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If you are looking for a deal make sure it's real!

We offer a money back guarantee, we only sell genuine authentic products from well known brands.

At Helenskinz we thrive of bringing you genuine products imported from USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. When we say genuine we mean real product from a well known company. For example, we only sell genuine, authentic, imported Crafty+, Mighty+, Pax 3, Zeus ARC GT etc vaporizers that have been made by these companies and not a counterfeiter in China. Not only do we sell the best brands and top vaporizer models we also sell all the most well known brands. Helenskinz does not sell any knock off, counterfeit or copied products, we only sell genuine products from the biggest and most reputable distributors, most of which are in USA. You will never find a fake vaporizer or any other sneaky deals on our websites.

We shoot from the hip and we aim to please! If you want the Real McCoy you've found the right place, no funny business here!

Why do we mention this?

To be honest we have been totally blown away with the amount of fake vaporizers on the market and feel compelled to warn people about them. This page is not about convincing you to buy a vaporizer from Helenskinz although it would be nice :-) it is to educate you a little about fake vaporizer products that are now infesting some online shops and stores in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and so on, it is very wide spread and very professionally done right down to word for word copying of the packaging and documents. The same type of problem labels like Gucci and Prada have with handbags. The factories that copy these products in China have very hi tech equipment these days making it even easier to fool the consumer. It is up to the retailers when it comes to selling these counterfeit products, whether they sell any at all, whether they declare them as copies or not and you will find some shops even have a separate section for clones and copies.

As long as the shop isn't trying to pull the wool over your eyes and sell you a counterfeit vaporizer for the price of a genuine one, this is where "authenticity" becomes an issue.

We suggest you do some research online about the product you are interested in and see what most shops have them priced at. When you see that most stores charge $200 for example but one store charges only $120 you need to ask yourself, is this a genuine one or a copy? If it's too good to be true it's probably a fake/copy. There are a few different ways shops can offer fake products, they can label it a cloned item (which is fine) and tell you it's a clone/copy or they can try and pass the copied product off as a genuine one for the genuine price. Obviously this is a real problem, you end up paying full price for junk and your warranty won't be worth the paper it's printed on. Buying directly off EBay would probably be one of the riskiest places to buy an authentic genuine branded vaporizer. Counterfeit Pax vaporizers both version 2 & 3 are always available on EBay and other similar sites. The price is inviting, the product looks and sounds great and they ship to your location! Chances are, you are about to purchase your 1st vape for your Vape Graveyard. Considering even genuine vaporizers have issues you would be truly asking for trouble with a counterfeit one.   

Vaporizers have become very complex and hi-tech but simple to operate and when these big US companies create new vaporizers a tonne of work goes into them and sometimes years of fine tuning to create some incredible vaporizers, especially the portable vapes. Our point is that when you start copying these units it's all very well getting the aesthetics right so it looks genuine but what about the actual inside workings, electrics and software etc. These incredible new vaporizers that are forever appearing on the market really are amazing and hi tech but the counterfeit ones although they might look the part never work like the genuine ones, it's a common way to pick them from a genuine unit when they start doing weird things!

Even if it looks the part and the guy in the shop told you it was a genuine one and you paid decent money for it, it most certainly does not verify that it's a genuine product. The world is flooded with fake products of all types and vaporizers, e cigs and vaping supplies have become a real favorite for counterfeiters. 

Please do your homework if in doubt as there is plenty of good info on the web to help you when making decisions about where and what to buy. We don't want people to end up finding what appears to be a fantastic deal for the exact vaporizer they were looking for at an incredible price and end up buying a fake one, believe us when we say it, it happens a lot and it happens in stores and online, don't believe every word you read.

Just make sure that if you are paying real prices you are in fact getting real products!

A few commonly copied vaporizer examples.



Typical Knock Off Vaporizer Kits where they aim to deceive the consumer.

Pax 1 - Copy

Fake Pax 1 VS Authentic Pax 1 Vaporizer.

Pax 2 - Fakes designed to deceive the consumer.

Firefly Fake Vaporizer.

Mighty Vaporizer: Fake.

The Mighty Vaporizer - Fake or not?

Basically this is an idea of what is going on out there and it's something that is so well done these days it is very easy to get caught out, after all everyone loves a good deal. The price should be your first indicator, if it's a lot lower than most other shops you need to be careful and do some homework, often it will be because the product is being sold as a genuine vaporizer of a known brand for a very inviting price.

Being retailers ourselves we can immediately spot the suspicious vapes for sale as we know what the wholesale price is on all the products and when you see them for sale in stores or online in NZ, Australia, USA, Canada etc for much less than the cost to purchase a genuine one wholesale you know it has to be a knock off or a copy. The Atmos Boss for example is sometimes seen for under $100 NZD although it will cost more than $100 NZD to get each unit here even if you buy in bulk. You can no doubt buy Boss copies for $10 each or less, complete junk but almost identical clones.Clones can be good but only when it's sold as a clone and not a genuine one for a known brand in a dodgey way.

Often Chinese companies contact us trying to sell copied Pax 2 and Pax 3 and all sorts of vaporizers for ridiculously cheap prices. We probably receive in the vicinity of 120 emails a week from Chinese factories that track down all the Vape Shops in the world and try to offload their junk. Some of the vapes they create look incredible and the prices are extremely cheap but they are a complete waste of time and we want nothing to do with them. By sticking with the big reputable suppliers in USA we manage to avoid being scammed ourselves but if we shopped at all sorts of random suppliers we would certainly run into counterfeits in no time at all.

Don't be Fooled by the fake "Local Store" Scam!

Anyone can get a Domain Name, it doesn't mean they are local. Anyone can list a fake address, phone, contact details, anyone can say we ship from within NZ.... anyone can say whatever they want but is it true? Well unfortunately there are some shops (not NZ shops) that are not playing fair, they are leaving behind a bad taste in the mouths of other vape retailers that truly are local to New Zealand and all the New Zealand customers too. If you think the shop might be faking it and isn't local we urge you to dig and see who you are shopping with.

Another bit of tricky business you need to watch for is the actual vaporizer shop itself. If you want to shop with a local store like most of us do in NZ and Australia it's a great idea to do a quick Google Search of any new stores you find and are keen to shop with. The reason you need to check these businesses out is because although most of us are honest and totally above board there are a couple of shops that will claim to be local but are most certainly not. One is very easy to find on Google, they claim to be "Local" in every country they have an online store for, last count was over 33 stores world wide. They operate out of Ireland and list fake contact details and info on their websites to lure in customers in each country by telling them they are "Local" to that country. Most people think these companies are in fact local to NZ and the same in Australia and so on... we suggest you do some digging if you have any suspicions about the location of the store you are intending to shop with. Other promises like, "all orders shipped within NZ" is also false information and another method to deceive the potential customer. We won't mention any names but we will say it is Naste' Business and something to be very aware of, if they lie about their location can you trust that the products will be genuine?

Global Stores Not Local To NZ