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XVAPE FOG PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ.

Dual Use Convection Portable Vaporizer.

XVAPE FOG PRO is XVAPES newest convection vaporizer (hot air not hot oven = conduction) for dry herb and concentrates. Out of all the new vapes we have introduced in mid 2022 the Fog Pro has really stood out due to it's amazing performance! We test drive all of these new vapes before we decide to stock them or not, the Fog Pro totally surprised us, it's a fantastic vape, works extremely well, being convection it just keeps on giving, time and time again, it's a very impressive vape! We love everything about it, if you want a small vape that pumps out massive amounts of vapor, the Fog Pro may be the right vape for you. It will certainly be sitting on the Top Shelf here!

XVAPE FOG PRO is an improvement on the original XVAPE FOG that did not have an OLED Display. (see original Fog Vape in videos at bottom of page). Adopting the most cutting-edge convection heating technology, adding an OLED screen with precise temp control and haptic feedback, deploying USB-C fast charging and higher battery capacity, FOG PRO is greatly improved in every aspect and absolutely able to do a top-notch job with smooth and flavorful vapor. It is very similar to the size and shape of the DaVinci IQ2.OLED Display XVape Fog Pro Portable Vape NZThe XVAPE FOG PRO is a 100% Convection Vaporizer that fits into the palm of you hand. The Fog is the only choice for those with the most discriminating of tastes. From its sleek black anodized aluminum case, to its jewel-grade Zirconia mouthpiece, true state of the art convection technology, and its removable battery, every part of the XVAPE FOG PRO was designed to be the ultimate representation of perfection in vaping.

The flavor provided by the FOG PRO convection vape is a gourmet delight that must be experienced to be believed. The cutting-edge convection chamber provides a nearly instant heat-up time which prevents direct contact between heat source and dry botanicals.

Fog Pro - Features.

XVape Fog Pro Diagram
XVAPE FOG PRO Stainless Steel Oven

With an internal convection chamber, full digital control temperature, instant heat-up time, quick release removable battery, and a hinge-flip top for easy vaping, the Fog Pro vaporizer offers the highest class experience. Yes you heard it, a removable battery! You can change the 18650 battery in a few seconds so you can pack a fully charged spare one with you wherever you go.


True Convection Heating.

True Convection Heating - Fog Pro Vape NZ


No single vaporizer feature is more important than its heating technology. Inefficient heating techniques, or improper exposure of dry herb to heat source will always offer a poor vaping experience. XVape has solved those problems with its Fog Pro. Riding the cutting-edge of convection vape technology, the Fog Pro offers an even thermal vape which maintains the integrity of its contents preserving flavor. Thermal extraction at it's finest! Most vapes need a stir of the oven every few hits to really help with even vaping of your herb. The Fog Pro doesn't require stirring, in fact you can even vape small chunks of herb and will even work without a completely full oven unlike conduction vapes that must always be completely full. Convection heating is much more instant and powerful. Convection vapes can give you a bit of a dry throat (being hot air) but we found the Fog Pro wasn't a problem.

It is a very nice vape to use, we have tested the Fog Pro extensively and we found it was a diamond in the rough, every now and then we find a cheaper vape that performs like an expensive one, this is one of those vapes! Don't be fooled by the lower price, this one regardless of it's price belongs on the top shelf with Pax, DaVinci, Healthy Rips and more. It impressed us and we have tested a huge amount of vaporizers.

Rechargeable – Removable 18650 Battery.

XVAPE Fog Pro 18650 Vaporizer Batteries NZ
A charging vaporizer is a vaporizer that cannot be used, and down time is wasted time. The XVape Fog Pro convection vape solves that problem with a removable 18650mAh Samsung battery. Vaping and running low on power? Just swap out one rechargeable battery for another and you’re back up and running in seconds. Better yet, the batteries are small, easy to carry in pocket or purse, and convenient. Don’t let a lack of power keep you from your dry herb or concentrate. Buying an external battery charger will allow you to charge your spare battery while you are using your vape. We also sell dual chargers so you can charge both of your 18650 batteries at once, if you have a spare battery. Or you can charge them one a time in the vaporizer.


  • True convection technology.
  • Full digital control temperatures.
  • Zirconia Jewelry-grade mouthpiece.
  • Durable and Sleek Anodized Aluminum Body.
  • Magnetic top for easy access.
  • Less than 10 second heat-up time.
  • Temperature Range (212°F – 428°F).
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery with USB-C Fast Charger.
  • Includes concentrate cup for 2-in-1 use.
  • Size: 4,4 × 2,6 × 10,0 cm.
  • Weight: 159 g.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


All XVape Fog Pro vaporizers sold by Helenskinz, an authorized distributor of XVape, are completely authentic and backed by a 1-year warranty on the device and a 6-month warranty on the battery.

In the Box.

  • XVape Fog Pro vaporizer.
  • USB-C cable.
  • Wax cup.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • O-rings (2).
  • Cotton swabs (3).
  • Alcohol wipes (4).
  • Instruction manual. 

XVAPE Fog Pro Vaporizer NZ

 Helenskinz NZ

Buy Spare Mouthpiece Filter Screens Here.
Xvape Fog Pro Mouthpiece Filter Screens NZ

Helenskinz NZ

Check out some Videos of the Original FOG Vape.

The Fog Pro is so new we are having trouble finding any new videos that aren't the original Fog Vape. Seeing the original Fog Vape will give you a very good idea of what the size is like and the functions & accessories. The Fog Pro we are selling on this page is a newer advanced model and the latest XVAPE Vape with the new OLED Display.

Fog Vape Video

Original Fog Vape NZ

Helenskinz NZ

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