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DynaVap M PLUS Vape NZ - Helenskinz NZDynaVap 2023 M+ Dry Herb Vaporizers NZ.
New Nebulum & Quantium Colored M+ Pens!

Conduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils  DynaVap NZ


See down page for info on 2023 M+ Starter Kits, we let YOU build your own kit and get a discount in the process. Just add a pen to the cart and you will see a pop-up window with discounted related items to add. It's a one time offer when you make a purchase. You must add the Pen to the Cart first! This activates the pop-up window with the best add-ons.

The essential items you need to make up your custom Starter Kit:

  • DynaVap 2023 M+ Pen (Stainless Steel Silver, Titanium Grey or Titanium Blue).
  • Torch Lighter or Induction Heater
  • Herb Grinder

Blue Nebulum DynaVap Pen NZ
* Please note
that most DynaVap Official Marketing Photographs supplied to us show the Nebulum as being mainly a Purple/Pink color. Now that we have them in stock in Auckland, NZ we can take more images and show you what they look like, they really are what we call, Blue! There's a slight pinky tone in places but the pen itself is a beautiful dark purpley/blue color. Being smooth it really shows off the color well. The Blue Pen above is pretty much how it looks in real life, dark blue/purple with a tinge of pink.

Colored DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer NZ

We now have the new Bonger water adapter, Armored Caps and a few more goodies, all found here.

The DynaVapM” is the most popular battery-free dry herb vaporizer DynaVap make. Having no electronic parts and a stainless steel construction, this portable vaporizer gives you the freedom to use your device practically anywhere and anytime as a pen or with a water piece. The "M" provides a range of experiences from microdosing to complete extraction.

Nebulum, Quantium & Silver DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizers NZ
DynaVap 2023 M Plus NZ
DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Pen on fence NZ

Designed to be used with dry herb or concentrates (DynaCoil adapter sold separately for concentrates), the “M” herbal vaporizer is more dynamic than smoking due to the thermal extraction of your material. You will stretch your herb supply and your wallet contents. This product provides a distinct vaping experience that retains the sought after smoking rituals. If you want to save herb when your supply is getting low the best vape to use is DynaVap, you will find you can achieve the same results with less herb, nobody can really explain why but try it for yourself, it's pretty unreal, we agree completely!

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Pen Kit NZ
DynaVap 2023 M+ Vape NZ

DynaVaps Latest Vaporizer, 2023. The M Plus.

The latest iteration of DynaVap's flagship "M" dry herb vaporizer. The "M" Plus™ introduces the first finless tip for quick heat up times, and a more pronounced airport for easier airflow control. The "M" Plus™ is made of medical grade stainless steel and includes the signature, temperature-indicating Captive Cap that clicks in the traditional way.DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Finless Tip NZ

New Colored
2023 M+ DynaVap Textured & Smooth Pens now available!

Nebulum and Quantium.

Please select your preferred color in the selection box, Stock Silver is your standard 2023 M+ Pen with the Rough Texture finish. The new colored DynaVap 2023 M+ Pens are quite different as far as the surface is concerned. They are not finished in the same Rough Texture as the stock pen, check out the images in the gallery above. The purple Nebulum is smooth and the grey Quantium is textured and they are both made with Titanium not Stainless Steel.
Colored Pens due in NZ - late Nov, 2023. Please use our "Notify Me When In Stock" button to get a reminder when they arrive.

DynaVap 2023 M+ Colored Nebulum & Quantium Vape Pens NZ
The Titaniu"M" Fall Colors are here with a few special twists! For the first time ever, The "M" is made of titanium and features the smooth Classic Stem design. The second twist is that this year's colors are the result of a surface treatment that DynaVap has developed. This process makes the titanium more durable and scratch resistant. There 2 different new pens, textured or smooth!
  • Titaniu"M": NebuluM
    A unique coloration that could rival a Nebula - the Titaniu"M": NebuluM has a base of purple and includes blue and violet hues throughout. Colored, but not textured.
  • Titaniu"M": QuantiuM
    The shine and luster of this beautiful Titaniu"M": QuantiuM comes from a unique texture and treatment of the titanium. Colored and textured.
Tips and Stems are uniformly engraved.

Nebulum DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer NZ
DynaVap Nebulum Pen NZ
Yllvape Heater V2.0 with Quantium DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer NZ

STOCK SILVER - Our Top Selling Vaporizer in 2023!

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Pen NZ

An upgraded DynaVap M Vape. The Large Finless Tip Rocks!

The DynaVap M+ dry herb vaporizer sees upgrades to its fin, body, and airport design for a familiar, but stronger experience. Its updated, finless design places more mass at the base for higher heat retention and deeper herbal extraction. We weren’t sure how DynaVap could take their flagship vaporizer to the next level but their latest DynaVap M+ vaporizer pen does exactly that. We love the grip on the new pen and the large airport, not to mention the slightly larger oven.

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Components NZ


  • First finless tip with heat indication markers- experience the power of the new tip design that provides faster heat up.
  • Tip is 15% larger by volume compared to previous "M" model.
  • Capable of near complete extractions in a single heat cycle.
  • Made entirely in the USA from medical grade stainless steel.
  • Square airport - provides easier identification for total airflow control.
  • Adjust-a-bowl feature allows you to adjust the size of the chamber to your needs.
  • “Pivot” style Rocker for seamless manual airflow control.
  • Enhanced grip with a robust tactile, textured finish.
  • Dosing chamber which can function as a built-in grinder using the new sharper edge of the tip.
  • Tapered mouthpiece fits snugly in 10mm female water piece openings.

Included in package.

  • 1x DynaVap 2023 M Plus Pen - Stock Silver (Includes Tip, Cap, Stem & Condenser).
  • Or, select a Colored DynaVap 2023 M+ (complete) Pen - Nebulum or Quantium (Nov 2023 release). Please note: there's a price difference between the Stock Silver & Colored Titanium Pens.
DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Packet NZ

One of the most prominent features of the DynaVap M+ are the heat indication markers on the tip. These can be heated in order to transfer much more heat into your tip, allowing complete extraction in as little as a single heat cycle. This allows you to customize your M+ experience, heating the Captive Cap as you would with a regular DynaVap device, or heating the markers on the tip to get a fast and heavy hitting complete extraction. This is new and is one of the cool things about the new finless tips.

Be sure to watch the videos provided on this page to learn more about heating the new DynaVap Finless Tips. It can be heated on the tip or the cap which is different to your regular DynaVap tips/pens.

Heating the Finless Tip on the 2023 M Plus DynaVap pen NZ

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Captive Cap NZ

2023 Dynavap M Plus Differences Explained & Demonstrated - IN TWO M+ MINUTES
Vaporize even more with the DynaVap M Plus vaporizer. This latest DynaVap packs the biggest punch with an oven that’s 12%-15% larger than previous M models.DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Oven NZ

New Dynavap 2023 M Plus from Vapefiend on Vimeo.

The M+ vape packs a mean punch whether you’re going for light and tasty or thick and dense. Heat near the top for lighter, tastier hits or, like we mention above, heat near the bottom for full, potent extractions.

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vape NZ
Just like previous iterations of the DynaVap M, the M+ updates its aesthetics with an edgier striped finish to its body and a square airport. Every twist and turn catches light at every angle and its rigid stripes are smooth yet extremely tactile. You can tell DynaVap put a lot of thought into this one. Decent grip while turning your pen is simple as the texture just works! It works even better with one of our GyraFlows.

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Tactile Finish NZ

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Engraving of Logo NZ

DynaVap M+ Vape Pen in hemp case NZBuy DynaVap Hemp Shield Zipper Cases, small and large, DYNAVAP CASES. The large DynaVap Hemp Shield Cases are perfect for the Mighty+ Vaporizer, see page for images.

The DynaVap M+ comes with their signature “adjust-a-bowl” that shrinks it’s bowl size down by half. Just remove the tip, push the CCD screen up to the next slot and it’s ready for your smaller loads. A bit like The B Vaporizer that has a fixed smaller oven, the extraction with the smaller oven is incredible due to the fact that there is less herb to penetrate resulting in all of your herb being extracted with ease. It won't last as long but the difference is worth the extra loading required if running with a smaller oven.

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Capped NZ
The M+’s powerful, efficient on-demand heat and microdose capabilities will help you stretch your stash! Extract everything in one or two hits with the screen set to reduce the oven size! Or use the large oven to enjoy several long draws from one load.

DynaVap vaporizers work best with a small butane torch lighter, but will technically work with any heat source. Don’t worry about battery life. Recharging is as simple as a quick refill from a can of butane.

For optimum flavor & performance, we recommend one of our excellent Butane Torches for VapCaps or an Induction Heater like The Wand or the DynaTec Orion V2, we stock them all in Auckland, NZ.

Still one of The Best Value Vapes in the World!

The DynaVap M has earned its stripes through six years of iconic, quality vapor delivery and even with all of the upgrades, the M Plus is still arguably the best value vaporizer on the market. You can bring it anywhere, hit it through water, and puff huge clouds all day with incredible performance and a bottom-line friendly price point.

DynaVap 2023 M Plus, VonG (i) & B Vaporizer Neon NZ

2023 DynaVap M Plus Starter Kits.

Do we offer a DynaVap M+ Starter Kit? Yes & No, what we highly recommend you do is add the DynaVap M Plus to the Cart "first" and you will see a pop up window appear offering you related parts and accessories at a discount so you can build your own starter kit with exactly what YOU want in your kit. You will save money doing this like you would if you purchased a Starter Kit. We like our customers to have full control of what goes into the cart!


The DynaVap M+ is built to last a lifetime, and rare warranty issues are taken case by case.

Will fit in standard size DynaStashes or SlimStashes. Compatible with the DynaCoil.

Comes in boxed packaging that is recyclable.

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vaporizer Box NZ

DynaVap 2023 M Plus Vape Pen NZ

What DynaVap Product is right for you?

Whether you're looking for some general information on how our devices work or you're wondering what setup is right for you, you're in the right place.

DynaVap's core mission is to eliminate combustion and, as an alternative, promote thermal extraction of dry herb materials. DynaVap offer a few different lines of VapCaps, also known as vaporizers, and parts/mods to offer a variety of functionality and specialization in your use of DynaVap products.All DynaVap Pens

To find out what device may best suit you, please click here to visit DynaVap USA.

Customize Your DynaVap Pen with a new Tip or Cap!

All DynaVap Tips & Caps.

Stainless Steel Tip for DynaVap NZ   DynaVap 2020 Titanium Tip for DynaVap VapCap Pens NZ   DynaVap OMNI Titanium Tip NZ  Dynavap The B Vaporizer Finless Tip NZ   2023 DynaVap M+ Finless Tip NZ

Captive Cap for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ    Low Temp Captive Cap for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ   The Armored Cap by DynaVap NZ

Portable Induction Heaters for DynaVap NZ.

The Wand by Ispire Induction Heater with new 2021 M Verdium NZ
Verdium 2021 M DynaVap Pen in The Wand Induction Heater NZ.

The Wand by Ispire NZThe New DYADP DynaVap Inserts for The Wand.

DYADP DynaVap adapter kits for The Wand induction heater NZ

DYADP The Wand DynaVap Adapter Kit by Ispire NZDYADP Passthrough Cup The Wand DynaVap Adapter Kit by Ispire NZ

Induction Heater Options for DynaVap NZ


The Wand by Ispire NZ

THE WAND by Ispire, Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap.
Precise temperature control for the perfect hit every time! Compatible with DynaVap VapCap Pens. Heat your DynaVap Tip with the safest and most precise temperature control ever. We have come a long way from rubbing 2 sticks together, The Wand induction heater is a fully portable device powered by 2 removable 18650 batteries so you can even pack spares when on extended missions. You can also use an external fast charger to charge your batteries if you prefer, the beauty of removable batteries! DYADP Adapter Insert available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! NOW available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! Tripods also in stock NZ.

Yllvape Induction Heater V2.0 NZ

YLLVAPE YLL-IH V2.0 "2nd Gen" for DynaVap, a torch-less heating solution that offers superior performance, portability, adjustable wattage control, and user-friendly operation. Elevate your DynaVap experience with this compact and innovative device. You can now head for the hills with this device and vape all day long, you may need spare batteries which is an option with this model, just open the back and swap out the 2x 18650 batteries inside. Batts not included. All new, released Oct 2023. In stock NZ.

Our Haze DUO Bong & VapeTube 10 Water Bubbler for DynaVap.

The DynaVap 2023 M Plus has a tapered mouthpiece that fits 10mm water pieces, no adapter required. All VapCap Pens fit straight into the 10mm frosted receptor. The 2021 VONG also fits into the VapeTube 10 Bubbler. They are the greatest bubblers, tough, very efficient at cooling and perfect for all DynaVap Pens. Check out our new Custom designed/made to order Dual Joint Water Bong for All Vapes. You can even vape 2 vapes at once if you wish to!
VapeTube 10 10mm Water Bubbler for DynaVap VapCap Pens NZ
VapeTube 10 Water Tool Bubbler for DaVinci Vaporizer NZ
HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong - Full H2O Vaping Kit NZ

Haze DUO Bong NZ - Helenskinz Vaporizer Shop

Haze DUO Bong NZ with BB3 & 2023 M+ Finless Tip - Helenskinz Vaporizer ShopDiscrete and Powerful! The VapCap is one of the best performing vapes we have ever seen. Thermal Extraction at it's finest. The DynaVap M Plus VapCap NZ is a little masterpiece, if you don't want to mess about waiting for your electronic vape to heat up you will love the DynaVap VapCap M+ Vape, it's ability to extract is outstanding!

DynaVap - How to useSuper easy and very effective the DynaVap M+ packs a punch once you "Get the Knack"! It's not hard and it's fun! This latest model allows no battery conduction vaping at it's finest. You only need your pen, some herb and a heat source, typically a 1-4 flame butane windproof torch lighter. Anything will work including your stove element but for best results you will want to heat the DynaVap VapCap M+ with a decent torch lighter like our Blaze or Flintstoner Torch Lighters. Heat, wait for the Clicks and Vape It! If you are confused already, that's fine, it does appear to be very similar to a pipe but the DynaVap Pen is a true conduction vaporizer and produces vapor when you heat the Cap. You must roll the pen over the flame for about 5-10 seconds until you hear the VapCap click, usually twice or 2 clicks at once, when you hear the click you can draw on the device using the Air Ports on top with your finger or thumb, rolling the pen and either exposing or covering the air ports to find that perfect flow and ideal resistance. Repeat until satisfied! We find the best method is to completely block the M Plus airport, take a long slow draw until you hear the Cool Down Click and release the airport while still drawing for about a second. You should get excellent results if you try this method. Remember if it takes like smoke, you have combusted/over-heated your herb. It's a very fine line between vaporization and combustion. You need to heat it as much as possible without combusting, that's why the Cap is set to click, it's saying you have reached the fine line and to stop the heating immediately! The trick is to find that sweet spot, you will get the most action and vapor if you can heat your pen almost to the point of combustion but just short of it, this way you will have maximum heat and no smoke, just loads of combustion free vapor.

DynaVap M+ Vape Pen NZThe easiest way to heat your VapCap is to use a Single Torch Lighter, check out our Torch Lighters here. The best lighters are the Windproof Torch Lighters, preferably single flame as often multi flame lighters can be a bit much. We certainly find the single flame more controllable and less likely to combust your material.

Buy Aomai Single Torch Flame Lighters: Blaze & Flintstoner.

Click below to buy a torch lighter. We have tested over 15 different torch lighters from 1 flame to 4 flames and we whittled it down to the 2 best torch lighters, both are single flame because we found all the multi-flame torch lighters were way too hot, too much flame to heat different areas of the cap and they tear through the fuel, 4x the amount of fuel on a quad lighter. The lighters also get extremely hot as they are not designed to burn for extended periods! The single flame torch lighters are fantastic to use on the VapCap Pens, you can heat the lower part of the cap to finish off the oven load and work your way up to the tip so you get your Captive Cap to click. We highly recommend the single flamer which is the opposite to what we thought we needed in the beginning. Food for thought! A reliable lighter is also super important, there's nothing worse than a lighter with a mind of it's own. These lighters are great and always ignite, they are easy to use, easy to fill and they don't get super hot when using for extended periods, we have spent many years using these exact lighters and we are very happy with Aomai as a brand, we have had no complaints to date. The Blaze has to be held ON, and the Flintstoner can sit burning. Both have adjustable flame heights.

Aomai DynaVa Torch Lighters NZ - Helenskinz You really want a lighter like the examples above rather than a hand held gun shaped blow torch, they are a bit too much and if you heat the VapCap too much or too quickly it will quite likely combust and you will be smoking! You want to heat the herb to "Vaporization Temperature", not burn it (combustion happens a second or so after the click so you have to be really careful not to overheat the cap and combust your herb). If you combust it's no big deal, it will taste very strong and you will know instantly that you have combusted so just clear the oven, reload and keep going! You will want to dismantle the pen and clean out the inside of the tip with a cotton bud and ISO when you get a chance as it may taint the flavor of your herb if it's dirty from combusting. It tends to leave behind a dark residue inside the tip, it's very quick to clean, make sure you use Bee's Wax on your rubber O-Rings and turn the 2 pieces of pen as you join them back together, otherwise you will tear an O-Ring and it will need replacing. We recommend buying the DynaVap "DynaKit Basic" which is a kit containing spare O-Rings, Bee's Wax, spare screens and more.

DynaKit Basic Maintenance Kit for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ

Remember vaporization happens just prior to combustion, so it's a very fine line between Vaporization and Combustion, the fact that the VapCap clicks at the correct temperature is a huge help, it even clicks again as it cools down. The thing you really want to concentrate on and get nailed is the heating, it's all about where you heat the cap and for how long. Once you have combusted a few loads you will soon learn that you can continue to heat the lower part of the cap "After the Click" for almost a second, it's that much of a fine line. The first vape on a fresh load often isn't that great but your second one will rip because the pen is fully heated and so is your herb.

GyraFlow Device for perfect spinning of DynaVap VapCap Vaporizer Pens NZ
 VapCap Spinner!

The GyraFlow Device - This simple little device allows you to spin your VapCap Pen like a pro, it's simple, no moving parts and will make spinning your pen during the heating phase very simple. You can enjoy spinning your pen at any speed while holding it rock steady but the real bonus is the location of your spinning fingers! You can spin the pen from the cold end, hold the GyraFlow with your 2 smallest fingers and spin it with your index finger and thumb but right down at the mouthpiece end where things are much cooler. Most DynaVap users will have experienced burnt or very hot fingers while heating the pen, the GyraFlow fixes that instantly. GyraFlow Device for perfect cool spinning of DynaVap VapCap Vaporizer Pens NZ

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DynaVap Downloads NZ
DynaVap USA Website
Check out the DynaVap USA Website - HOW TO USE

A wide selection of helpful videos to watch.

Check out the DynaVap YouTube Channel - DYNAVAP VIDEOS

A great resource, loads of useful DynaVap Videos.

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller of DynaVap products NZ

Helenskinz is an Authorized Reseller
of DynaVap products in New Zealand and Australia. Warranty approved. Helenskinz imports all DynaVap products directly from DynaVap USA.

Click to visit DynaVap USA - Authorized Retailers page.


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