DynaStash for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ

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DynaStash for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ
DynaStash for DynaVap VapCap Pen NZ.

DynaVap VapCap Storage device and the perfect place to stand your HOT VapCap, right on the DynaMag, magnet!

Not essential but is much better with one than without! Most people buy a DynaStash to go with their pen. The DynaStash is very popular, it's not hard to see why. VapCap pens get super hot and when you are done drawing on your pen it's really nice to have somewhere safe to put it. Just stand it up on the DynaMag Magnet and let it cool. In fact, if you are wanting to cool your pen down so it does a couple of cool down clicks the DynaMag is a great place to cool your cap and tip down. Just place it on the magnet and wait a few seconds for the clicks. If you Cap is loose enough the magnet should pull your Cap off which is a great help when it's smoking hot! The DynaStash has more than one use, it is also used for storage, stash away your stash and your pen inside the DynaStash, twist the end cap and you will reveal 2 cavities, one for your ground herb and one for your pen. You can stab your ground herb chamber with your pen tip to fill your oven.

3 DynaStash Fall Colours NZ - Helenskinz

The DynaStash is the perfect companion to hit the road with your DynaVap. Each Dynastash is expertly crafted from select woods and has internal storage compartments for your Vapcap and extra herbs. The top side has the branded Dynavap logo, and a magnet to cool your Vapcap tip between hits, stand the Vapcap upright, or stick the stash to something metal. A stocked Dynastash and a lighter are all you need to vape anywhere!

DynaStash Walnut Cedar & Tigerwood, Helenskinz NZ

DynaVap DynaStash Walnut Cedar & Tigerwood - Helenskinz NZ

The Standard and ER models are 92mm long and hold standard length VapCaps. The ER model includes a silicone concentrate storage container on the top and a pointy titanium tool with internal storage. This is the Standard DynaStash with just the storage and the magnet (DynaMag).

Package Contains:

  • 1x DynaStash (92mm long and will hold all standard length VapCaps).

3 DynaStash colors NZ

Twist open the end of your DynaStash to store your Pen.

Open DynaVap DynaStash Walnut Cedar & Tigerwood - Helenskinz NZ

The DynaStash is super handy for Storage.

You can stash your pen & your botanicals inside the DynaStash device.

DynaStash Storage by DynaVap NZ
The small compartment opposite to where the pen is located above is for storing your ground herb. It's the perfect depth to hold enough for many oven loads and is great for loading your pen, just stab your pen into the herb a few times, level off with your finger and place the Cap back on. We don't recommend trying to force as much as possible into your oven, if you lightly fill the oven there's a much better chance you will be able to draw "through the herb" with the Chiral Air-Ports (the 2 slotted v shaped ports on the 2020 M, the best way to ID the pen model) completely blocked with your finger or thumb. We found this the best way to get maximum amounts of dense thick white juicy vapor! Some people just leave the Chiral Air-Ports alone and just give it heaps with one massive draw. It works and you will inhale a surprising amount of vapor but using the ports is even better once you get some good results, the best way is to keep experimenting.DynaVap DynaStash Walnut Cedar & Tigerwood - Helenskinz NZAlso note that drawing hard on the pen will cool it down faster so your draw may be cut short if the pen cools below vaporization temp too quickly. It will simply stop producing vapor. We found a slow and steady draw with both ports blocked is best, coming back to the lightly packed load or hard packed load it's easy to understand that with both ports blocked you are diverting the airflow directly through your oven (herb) and if it is loosely packed it will be much easier to draw through. Your pen will also cool a lot quicker if you have your Chiral Air-Ports unblocked allowing fresh air to be sucked in through the ports, it then travels forwards toward the Tip/Cap and then it comes back out of the main airway (condenser pipe) to your mouth. This rapidly cools your pen so if you are unblocking your ports at all you should be drawing pretty hard to get the vapor while it's hot enough to produce vapor.3 DynaVap DynaStash Walnut Cedar & Tigerwood - Helenskinz NZ 3 DynaVap DynaStash - Helenskinz NZ3 DynaVap DynaStash Walnut Cedar & Tigerwood - Helenskinz NZ DynaVap Rosium Azurium Phantom 2020 M Pen on DynaStash NZ


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VapCap Vaping Instructions.

For more instructions on how to use the VapCap or Captive Cap please refer to our latest VapCap page, the DynaVap 2021 M - Fall Colors 2021 - 4 Colors to select from.

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