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Shredder Grease - Herb Grinder Lubricant NZ

Shredder Grease - Herb Grinder Lubricant NZ

Santa Cruz Shredder

  • $1295

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Shredder Grease NZ: $14.90 NZD Incl. GST.

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Shredder Grease NZ.

Natural Hemp Oil Lubricant, Grinder Grease.


  • Grease for herb grinders.
  • Prevents build-up.
  • Creates smooth, perfect grinding of your herbal remedies.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Stick of Shredder Grease

Shredder Grease

Santa Cruz Shredder Grease (Shredder Grease) is made of All Natural Hemp Oil that keeps your grinder turning smoothly. Not only does it lubricate your grinder making it much easier to grind it also won't jam, won't get any hard build up and is super easy to clean after use. Normally build up is very difficult to remove and it requires elbow grease and often sharp objects which can damage your grinder. If you get any build up when using grinder grease it will be easily wiped away as it doesn't stick to the grinder surface like it normally would. This is the next best thing to having a true Non-Stick Grinder like the SLX found here. If you can't stretch your budget to an SLX Grinder we highly recommend you buy a Space Case or a Santa Cruz Shredder and a stick of Shredder Grease, it goes a long way and will last for months. Even the SLX works better with Shredder Grease, it makes the SLX even smoother.

Apply small amount to the outside of the male edge of your grinder to renew the smooth grinding experience. Can also be applied to the bottom of the Delrin Ring. Apply to the thread for smooth operation and reapply as needed. See our images below for a quick look at how it works.

We have heard from many customers that once you use grinder grease you will always use grinder grease, it becomes an essential part of your vaping kit. It's very difficult to grind without grease after being used to having it, your grinder will glide with every twist and due to it's lubrication qualities your grinder will also be a lot quieter and much easier to grind more than you normally would, it's simply the best invention we have seen in a long time.

Tip: Don't use too much, don't leave in the sun and last but not least don't mistake it for your lip balm. :-)

SCS Shredder Grease

SCS Shredder Grease

SCS Shredder Grease

SCS Shredder Grease



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