Bamboo Stick Cotton Buds for Cleaning Herbal Vapes NZ

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Cotton Buds for Cleaning Herbal Vapes NZECO Friendly Bamboo Stick Cotton Buds for Cleaning Herbal Vapes NZ.

ECO Friendly NZ

Small ECO Friendly Buds for tight spots!

Perfect for keeping your herbal vaporizer clean and fresh while doing your regular vape cleanup. 100% natural and Earth friendly Materials. Made with high quality organic cotton with a ribbed tip on one end and a regular tip on the other or regular shaped on both ends. Great to soak in ISO Alcohol for cleaning airways and ovens in Herbal Vapes. These are great for cleaning vapes like the DynaVap VapCap, nice small buds that fit inside the airway, many regular Cotton Buds don't, you need to squeeze them first. These are ideal for the job and great for all dirty vapes. The strong wooden stem allows you to apply pressure without the Cotton Bud breaking (to a certain degree) which makes all the difference when trying to shift stubborn oily build up. The only reason we chose to import and sell these Q-Tips is because they make cleaning your vape so much easier, we discovered them by chance and now use nothing but them to clean all vapes.

Ribbed Bamboo Stick Cotton Buds for Cleaning Herbal Vapes NZ

Package Contains.

  • 200x Cotton Buds in Box.
  • Regular or Ribbed Buds - Blue.

Ribbed on one end Buds.

200x Cotton Buds in Box for cleaning Vaporizers NZ ECO Friendly 200x Vape Cleaning Cotton Buds in Box NZRegular Buds.

Regular Cotton Buds - Blue NZ  ECO Friendly 200x Vape Cleaning Cotton Buds in Box NZ

200x Cotton Buds in Box NZ Vape Cleaning

Organic Cotton Buds NZISO Alcohol is the best solution for the job! You can use 70-99% ISO on vapes, just be careful you don't get any ISO into your electrics. Also be careful with the stronger ISO on your rubber coated vapes, test before you do too much. You can buy ISO Alcohol at your local Chemist / Pharmacy, make sure you check out what strength it is. JayCar NZ have cheap spray bottles of 99.9% ISO and it's great stuff. The Chemist Warehouse NZ has ISOCOL in green spray bottles, also small 75ml handy ones. It's about 50-70% and seems like it's strong enough but has water in it, you can tell when you spray onto a tissue, the 99.9% doesn't feel like wet paper compared to the 50% ISO.

Check out our VIPES ISO Wipes, imported from the UK.

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