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Pax is a brand of portable vaporizers that are designed for use with dry herbs and concentrates. They are known for their sleek, compact design and high-quality vapor production. Some of the most popular models from Pax Labs include the Pax 2, Pax 3 and Pax Era. In New Zealand we only sell the Pax 2, Pax 3 and soon we will be selling the new Pax Plus and the Pax Mini as well. In time we will phase out the Pax 2 and Pax 3 kits and sell the new 2023 Pax models only. All Pax 3 parts are cross compatible still with the new models including Oven Lids, Screens, new 3D Screens and Mouthpieces which can be used in the new vapes and the new 3D screens can be used in the Pax 2 and Pax 3. This will make it easier for us as a shop as we have the full range of Pax 3 parts and accessories in stock in Auckland, NZ. These will continue to be available for Pax 2 and Pax 3 owners and for those buying the new models, the Pax Plus and Mini.

Pax 3 vaporizer Helenskinz NZ

The Pax 3 is a dual-use vaporizer that allows users to vape both dry herbs and concentrates. It features a high-quality aluminum construction, a powerful heating system, and an intuitive LED interface that makes it easy to control the temperature and other settings. The new Pax Mini and Plus models are for dry herb but only the Pax Plus allows you to use a concentrate insert as well for extracts, the Pax Mini is for dry herb only.

Pax Plus & Pax Mini Vaporizers

If you read our Herbal Vaping Article, "What is the best type of Herbal Vaporizer, Conduction or Convection?" you will know that all Pax Vapes including the new 2023 models thrive on a fine grind due to the fact that they are all conduction vaporizers. Starting way back in 2012 with the release of the Pax 1 we discovered that a very fine almost powdery grind semi firmly packed into the oven works best and that goes for all Pax Dry Herb Vapes, from Pax 1 right up to the new 2023 Pax Models, and always with a full oven. If not you must fill the void and use a Half Pack Oven Lid if you only have a half load of herb in your oven. No conduction vapes work well with a void in the hot oven, they simply need to have a fully loaded oven to heat and penetrate your herb properly, this will give you the best results. We highly recommend using the lowest temp on the Pax 3 & Pax Plus for about 80% of the load with at least "one stir" during the load, simply break up your little brick of herb in the oven when the vapor dies off rather that turning up the heat. We leave it on low and stir the contents instead, your herb will take off again and you will certainly enjoy more vapor, better flavor and your load will last longer if you keep the heat low. If you don't stir and just increase the heat you will find it will be dark brown on the outer edges of the herb in the oven but often still vapable and even green herb still in the middle if you manage to knock the little brick of herb out and break it up when you are done. That tells you a lot about how effective the Pax Vaporizer is, or isn't. Stirring has been by far the best method in our experience over the past 11+ years of using Pax Vapes. All conduction vapes thrive on this method, a quick stir is easy to do and really makes a big difference.

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It's not normal to stir your herb in a convection vaporizer but it also works well just like a Pax. The Fog Pro is a good example of that, a fantastic new XVape vaporizer that is really a hybrid as it has conduction and convection heating. If you stir the contents once per load you get to fully vape everything in the oven. You should see nothing but dark brown herb, ABV! If it's black at all you are vaping at a high temp that is combusting your herb. If it's green you ain't done yet!

The Pax 2 appeared in March 2015, and the Pax 3 in November 2016, it is high time for a new Pax vaporizer! Pax Mini and Pax Plus are the latest Pax models since Pax 3 was released so if you wanted to call any vape a Pax 4 it would have to be the new Pax Plus. There is no new official Pax 4 vape, there's 2, the Pax Mini and the Pax Plus released in NZ in early 2023.

Date of arrival currently unknown.

Meet the New Pax Mini & Pax Plus.

Pax Plus & Pax Mini Comparison Chart

PAX Mini and PAX Plus are the result of more than a decade’s worth of innovation. These two next generation PAX portable vaping devices are crafted to bring the best out of flower and concentrates with patented temperature control that heats and never burns. PAX Plus is the most advanced portable vaporizer for concentrates and flower. PAX Mini is the smallest PAX yet, designed for quick and easy flower sessions on-the-go.

Pax Plus.

The Pax Plus seems to be the slightly improved 4th generation in the pax portable vaporizer lineup, slightly improving upon the strengths of the Pax 3.

Pax Plus Colors.

  • Sage (Green)
  • Elderberry (Burgundy)
  • Periwinkle (Blue)
  • Onyx (Black)

Pax Plus colors

Pax Plus Key Features.

  • No smartphone application
  • Kit similar to the Pax 3 Complete Kit
  • Improved conduction heating / improved oven 3D screen
  • 4 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Available in black, blue, green, or rose gold
  • Price NZD: TBA
  • 10 Year Warranty with Pax Labs - If purchased from an Authorized Pax Dealer in NZ.

What’s in the Pax Plus kit?

  • Pax Plus Vaporizer
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • Mini Charger
  • Wire Brush
  • Half-Pack Oven Lid
  • Keychain Lanyard
  • 3x Oven Screens
  • Concentrate Oven Insert
  • 3x O-Rings

Pax Plus Vaporizer Kit NZ

The new Pax 3D Oven Screen.

Less Gunk and more Funk - Pax Plus NZ

Pax Mini.

The Pax Mini vaporizer will be the smaller version of the Pax Plus (and Pax 3), and will be focused on Microdosing and Oven Effectiveness via a Faster Heat-Up Time and Consistent Conduction Extraction. (Hot Oven = Conduction - Pax, Hot Air = Convection - Crafty+).

Pax Mini Colors.

  • Silver
  • Onyx (Black)

Pax Mini Vaporizer colors NZ

Pax Mini Features.

  • Reduced chamber size
  • No haptic feedback
  • Improved airflow from redesigned 3D oven screen
  • One Set Temperature (low-temp.)
  • 22 second heat-up time
  • 5mm smaller than Pax 2, Pax 3 and Pax Plus
  • No included concentrate oven
  • Available in Silver or Black
  • Price NZD: TBA
  • 2 Year Warranty with Pax Labs - If purchased from an Authorized Pax Dealer in NZ.

What’s in the Pax Mini kit?

  • Pax Mini Vaporizer
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • Oven Lid
  • 3D Oven Screens
  • Wire Brush
  • Mini Charger USB

Pax Mini Vaporizer NZ

As Pax is one of the most popular vaporizer brands in the world beside Storz & Bickel, people eagerly await the next model in the series. We hope that we will be able to offer Pax Plus and Pax Mini soon, when the stock arrives we will be ready to take orders.

Enjoy a few Pax Mini and Pax Plus Videos we have collected.

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