HydraFoot 14mm Glass Stand for Bubblers & Vaping Water Tools NZ

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Vaping & Infusion Accessories NZ
Glass HydraFoot Stand for Storing Bubblers NZ.

KEEP IT SAFE! The HydraFoot is the perfect compliment to your VapeTube 14 14mm Bubbler.

HydraFoot Stand holding VapeTube 14 14mm Bubbler NZ

Made from beautiful clear Borosilicate Glass with a Frosted male joint for your Water Piece. 

By adding a wider base your VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler is much better balanced and will help prevent you from accidentally knocking your Bubbler over, especially when filled with water. We have seen countless knock overs, fortunately our VapeTube Bubblers are made with thick glass and are pretty tough, knocking it over on your desk probably won't break it but it will make a mess if already filled with water. Watch those keyboards etc! Been there done that and the water destroyed one of our Tablet Keyboards in a split second, it doesn't get more annoying than that.

VapeTube 14 14mm Water Tool Bubbler on HydraFoot NZ

HydraFoot Stand holding VapeTube 14 14mm Bubbler outdoors NZThe HydraFoot is more likely to slide if knocked if on a desktop type surface. If sitting on a grippy surface like some rubber matting, it will obviously still get knocked over so be careful where you place your Bubbler and HydraFoot Water Tool Stand.

VapeTube 14 14mm Water Tool Bubbler on HydraFoot NZ

The HydraFoot is not limited to 14mm Bubblers, you can store any 14mm water tool or water piece on it, we buy them to support customers who have purchased a 14mm bubbler from us. People use the HydraFoot for all types of Water Pipes, Glass Water Tools and Glass Adapters, it's super handy and one of the first things you wish you had after you start knocking over your Bubbler or expensive Water Pieces, it gets pretty annoying!

Bottom of Glass HydraFoot Stand for Storing Bubblers NZ.
The HydraFoot is crucial for holding your Bubblers in a vertical position when not in use. Made from beautiful clear borosilicate glass with a Frosted male joint.HydraFoot Stand holding VapeTube 14 14mm Bubbler on Desk NZ

Simple, elegant and effective.

The Borosilicate Glass utility stand features a wide stable base with 3 different joint options. It will fit 14mm Bubblers. Easy to clean, versatile and has enough weight to be effective as a stable stand for your water filled bubblers. No more hissy fits over spilled water or broken Bubblers.

Glass HydraFoot Stand for 14mm Bubblers NZ.


  • High Quality, Borosilicate Glass Construction.
  • Holds One VapeTube 14 (14mm) Bubbler Tool.
  • Durable Design.
  • Convenient Storage For Your VapeTube Bubblers.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Glass HydraFoot Stand.

Glass HydraFoot Stands for Storing Bubblers NZ.

 Bubbler not included. Buy Bubbler here.

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