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Croc Crusher Herb Grinder NZ - Large 2 Piece

Croc Crusher

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Croc Crusher 2PC Grinders NZ

Croc Crusher 2.5" Large 2 Piece Herb Grinder NZ.

Constructed of aircraft grade, milled aluminum. The diamond teeth are part of the milling process and are fluid with the parts they sit on. This ensures the integrity of your grinders teeth so they don't fall out. Machined from a solid block.

3 Croc Crusher 2PC Grinders NZ
The Teflon glide ring helps the layers glide as you twist, this can be improved even more by using a stick of Grinder Grease, the best invention ever! Regular cleaning will keep your grinder spinning nice and smooth for years to come but if using Grinder Grease your grinder will no longer get build up or start jamming. We highly recommend it for all grinders. Pick up a Croc Crusher today for yourself, or for a friend as gift. It's by far the best value herb grinder we sell, great quality and for a reasonable price.


  • Solid 2 piece construction
  • Teflon glide ring
  • Sharp, long lasting diamond teeth
  • Large is so much easier with big hands
  • Being a 2 PC allows you to grind longer to create a powdery grind (Pax)

Croc Crusher 2 Piece Herb Grinder NZ

With super sharp teeth that will stand up to all challenges the Croc Crusher Grinder tears it's way through your precious herb leaving you with a fluffy grind perfect for conduction vapes and convection vapes. We introduced the Croc Crusher Grinder in NZ because we could see a need for a decent but cheaper grinder, it's never any fun having to put your hand in your pocket again after forking out for an expensive vaporizer, the Croc Crusher may help you with that! It's a great grinder for a great price! 

Sharp Teeth on the Croc Crusher 2PC Grinder NZ

3 Croc Crusher 2PC Grinders NZ


Croc Crusher 2.5 Inch Large 2 Piece Herb Grinder NZ.

Buy Grinder Grease

Works even better with Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Grease.
Grinder Grease

The Importance of Preparing & Grinding Your Herb.

How to prepare your herb for vaping.

Yes, it plays a big part in getting dense clouds from your vaporizer. The following video explains why you should pay attention to the dryness and explains to what extent you need to grind for different dry vapes. The difference between breaking up herb with your fingers "crumbling" and using a decent grinder can be huge! A fine grind and possibly a further finish grind (almost powder) may be required for best results for vapes like the Magic Flight Launch Box. They make the Finishing Grinder and the Nano grinder for this reason. Please enjoy the video from our friend who has his finger on the pulse of vaping, The Vape Critic.


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