SPLICE - TH01 220v Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZ

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SPLICE - TH01 220v Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZSPLICE - TH01 220v Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZ. 

IN STOCK NOW AUCKLAND NZ. All new Infusion Accessories also In Stock NZ.


New product, first release in NZ, Dec 2022. Our very first shipment of SPLICE - TH01 220v Botanical Decarboxylator & Infusion Machines has finally landed and is now available including all of our new related Infusion Accessories like the Butter Trays, Chocolate Molds etc..

Our new SPLICE - TH01 220v Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infuser (Model: TH01) is an absolute must-have if you want to Decarboxylate your herb and make Oil & Butter Infusions. Don't be fooled by the price, it's much cheaper than our Ardent FLEX machine but the quality is the same if not better.

Auto vs Manual Infusion Machines. Please keep in mind that the SPLICE Machine is a "Manually Operated Machine" meaning you set the Time and Temp for Decarb cycles and Infusion cycles. It can take a bit of experimenting to get the results you are looking for but on the other hand you have all the control, compared to an Ardent FLEX (FX) which has one button, Start and Stop. The Splice also has a mixer but you can pull it off if you need to. If a manual setting machine isn't for you that's understandable, we just like our customers to be well informed and aware of all aspects of each device. We can help with the "Machine Controls" and how to change the settings but we don't offer help with the actual Decarbing and Infusing process, that is entirely up to you. The sky is the limit with this machine and the internet is loaded with some great methods, processes, all sorts of different ideas that you may have never thought of and of course YouTube is the greatest tool of all for getting help with absolutely anything! If you have any confusion with the controls feel free to ask for help but please don't ask for help with your recipes or methods as we are honestly not experts at Activating and Infusing Herb. We certainly won't pretend that we are!

Splice Decarboxylator & Infusion Machine NZThe SPLICE - TH01 220v Botanical Decarboxylator is much smaller in person than you would expect, it's a good thing because it is so small many people will have enough room to leave it on their bench or somewhere handy. The cool part is, you can decarboxylate 3oz of botanicals (roughly) in 30 mins or longer, you can change the time it takes and the temperature, our more expensive FLEX Machine does 4oz in 2 hours without the ability to change the time or temperature (back when we sold Ardent products). For Infusions the SPLICE can do small infusions or large infusions up to 700ml of liquid in the Ceramic 700ml Bowl, the FLEX Machine can do small infusions or large infusions up to 828ml, so only slightly more than the SPLICE. The Splice Machine ships in a very sturdy box that fully encases the Infusion Machine in Styrofoam block, it's highly protected from knocks during shipping which is always good to know. 

Infusion takes roughly 2 hours for both machines but the SPLICE can be changed to whatever temperature and duration you desire. We have provided some guidelines from our own experience and others, below. You have very limited control with the Ardent FLEX machine, the time an infusion takes is determined by the machine and is usually around 2 hours per cycle and Decarbing is about the same. The Ardent Flex is more automated than the Splice. The Splice machine is set up with variable Time and Temp so you can change the temperature and duration for your Decarb cycles and Infusion cycles. This means you can experiment and take note of what really works well for YOU.

We have tested the Splice a number of times and after years of Decarbing using Decarboxylators that take 2 hours for each Decarb cycle we were surprised to see the default time for decarbing (Activating) your herb is only 30 minutes. We changed it to 1 hour and set the temp at 119 deg C and the herb came out just like it would after 2 hours in the FLEX. It's actually excellent to vape too, especially in a convection vape like the Fog Pro or the Healthy Rips Rogue, the super dry decarbed herb creates vapor on the very first draw! If you want to experiment you can and that's always a great option to have, once you get in the swing of making infusions you will really start to appreciate the fact that you can change the time and temperature and make your own custom concoctions, remember to take note of what settings you used for next time.SPLICE - TH01 220v Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZWe know there's a demand for a cheaper Decarbing device and we have finally found what we have been looking for! This is a brand new machine released in August 2022. It’s an exceptionally well-designed kitchen appliance that is for Decarbing your Herb and making Oil & Butter Infusions and many other medicines from Tinctures to Vape Juice. The new SPLICE Infuser removes all of the confusion, all at the push of a Controller Button. With intelligent time and temperature controls, you can set and forget. Perfect for Baked Goods, Sweets, Gummy Bears, Dressings, Salves, and Sauces, the sky is the limit! The machine comes with a decent operating manual.SPLICE 220v Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZ


  • Style: All-In-One Oil Infuser & Decarboxylator.
  • Activate Temp.: 230/235/240/245/250 °F(110°C, 113°C, 116°C, 119°C, 122°C).
  • Infuse Temp.: 70°F -212°F /20°C -100°C. (Your decide).
  • Time: 30-120 mins for a Decarboxylation Cycle & 1-2 hrs for an Infusion Cycle. (you decide). Decarb - Start at 119°C/50 Mins and adjust from there. If it's not burnt and you can crumble with fingers into a fine almost powder like grind you have decarbed your herb well. It should be cool and dry before you crumble. You can also set the Time for your Infusions.
  • Pot Capacity Dry Decarb: Aprox. 3oz Dry Botanicals.
  • Pot Capacity Liquid Infusion: 300 - 700ml of Oil, Butter etc.
  • Blender Motor: 80 Rad/min. (Flexible & removable silicone blade).
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 20.5*25.3*20.3cm.
  • Packaging (L*W*H): 28*36*34cm.
  • Gross Weight: 4.5kg.
  • Power: 220v (NZ/Aus). Comes with NZ 3 pin plug, no adapters required.
  • Certificate: CE, UKCA.

SPLICE Instructions Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZ


  • 1. Don’t put the whole Infuser in water when cleaning. Only the infusion container and the filter.
  • 2. The inner pot should be properly dried when not in use.
  • 3. Please keep children away from the hot infusion machine when in use.
  • 4. Caution! The SPLICE machine can get quite hot, be careful not to burn yourself on the machine surfaces.
  • 5. Turn off the Infuser when not in use and unplug from the wall socket.


  • Imported to NZ.
  • Helenskinz is the NZ Agent for SPLICE Infusion Machines.

SPLICE Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZ

SPLICE Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine Controls NZ
SPLICE Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine Controls 2 NZ
One button controller on the Splice Decarboxylator NZ


With Medical Cannabis for example, CBD & THC in the herb must be activated with the Decarbing Function before infusing. This changes the molecular structure for consumption and elevates natural potency.Changes Molecular Structure of your herb NZIf you don't Decarb your herb and make an Infusion with raw dry herb it will not have any effect as it must be Activated/Decarboxylated first. That's why the SPLICE is such a great device, being an All-In-One device you can do both, Decarb & Infuse with one machine! Activate being another word for Decarboxylate.Decarbing Herb with the Splice Decarboxylator NZThe most popular Infusion Machines used to be Magical Butter but that particular machine does not have the ability to Decarb your herb, that is done in a 2nd device. Our Ardent FLEX machine can do both functions and is an All-In-one device as well. It's the best way to make infusions, all in one machine.

SPLICE Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine Specs NZPot & Filter Basket on the Splice Decarboxylator NZ


Infusion is a process that uses botanicals (typically dried herbs, flowers etc) and releases their active ingredients readily in water, oil, or alcohol. In this process, a liquid like oil is typically boiled inside your machine while mixed with your Decarboxylated Herb. After the herb has been allowed to steep in the liquid for an appropriate period of time, it is removed (and strained) leaving a clear oil infusion. Remember, this infusion will only be effective and activated if you decarbed your herb prior to infusing.
Food to make with SPLICE Botanical Decarboxylator & Oil Infusion Machine NZ

If you have never made a herb-infused oil, you are in for a wonderful treat! These easy herbal preparations are a wonderful way to capture the benefits of herbs for many uses, from skincare to cooking. There are so many herbs you can choose from depending on your intended use, and there are so many ways these oils can be used.

Built in Filtration SPLICE Infusion Machine NZ
Many different organic carrier oils may be used, however fractionated (MCT) Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are popular and wise choices because they have long shelf lives and are suitable for many applications. Herbal oils can be used to create Marinades, Massage Oils, Salves, Lip Balms, Facial Serums, Hair Treatments, Body Creams, soaps, and so much more!Mixer on the Splice Decarboxylator & Infusion Machine NZ
Splice Decarboxylator NZ


Low & Slow.

When in doubt, infuse at lower temperatures. This will ensure all the wholesome goodness (flavors, aromas, nutrition) of your ingredients remain intact.

Coarse Grind.

Coarsely ground herb is better for infusions than finely ground herb, this will prevent unwanted particles in your infusions and final creations. We recommend using a 4PC Herb Grinder. We have reasonably priced 4PC Croc Crusher Grinders that are ideal or you can invest in the best Herb Grinder we import, the "Slicks" SLX Grinder which is a Non-Stick Ceramic Coated 4PC Herb Grinder that is super popular with our infusion customers. For the best value in Non-Stick 4pc Grinders we now have Cali Crusher OG Slick Ceramic Coated Grinders in stock in Auckland, NZ.

Herb Grinders Available.

Herb Grinders Helenskinz NZ

Ease of use.

The SPLICE Infusion Machine is super easy to use with the One Button Controller. Just turn and press using the OLED display. Everything is very accessible, the blender paddle is easy to access and remove for cleaning. Cleaning the machine itself is also simple due to the access, the wide opening lid is a great help.

UPDATE: In July 2023 our shipment of SPLICE Machines arrived and they are all upgraded models with a better locking system on the lid which also has much better heavier hinges.

SPLICE Decarber Flip Lid Design NZ

Steam Vent on the SPLICE Decarboxylator NZ

Filter Basket & Ceramic Pot in the Splice Decarboxylator NZ
Pot in the Splice Decarboxylator NZ
Filter Basket in the Splice Decarboxylator NZ

Power Supply. NZ 220v Power Supply with a NZ Plug.

Splice Power Supply NZ 220v NZ - Australian Plug


SPLICE Machines are covered by a 6 month warranty, valid in NZ and Australia. You must purchase your SPLICE Infuser from an Authorized Reseller or the local agent. Helenskinz is the NZ Agent for all SPLICE machines.

Splice Decarboxylator & Infusion Machines NZ

Helenskinz Vapes NZ

Helenskinz Filter Bag 3-Pack for Infusions NZ
Our very own brand, best value, great quality, we import these specifically for our Infusion Machines. The "Helenskinz Filter Bag 3-Pack" 3x 4L/1 Gallon Bags, 1x 25 Micron Pressing Screen & 1x Carry Bag.

The Helenskinz Filter Bag 3-Pack contains: Buy Here.

  • 1x 220 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 73 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 25 Micron Filter Bag
  • 1x 25 Micron Pressing Screen
  • 1x Carry Bag
Helenskinz Filter Bag Kits NZ Infusion

Walfos Silicon Infusion Filtering Gloves:

Super Thick Heat Resistant, 2 is better than 1 with hot slippery infusions!

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Our new custom made 2-Pack of Sieves work well in combination with the Filter Bags. They are 10 Micron so will remove the finest of particles when completing your infusions. Buy Sieve set here. Custom made for Helenskinz!
2-Pack of Straining Sieves for Infusions in the Nova FX NZ

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