because we could see a need for a decent but cheaper grinder, it's never any fun having to put your hand in your pocket again after forking out for an expensive vaporizer, the Croc Crusher may help you with that! It's a great grinder for a great price! We currently have about 4 different sizes in 2pc and 4pc from Medium to XXL 3.5 inch 89mm. That is a Monster 2pc Grinder and we love it! It's so hard to go back to a medium or even a large grinder after using an XL or XXL one. The grip you get and the torque you can apply to the grinder is amazing, if you add a dab of grinder grease to one of these big grinders it would make the ultimate grinder if you can a lot to grind at once.

Croc Crusher Herb Grinders NZ
Croc Crusher Herb Grinder NZ

We highly recommend buying one of our new Air Tight Stash Tins to store your pre-ground herb in. We also highly recommend using some Grinder Grease to make your grinder glide and have no build up or jamming at all. All regular grinders suffer from build up unless they are made from a special metal designed to be Non-Stick. All you need is a few dabs of Grinder Grease and you won't have any build up or jamming, it's a no brainer!

3 Largest Herb Grinders Depth Croc Crusher NZ
Sharp Teeth on the Croc Crusher 2PC Grinder NZ

3 Croc Crusher 2PC Grinders NZ


All Croc Crusher Grinders NZ

Buy Stash Tin NZ
Toppuff Small Stash Tins NZ  HoneyPuff Large Stash Tins NZ

Waterproof Stash Tin NZ

Buy Grinder Grease

Works even better with Grease!

Chronisuer Grinder Grease NZ.

Chronisuer Grinder Grease NZ

 Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Grease.
Buy Grinder Grease NZ

The Importance of Preparing & Grinding Your Herb.

Preparing your herb for vaping.

Yes, it plays a big part in getting dense clouds from your vaporizer. The difference between breaking up herb with your fingers (crumbling) and using a decent grinder can be huge! A fine grind is required (almost powder) for best results for vapes like the IQ2, Pax 2 and Pax 3, Pax+, DynaVap etc. Conduction vapes need a finer grind than convection vapes. This is why you should always budget for a half decent herb grinder if buying a conduction vaporizer. A 2pc grinder allows you to grind for an extended period giving you perfect finely ground herb. A 4pc grinder allows the ground herb to drop into the layer below once it becomes small enough to drop through the holes in the grinder deck. You can't control the coarseness of the grind. So the 4pc is often better for convection vapes like the Crafty+, the Mighty+, the Firefly 2+, Rogue, Fog Pro, ROFFU and so on. Using Grinder Grease helps the Grinder rotate without creating hard sticky build up on the grinder surfaces which makes your grinder jam and become hard to turn. Grinder grease prevents this and you will notice a big difference when using your grinder, it will glide and move freely. When complete it's super easy to wipe any soft build up right off with a tissue, no more chisel and hammer! It's the greatest most underrated product we sell, cheap and super handy to have.

Try it once and you will never go back to a dry grinder!

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