Randys Black Label Glass, Metal, Ceramic Bong Cleaner NZ

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Randy's Cleaning Products NZ - Glass Bong Cleaner

Randy's Black Label Glass, Metal, Ceramic Bong & Bubbler Cleaner, 177ml & 355ml NZ.


When a brand as well known in the industry as Randy's, puts their name to a bong cleaning product, you pay attention. And you won't be sorry that you did. It does what it promises to do. Excellent for use on glass, metal & ceramics. Featuring granulated particles to loosen the grime, and get into the intricate bits your brushes can't reach, this alcohol based cleaner will take your bubbler, bong, pipes etc from gunky to gleaming in just a minute or two.


Pour it in, plug it up, shake it around, tip it out and rinse. Done.

  • Minimal effort
  • No scrubbing 
  • Proven & Tested extensively by Helenskinz. You can easily make an old dirty Water Bubbler like our VapeTube 10 & VapeTube look like new in less than 2 minutes. Only use about 3-4 cap fulls and shake it up for a minute or so, the minute granules need to clean the surface so shake it up! Rinse well and fill with fresh water and you are done. Honestly, this stuff is unreal!!

Randy's Black Label Cleaner Video.

Randy’s has been providing the world with highly innovative products since 1975. Randy’s was started just like any other great brand – by a couple of friends with a bright idea – and their popular wired rolling papers was the brand’s first product.

San Francisco, 1975 – When It All Began!

Randy's Black Label NZ
Randy's Black Label Glass Cleaner Helenskinz NZ

Package Includes.

  • 1x 177ml or 355ml Bottle of Randy's Black Label Cleaner.

Randy's Black Label Glass Cleaner NZ

Randy’s Black Label Cleaner.

This popular power cleaner shows no mercy when it comes to effortlessly removing stubborn resin and dirt from your smoking & vaping utensils. Safe to use on ceramic, glass, and metal, this easy-to-use alcohol-based cleaner can transform your manky bong into a bong even your mother would be proud of, all in just two minutes! No more worrying about those hard-to-reach places and endless scrubbing, Randy’s Black Label Cleaner will do all the work for you. Simply pour, shake it up and rinse – your beloved bong will be good as new!

Works great for cleaning Bubblers, just a couple of caps of Randy's Black Label Cleaner, warm water and a minute of shaking will clean your Bubbler very well. You can finish off with some ISO Alcohol and water to flush but it's not often required, Randy's solution does an amazing job of cleaning all filthy glassware. Try it and you won't be without it again, it's an essential part of anyone's vaping quiver.

We Tested It!

We tested it when the stock first arrived from the US and we found it just incredible with a quick squirt from the nozzle into a dirty bubbler. It has this weird heavy sand like substance that piled up on the inside of the bubbler, it even felt just as weird. It appears to be the granulated particles that are abrasive so when you shake the ISO Alcohol Cleaning Solution it cleans the inside of your bubbler in every nook and cranny. We added a bit of hot water and kept shaking it like a demon for about a minute or 2.

Then it was fully rinsed with smoking hot tap water and refilled with filtered water. It honestly looks identical to the brand new ones in our stock, very impressed! Easy to use, a bottle will last for months, this is by far the best glass cleaner we have used and we have tried lots. The videos we watched prior to buying and stocking this product are completely true, we just had to try it ourselves to really see how good it is. We will definitely use this product ourselves, the results are outstanding and because it's blue it's even more exciting to use! Highly recommended, top notch!!

4 Bottles RANDY’S BLACK LABEL GLASS CLEANER 355ml NZClick to enlarge image.

Randy's Black Label Cleaner NZ Helenskinz Bubblers

Randy's Black Label Cleaner NZ - Videos.

Click to View the YouTube Videos, it is probably the best comparison videos you will find with a test of all the popular glass bong cleaning products available. Randy's Black Label wins hands down, we highly recommend you watch this video below. It will take you to YouTube as it is a restricted video that can't be embedded here. Check it out, it certainly demonstrates how good Randy's Bong Cleaner is compared to all the other top Glass Cleaners. Randy's simply rules!
Randy's Black Label Cleaner Demonstration Video Helenskinz NZ

Randy's Video Bllack Label Cleaner NZ

Randy's Bong Cleaner NZ


  • Extremely flammable.
  • Eye irritant.
  • May be harmful if swallowed.

Vapor is flammable. Keep away from open flames and other sources of ignition. Use in a well ventilated area. IF IN EYES rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. IF SWALLOWED, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Drink several sips of water and contact a physician or call the National Poisons Center.

Buy a Water Bubbler.

The VapeTube 10 is best for DynaVap being 10mm and the VapeTube 14 is perfect to use with the Delta 3D 14mm Water Tool Adapters (on this page) connected to your Pax, DaVinci, Mighty, Crafty+ etc.

VapeTube 10 Water Bubbler Tool 10mm for DynaVap NZ  VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler Tool 14mm for Mighty, Pax, IQ2 NZ


Helenskinz Water Tools for Vaping NZ

Haze DUO Vaporizer Bong NZ - Helenskinz

Haze DUO Vaporizer Bong NZ
Using Randy's Cleaner you can easily make your bong look like this above.
It is simply the greatest product, one of our all time favorites that we use often!


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Got Brushes?

If you don't have any small brushes grab some of these, they are perfect for cleaning your DynaVap Stems, Glass Stems and more. We have 3 different colors/types, covered with ISO these brushes are ideal for bringing life back to those dirty stems you have sitting about. Pink is soft and White and Black have stiffer bristles.Stem & Vape Cleaning Brushes NZClick To View Brushes.
They are the perfect size for cleaning Stems, Pipes, Glass...

Cleaning Blue Fire Glass 90 Pro Glass DynaVap Stem with Pink Brush NZ

Using a White Medium Brush to clean a Fire Glass 90 Pro Black Glass Stem NZ

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Holding 5 Stem Cleaning Soft Pink Brushes NZ

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