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The best type of vaporizer depends on personal preference and usage. Conduction vaporizers heat the material directly using a hot oven, while Convection vaporizers heat the air before it is drawn through your ground herb. Hot air from convection vapes can make some people wheeze so anyone with Asthma should consider using a conduction vaporizer like a Zeus ARC GT or a Pax 3. Conduction vaporizers are generally considered to be more efficient and often heat up faster, but convection vaporizers tend to produce a more pure and flavorful vapor. If you want big clouds convection is your best bet, like one of our favorites, the XVape Fog Pro which is also the "best bang for your buck" vape that we sell. This amazing little swivel mouthpiece style vaporizer even has a removable battery, not bad for under $300 NZD incl GST (currently). We use this vape ourselves, it's an awesome little vaporizer.

Portable herbal vapes - Conduction & ConvectionUltimately, both heating types have their own benefits and drawbacks and the decision should come down to your personal preference and the type of material you will be vaporizing. If your budget allows and you are serious about vaping you should probably check out the Mighty+ Medic vape, it's the top of the range and the best German made high quality vaporizer we sell. It's not just for the medical patients, we sell many of these to anyone who wants one. Auckland stock.

Suitable Herb Grinders.

You also need to consider Herb Grinder types. If you have a 2 piece grinder and a 4 piece grinder you are set but if not you may not have the right grinder for the vape you are using. Remember that a 2 piece herb grinder will produce a fine grind, it will be even finer if you really give it a decent grind for a minute or so, this will always produce a powdery grind ideal for the DynaVap M & VonG, DaVinci IQC, IQ2, Pax 2, Pax 3, Pax Plus, Pax Mini, Starry 3.0, Zeus ARC GT and many more. Generally speaking you want a fine grind for conduction vapes and a coarse grind for convection and hybrid (conduction & convection) vapes like the Firefly 2+, Healthy Rips Rogue & Fury Edge V2, Crafty+, Mighty+, Mighty+ Medic, Volcano Medic 2, Utillian 722, Arizer Air Max, XVape Fog Pro and more. With the Pax 3 for example, being a conduction vape it will work much better if you use a fine almost powdery grind rather than a coarse grind that really won't work at all well in any conduction vaporizer. The same goes for using a fine grind in a convection vaporizer, it doesn't work that well and really needs a chunkier coarse grind.

SLX Grinders NZ
One important thing to consider with the purchase of a new vape is whether you own a suitable grinder for the vaporizer type you are buying. Because the 4 piece and even 3 piece grinders have a top grinding deck with holes the ground herb will drop down into the storage chamber as soon as it becomes small enough to fall through the holes. Normally a 4 piece grinder will produce quite chunky coarse herb suitable for all hybrid and convection vaporizers. Our Chewy G3 electric grinder also produces a coarse grind suitable for convection & hybrid vapes.

CHEWY G3 Electronic Herb Grinder NZ
We highly recommend our new Chewy G3 Electronic Herb Grinder, we have been testing one and it's a great vaping tool. Basically you can stuff chunks of herb into the spring loaded chamber and fill a stash tin for later use. Once ground it's best stored in one of our airtight Stash Tins. The Chewy G3 electric herb grinder is great for creating coarse ground herb for convection and hybrid vapes and is not the right grinder for conduction vapes. We found you can easily fill your convection vape oven directly from the Chewy G3 grinder, just hold it over your oven and press the trigger. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

Make sure you have a 2 piece grinder for all conduction vapes and a 4 piece grinder for all hybrid and convection vaporizers. In a pinch you can hold your 4 piece grinder inverted while you grind to prevent the herb falling through the holes effectively working more like a 2 piece grinder. It's not ideal but can help if you are trying to use it for a conduction vape, you will get much better results with a 2 piece herb grinder though. Also the bigger the better because a big grinder is way easier to grip and you can apply more torque with a larger diameter grinder. If you suffer from Arthritis in your hands you will love the electric Chewy G3 grinder, it's ideal if you are not up to using a manual grinder.

Croc Crusher Herb Grinders NZLast but not least you might want to consider a non-stick grinder option. We sell SLX (Slicks) Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Herb Grinders which come in 4 piece only, 2 sizes and lots of cool colors! Another way to avoid sticking and build up that causes jamming is to use a dab of Santa Cruz Shredder Grease, the best thing ever invented, we never grind without it, amazing product. We always carry plenty of grinder grease stock, it's very popular these days and works on all grinders as a safe lubricant. Made with Hemp Oil.

Some of the most well-known herbal vaporizer brands we sell.

Storz & Bickel (Volcano Medic 2, Mighty+, Mighty+ Medic, Crafty+) - Hybrid
DynaVap (2021 M, VonG) - Conduction
PAX (Pax 2, Pax 3, Pax Plus, Pax Mini) - Conduction
DaVinci (DaVinci IQ, DaVinci Miqro, DaVinci IQC) - Conduction
Arizer (Air 2, Solo 2, Air Max, Argo) - Convection
Firefly (Firefly 2, Firefly 2+ ) - Convection
Boundless (CFX, CFV) - Convection
Zeus Arsenal (Zeus ARC GT) - Conduction
Healthy Rips (Rogue, Fury Edge V2) - Convection
XVape (Starry) - Conduction
XVape (Fog Pro) - Convection
Utillian (722) - Convection

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers NZ
These brands are known for their high-quality vaporizers and have a good reputation in the market. However, there are many other brands and models available, and it's always a good idea to research and read reviews before making a purchase. This guide above will help you work out what type of vaporizer is right for you and help you decide on the right type of herb grinder for your vaporizer.

If you are using Medical Cannabis in NZ you will want to check out our Mighty+ Medic portable medical devices that we stock in Auckland, the perfect portable medical vape that is a hybrid meaning you have the benefits of both conduction and convection. You will want to buy a 4 piece grinder or a Chewy G3 for this hybrid vape. You certainly want a coarse grind for the Mighty+ series. We also stock the Volcano Medic 2 in our Auckland warehouse for fast dispatch.

In summary.

For your information, all of our vapes are clearly marked on each page as either conduction or convection, in some cases hybrid.

Conduction Convection & Hybrid Vaporizers

Some people prefer conduction vaporizers for their simplicity and faster heat-up times, while others prefer convection vaporizers for their more even heating and better preservation of the flavor and aroma of the material. Conduction vapes like the Pax 3 work amazingly well but don't forget that your oven walls are providing the heat and often the heating will be uneven requiring a quick stir of your herb in the oven half way through the load. This will make your conduction vape take off again and vaporize all the herb that is in your oven. Convection vapes don't need stirring but some people still find it very useful with very similar results to stirring a conduction vaporizer. We do it, it only takes a moment to give your baked herb a quick poke and a stir, it's especially easy with vapes that have a nice loading area like the Fog Pro.

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