Zeus ARC Pods for the Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer NZ

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Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer Parts NZ  Zeus ARC GT Dry Herb Vape NZ

Zeus ARC Pods for the Zeus ARC GTS Vaporizer NZ.

Zeus ARC Pods New Zealand

Not unlike Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules or DaVinci Dosage Pods, the Zeus Arsenal ARC Pods are fantastic to use and keep your oven nice and clean. Preload these li'll babies and take 3-4 of them out with you, when you are done pop a fresh one in, too easy! The Zeus ARC GT/GTS/GT3 being a Conduction vape works best with a very fine grind, using a 2 piece grinder will suit this vape best, you can get a very fine grind with a 2pc grinder but a 4pc will produce a coarser grind more suitable for a Convection vape. Using Grinder Grease with your standard grinder makes a great difference, highly recommended! If you don't have the Zeus Xtruder Grinder/Pod Filler Device you can load your ARC Pods by scooping up the fine herb using the Pod itself, cap it off and put back into the packet for your next outing.

Zeus Arc Pods, featuring a patented design that provides the simplest solution for vaping on the go with your Zeus 3rd generation vaporizer. Simply pop in a pod and enjoy your herbs. The Zeus Arc Pods are the most convenient method of preparing, loading, and transporting your dry herb for use with your Zeus ARC GTS Vaporizer.

Zeus ArcPods NZ - Helenskinz
Fashioned out of high quality aluminum, the Zeus Arc Pods are designed to hold up to 0.3 grams of ground dry herb and work perfectly with your Zeus ARC GTS Vape.

Zeus ARC Pods New Zealand


  • Zeus Arc
  • Zeus Arc GT
  • Zeus Arc GTS
  • Zeus Arc GT3
*This is a genuine accessory from Zeus Arsenal, Canada.

Package Includes.

  • 1x 5-Pack of ARC PODS for the Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT/GTS/GT3 Vaporizers.

Zeus ARC Pods


Zeus ARC Dosing Pods New Zealand

Zeus ArcPods Thermodyne (TVape) Canada Video.


Zeus Arc GTS Hub Pods NZ

Download the Zeus ARC & Zeus ARC GT Vape User Manual.

  Zeus ARC Herbal Vape NZ - Operating Manual: 
  Download the ZEUS ARC GT NZ (PDF) User Guide: Here.
Zeus Arsenal Vaporizers NZ

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