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Color: Blue HoneyPuff Large Stash Tin
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Toppuff HoneyPuff Large Metal Stash Tin NZHoneyPuff Aluminium Large Air-Tight Stash Tins.

TOPPUFFS Large HoneyPuff Aluminum Multi-Use Airtight Stash Can for your Pre-Ground Botanicals. A must for all DynaVap users! Ideal for PAX and many more vapes.

Perfect for home use or on the go! Storing some pre-ground herb in a stash tin is very handy if vaping your herb. It's as quick as removing the lid and tapping the tin to pour your ground botanicals straight into your vaporizer oven, or one of our Vape Funnels that we import from the US, found in our Vaporizer Mods section. You can also use your Vaporizer Funnel Mod to fill your Stash Tin.

All Colored Toppuff HoneyPuff Large Stash Tins NZ

These tins are tough, they don't wear out like the fancy plastic ones with an air release valve and a push on lid that will often become dirty and scratched in turn making it very hard to remove the lid or put it back on. We have bought loads of stash tins over the last 20 years and these small alloy screw cap stash tins are always the best. Keep the thread clean on the tin and the lid and if you really want a slick operating tin you can use a dab of our Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Grease (greatest stuff ever).

Colored Toppuff HoneyPuff Large Stash Tins NZ
Ideal for loading your DynaVap Pen. Load the stash tin with pre-ground herb and stab your DynaVap Pen into it and twist to load it, it works great! Depending on how much you like to grind at a time you may find our new Small Stash Tins better than these large ones. Both the small and large stash tins we have are high quality and tough with a colorful and durable finish.
HoneyPuff Aluminium Large Air-Tight Stash Tins in hand NZ

Apart from the logo and design on the lid it's hard to find any difference to a Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tin which are now impossible to find and have always been a favorite in our store. We searched for weeks to find an alternative of similar quality and design. We are very happy to be able to once again offer these high quality and super handy stash cans, Toppuff has a great range of very nice stash containers. This one in particular appears identical to the Santa Cruz Shredder Stash Tins we have sold for years.

Toppuff HoneyPuff Large Stash Tins NZ

Features & Specs.

  • Material : Aircraft Aluminium.
  • Diameter : 34mm.
  • Height : 74mm.
  • Capacity : 42ml.
  • Net Weight : 52g.
  • Colors : Blue, Silver, Purple.
  • Each Stash Tin has HoneyPuff on the lid.
  • Use : Dry storage of Pre-Ground Herb for Vaping.
  • Protective Gift Box packaging.
  • Screw on Cap with Rubber O-Ring.
  • Spare O-Ring in box.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Large HoneyPuff Aluminium Stash Tin in Box.
  • 2x Spare O-Rings.

Toppuff HoneyPuff Large Stash Tins with extra seal NZ


3 Colors of Large HoneyPuff Alluminium Stash Tins NZ

Airtight Smell Proof Aluminum Herb Containers

Purple, Silver & Blue Toppuff HoneyPuff Stash Tins NZ

Large High-Volume Pre-Ground Herb Container

Colored Toppuff HoneyPuff Stash Tins NZLarge Stash Tin too big for you?

Check out our Small Toppuff Stash Tins, they are perfect for DynaVap loading like this tin and great stash cans for all herbal vapers. This large tin above is 42ml in capacity and the Small Stash Tins are 26ml, about half the size. Click here.Small Toppuff Alluminium Stash Tins NZ

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 Works even better with
Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Grease.

You can also use Grinder Grease on your Stash Tin thread!
The best Grinder Lubricant/Invention ever!
SCS Grease NZUse it once and you will never look back, we promise!

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