ISO-Snaps Alcohol Filled Cotton Buds - Q-Tips for Cleaning Vapes NZ

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ISO Filled Cotton Buds NZ

Alcohol Filled ISO-Snaps, Q-Tips - Cotton Buds for Cleaning Vapes on the Go NZ!

ISO-Snaps ISO Alcohol Filled Cotton Buds for cleaning Vapes NZ

The handiest little vape hack ever! These ISO filled Cotton Buds are perfect for cleaning dirty herbal vapes in the Great Outdoors!

Perfect for keeping your herbal vaporizer clean and fresh while out and about. Not many people would carry a bottle of ISO with them on outings. There is now no need! Made with high quality organic cotton. Once the seal is broken, the tip is snapped and the ISO floods into the opposing cotton tip you can start cleaning. 75% ISO is ideal for vape cleaning, some ISO is 50% which is getting quite weak. 75% is also safer when cleaning expensive vapes with various different surfaces, it's strong enough to melt away your build-up but not so strong that it could damage some surfaces. Use a fresh damp ISO Alcohol ISO-Snap for cleaning airways, mouthpieces and ovens in all Herbal Vapes.

ISO-SNAP alcohol cotton buds vape cleaning instructions NZThese are great for cleaning vapes like the DynaVap VapCap, Pax 2, Pax 3, DaVinci IQ2 & IQC, Storz & Bickel Crafty+, Mighty+ and many more vapes we currently sell. These are ideal for the job and great for all dirty vapes not to mention computer keyboards, TV remotes and even wounds during first aid.

Sealed ISO-Snap Alcohol Cleaning Cotton Buds NZ

The reason we import and sell these ISO-SNAP Q-Tips is because they make cleaning your vape so much easier when on outings, we discovered them online a few years back and now use nothing but them to clean all our dirty vapes. They are especially good to have when out for the day. Pop a few into your vape case so if you combust while out or simply want to freshen up your airway and oven before a refill of the oven you have the tools for the job. Normally that would involve a bottle of ISO Alcohol and some Cotton Buds, when back at your residence. Great for DynaVap Vapes!


  • High quality organic cotton tips.
  • Ideal and effective for cleaning your vape on the go or at home.
  • 75% Medical Isopropyl Alcohol which is perfect for vape cleaning.
  • Alcohol Content: 0.5ml per stick.
  • Material: Plastic & Cotton.
  • Size: 8x0.5cm.
  • Color: Clear.
  • Quantity: 10 Individually Sealed Packs. (10x ISO-Snaps).

Package Includes.

  • 1x 10 Pack = 10 Sealed ISO-Snap Buds. (If you want 50, select 5 units).
1x 10 Pack = 10 Sealed ISO Buds.


Break the seal at the tip with the Blue Line while holding the stick vertically blue line up. The ISO Alcohol will instantly drain from the stem into the opposite tip making it wet with 75% ISO Alcohol from the ISO filled stem. Clean your vaporizer as you normally would. These buds are great to put in your vaping case so if you for example had a combustion in your Pax or your DynaVap vape you can quickly and properly remove the soot and burnt build up because you don't only have a cotton bud but a bud soaked with 75% ISO so it's just like using a cotton bud and a bottle of ISO at home. It's now becoming a popular accessory in many vape kits like Dr Dabber ISO-Snaps and many more. The crew at Helenskinz think they are the greatest thing since Vogels bread was invented! :-)

ISO-SNAP alcohol cotton buds instructions on use NZ

ISO-Snap Alcohol Cleaning Q-Tips for Vapes NZ

ISO-Snap 75% ISO Alcohol Cleaning Cotton Buds NZ

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