Whip Kit for Haze DUO & All Vaporizer Bongs

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Helenskinz Water Tools for Vaping NZWhip Kit for Haze DUO & All Vaporizer Bongs.

Use as a Bong Whip on any Bong or use as a Whip Adapter to connect your Mighty+ & Crafty+ type Vape to a Bong!

Replace your dirty old Bong Whip with a brand new one or buy one to connect your Mighty+ or any other vape with a Swivel Mouthpiece to your Bong. Both uses of this Whip Kit are explained below.

Whip Kits for a 14mm Bong NZThis Whip Kit is designed for anyone wanting a Whip for a 14mm Bong or to simply replace the old whip on your 14mm Bong. They do tend to get quite colored and dirty looking after a while and are impossible to clean once stained. It is possible to use "Colored Tubing" as well to hide the dirt but it is often smelly, sticky and made of vinyl and is nowhere as nice to use as this high quality clear soft silicone tubing we use.

Silicone & Glass Whip Kits for a 14mm Bong NZ

We have 3 different Whips that we make in house. Select either Clear, Ocean Blue or Sunrise Pink. They all fit our Haze DUO Bong or any other 14mm Bong. They come as a complete assembled kit so you can decide what to do with it yourself, you can very easily shorten it too if you wish, 50cm is quite long so there is room to adjust.

Whips for a 14mm Bong NZThe Colored Whip Kits come with matching colored Glass Stoppers for your Bong, 1x 10mm and 1x 14mm. The Clear Whip does not come with Glass Stoppers. The Ocean Blue and Sunrise Pink Kits are identical to the Whips that come with our Haze DUO Bong. You can check out our Haze DUO Bong here.

Silicone & Glass Whip Kits for a 14mm Bong NZ

What else can I do with this Whip?

This Whip can also be used as an adapter. This Water Pipe Adapter mates your "Swivel Mouthpiece Vape" like a Mighty+ to any glass water piece with a 14mm female connection. Attach it to the swivel mouthpiece on your vape by sliding the silicone tubing over your swivel mouthpiece (see images), drop the other end of the whip into your glass piece or bubbler, and set your vape down next to it. This adapter fits the Mighty+ and Crafty+, Fog Pro and any other swivel mouthpiece vaporizer. The whip is long for a reason, you can adjust the length once you see how it all connects by shortening the silicon hose. Simply cut it and reattach the glass adapter, or do the other end.Whip Adapter for Mighty+ to Bong NZ

Package Includes.

  • 1x Whip Kit - Select a color.

Each kit consists of:

  • 1x Glass Mouthpiece - (Glass tube)
  • 1x 50cm of High-Temp Clear Silicone Tubing
  • 1x Glass L Adapter (elbow shaped) 14mm with frosted glass
  • 1x Plastic Retainer Clip - Colored (to hold whip in place on Bong)
  • 1x Colored Glass Stopper 10mm - (Colored Kits Only) Blue or Pink
  • 1x Colored Glass Stopper 14mm - (Colored Kits Only) Blue or Pink

Ocean Blue Whip Kit for Bong - Helenskinz NZWhip Kits for Haze DUO 14mm Bong NZ

How do I clean the Whip?

We find the best way to clean your Whip is to simply soak it in warm water with dish soap and run a bit of diluted ISO Alcohol through it as well if quite dirty. To dry, hold the Glass Adapter in your hand and spin the whip around in a loop a number of times to fling any moisture out of the tubing. You can now put it back on your Bong, you are ready to roll!

To clean your Bong you will want to use something like our Randy's Black Label Glass Cleaner which is one of the most outstanding products we sell, it is the greatest cleaner ever!

What's with the Clip?

The Bong Retainer Clips are a great invention! If using your whip and bong without a retainer clip your glass adapter on the whip end can easily pop out which isn't great. The clips are designed to secure your whip nicely to your bong, they work really well and fit most bongs and joints. Some bongs and fittings can be tight but if it's 14mm it should snap on. It fits the Haze DUO bong perfectly.

Blue Glass Whip Adapter on the Haze DUO Bong NZ
Bong retainer clips NZ

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