OLD FOX - Luxury Pure Cotton Pipe Cleaners for Vapes - 100 Pack NZ

Size: Old Fox Pipe Cleaners - 100 Pack
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Vaping & Infusion Accessories NZ
OLD FOX - Luxury Pure Cotton Pipe Cleaners for Vapes NZ.

100 Pack of High Quality Pipe Cleaners.


  • Suitable For: Cleaning Stems, Airways, DynaVap Pens, all Vapes.
  • Material: Pure Cotton + Metal.
  • Length: 147mm/5.79in.
  • Color: White.
  • Quantity: 100 PC.

Package Contains:

  • 1x Pack of 100 Luxury Pipe Cleaners.

OLD FOX - Luxury Pure Cotton Pipe Cleaners NZ - 100 Pack

100 Pack of Pure Cotton Old Fox Pipe Cleaners NZ

We have been using these Pure Cotton Pipe Cleaners to clean all vapes for a while now, the ones from the Dollar Stores in NZ are not great so we set about getting some decent ones. At the end of the day they are just Pipe Cleaners but really decent ones which makes all the difference when cleaning your dirty Vapes and Stems. They are ideal for the job! They have more rigidity than your regular decorative pipe cleaners often used by kids as a toy. These are rigid enough to pop the screen on a Pax 3 which is how we test whether they are decent ones or junk for cleaning our vapes. They are also nice and absorbent so you can dip them into ISO or spray them with ISO from a bottle (like ISOCOL at Chemist Warehouse NZ).
OLD FOX Luxury Pure Cotton Pipe Cleaners NZ - 100 Pack

What's the Best Solution to use with Pipe Cleaners?

ISO Alcohol is the best solution for the job! You can use 70-99% ISO on vapes, just be careful you don't get any ISO into your electrics. Also be careful with the stronger ISO on your rubber coated vapes, test before you do too much. You can buy ISO Alcohol at your local Chemist / Pharmacy, make sure you check out what strength it is. JayCar NZ have cheap spray bottles of 99.9% ISO and it's great stuff. The Chemist Warehouse NZ has ISOCOL in green spray bottles, also small 75ml handy ones. It's about 50-70% and seems like it's strong enough but has water in it (and a light perfume but it hasn't been a problem), you can tell when you spray onto a tissue, the 99.9% doesn't feel like wet paper compared to the 50% ISO that is soggy!

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