Ceramic Inserts for YLL V2.0 Induction Heater NZ

Color: Ceramic Insert - 8.5mm
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Yllvape NZ

Ceramic Inserts for YLL V2.0 Induction Heater NZ.

Yllvape V2.0 Heater - Ceramic Inserts 8.5mm and 11.5mm.

The YLL V2.0 Heater Kit comes with one standard 11.5mm Insert, one Insert Driver and one Bottom Cover. You can now purchase the 11.5mm Ceramic Insert and the 8.5mm Ceramic Insert separately. The 8.5mm Insert has been popular with DynaVap "Armored Cap" users.

Yllvape Ceramic Inserts for DynaVap NZ

Adjustable Heating Profile.

Fine-tune your vaping session using the tool conveniently located near the battery chamber. Simply adjust the base of the coil to achieve your desired heating profile. YLL induction heater V2.0 is a device that uses electromagnetic induction to heat up a DynaVap vaporizer. When the DynaVap Pen is placed into the induction heater it triggers a sensor that activates a magnetic field automatically. This magnetic field then induces an electrical current in a metal coil inside the heater, which generates heat. Screw the heating base UP or DOWN to adjust the Dynavap heating profile using the tool provided in battery compartment.

Yllvape Ceramic Inserts NZ

Note: You can leave this alone, you don't have to touch it at all if you'd rather not.

Yllvape Induction Heater NZ
DynaVap Armored Caps NZ
Inside of Yllvape V2.0 Heater NZ

Replacement Ceramic Inserts for the YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater.

For DynaVap Pen, VapCap use.

Raising and lowering the heating coil will change how the pen is heated and when your cap clicks, you just need to find the sweet spot but most people won't adjust this as it is well tuned on arrival. (More on this below). The small screwdriver tool sits on a magnetic section within the battery compartment as seen above, "top left of the device".

Adjusting the coil on the YLL IH V2.0 NZ

Sizes available.

  • 8.5mm Height (Best for Armored Cap)
  • 11.5mm Height (Standard size)

Compatible with.

  • YLLVAPE YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater for DynaVap.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Ceramic Insert (Pick a size).
Ceramic Inserts for YLL V2.0 Induction Heater NZ

YLLVAPE V2.0 Induction Heater New Zealand.

Now that the DynaTec/DynaVap Orion V2 is discontinued there are few options in this part of the world when it comes to DynaVap Induction Heaters. At the time of writing this, March 2024, we only have 2 Induction Heater options, The Ispire Wand or the Yllvape V2.0. Check out The Wand here if you want to compare. The new V2.0 YLL Heater is a very good heater, very simple to use and very adaptable. If you want to mod it you can, it fits Armored Caps unlike the Orion V2. The greatest part is the removable batteries and the ability to change the power output of the device. It's a great device and like night and day compared to version 1.0. This ones a cracker!

BUY YLLVAPE V2.0 INDUCTION HEATER NZThe B Vaporizer by DynaVap Vaporizer Pen on Yllvape IH V2.0 NZ

Yllvape NZ


Suitable Battery Options for the YLL V2.0 Heater.
EVE INR18650-25P 2500mAh - 30A

Yllvape Decapper & Stand for All DynaVap Caps NZ

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