HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong - Full H2O Vaping Kit NZ

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Helenskinz Water Tools for Vaping NZHAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong.
Full H2O Vaping Kit NZ.


ONLY 1 Left! (10/07/2024).

Unique to Helenskinz and custom made to our design!
HAZE is our very own Water Tool brand for Kiwi Vapers.
Haze DUO Vaporizer Bong NZ - Helenskinz

Helenskinz Vaping Bong the HAZE DUO NZ Meet the very unique HAZE DUO Bong. We custom designed this new H2O Vaping Kit specifically for dry herb vaporizers by packing everything we love about vaping through water into one awesome new Bong Kit that we can call our own! We added every accessory required to make this into a seriously cool H2O Vaping Kit. Tired of scorching your throat every time you take a decent hit on your vape? Our HAZE DUO Bong Kit is ideal for all vapers as it can be used with ALL VAPES, it has a 10mm and a 14mm frosted joint. Vape through one while blocking the other with the provided Glass Stopper. Then use that stopper to lift and clear the bowl, rather than lifting your vape!

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong with DynaVap Bonger NZ

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong with DynaVap NZCan you use 2 vapes at once? Yes, if you want to, go for it! You could have a DynaVap Pen in the 10mm joint and a Pax+ in the 14mm joint. Anything is possible when you have options! Nek Minnit!

It's time to cool things down and make every hit on your vape a delight! Not only will your vapor be much cooler to consume, you will also find a number of other things that make the whole H2O vaping experience fun, like being able to visualize the dense vapor building up inside your Bong before you inhale it!

Vapor in Haze DUO Bong NZThe HAZE DUO Bong is the most versatile bong of it's kind and definitely a new one for our Kiwi vapers that currently enjoy using our custom made Water Bubblers from the same manufacturer. Our new Haze DUO Bong is based on Sneaky Pete's Mega Globe MK 2 design, we don't claim to have invented the design of the Bong but we have modified the Bong kit. We added a different new style of Percolator to the Bong (where the bubbles come out) and blue Glass Stoppers to make our Bong and kit unique. Check out Sneaky Pete's Mega Globe Video below, the colors and accessories are slightly different in our kit but this video shows what you get and how it all works. The plastic clip is to secure the whip in place as they do tend to pop out, our kit includes a green clip, they are pretty handy to have. There's the option of using the straight Glass Stem for a mouthpiece or the Whip that is made up from 3 parts, all included in kit. It includes a Glass Mouthpiece Tube, 2ft of High Temp Silicone Tubing and a Blue Glass Elbow/14mm Adapter to connect your whip to the Bong. See images of Haze DUO Bong below.

Mega Globe Mk 2 Water Pipe - Product Demo | GWNVC's Vaporizer Reviews from Sneaky Pete Vaporizers on Vimeo.

Watch this space
, we have plans to design more Haze Water Tools for the NZ Market. We are only interested in designing unique and specialized Water Tools that make vaping through water easier and not more complicated. The Haze DUO is a good example of this, it's extremely versatile yet small enough to tuck away in a draw all ready to roll whenever you want to rip some hits through some cool H2O! Once you try the DUO using the Blue Glass Stoppers as Carb Caps you will understand why we designed it this way, being able to lift the glass stopper to finish off your draw is very simple and easy to do and will instantly clear the bong of all vapor! It is much better than having to lift your vaporizer out of the joint to clear the bowl. That really is the key to this Bong, being able to use either 10 or 14mm and use the stoppers to clear the bowl at the end of each draw!

Bonger by DynaVap on Haze Duo Bong NZ  Venting the Haze Duo Bong NZ

You won't find the Haze Duo Bong anywhere else, it's custom made for Helenskinz. We now have our very own Bong Mold!

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong with DynaVap NZEverything you need is included, all you need to provide is a vaporizer with the appropriate adapter (if it even needs one, many don't) in either 10mm or 14mm as it accepts both sizes. It's fun to think you could vape a DynaVap Pen and a regular vape at the same time with this bong but really the idea is to be able to use either a 10mm or a 14mm vape and then use the other vacant joint for venting! Just drop the correct provided glass stopper into the joint to seal the circuit and lift it out at the end of your draw when you want to clear the bong of vapor. It's so much easier than pulling a vaporizer out of the joint especially if it is rubber on glass. We use nice colored glass stoppers that are easy to grip. This bong has 3 frosted glass joints, 2 for vapes and one for the whip or glass stem (both included in kit) which are also both equipped with frosted glass for a nice fit. The bong has a flat bottom to help prevent it tipping over but you still need to take care, especially with the whip. With 450mls of water in the Bong you can mount an electronic vape like a Healthy Rips ROGUE for example in the side/10mm joint and the Bong will not tip over. It's quite stable with the weight of the water which is good to know if you intend using all sorts of vapes in either of the 2 glass joints.

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong with DynaVap and Glass Stem NZWe have also chosen a very special percolator (where the bubbles are created inside) for this bong that makes for some very pleasant bubbly vaping. It's fun to watch hundreds of vapor bubbles pour out of the perc and burst as they surface allowing you to suck up the vapor that you can see filling the top half of the bong. This bong holds a massive 450ml of water (half of the bowl) helping to cool your vapor by forcing your vapor to travel through it. The 450ml of water gives the Bong some weight which helps stabilize it, just don't catch anything on the whip as it can knock over your Bong! Be careful using it around Laptops and Tablets as they can dump water pretty quickly if knocked over. Your vaporizer is also something to be concerned about if you did happen to knock over your Bong, just be extra careful is all we can say about that, do not set it up so your arm catches on the grippy silicone tubing as you use your Bong, it can pull over your Bong quickly especially if you have a heavy vape mounted on top.

Using DynaVap can be loads of fun but we do stress that you take extra caution when "drawing on your whip". It is very easy to get carried away and suck too hard, it doesn't take much and if you have quite a hot heat up the risk of combustion is pretty high if you add a large amount of Oxygen suddenly. This isn't a problem if you are aware of it though. What's the problem you ask? The problem with combustion is that everything from your Vape Oven to the Whip Mouthpiece that the "Smoke" traveled through will be temporarily tainted with the smell and taste of smoke until cleaned. Cleaning is not a problem, it just takes time and can be a nuisance. For the Bong itself we highly recommend our Randy's Black Label Cleaner, it will make your Bong look and smell brand new again in a few minutes. The whip etc can be flushed out with soap and warm water. Your vape needs to be cleaned with ISO Alcohol etc as normal. So as you can imagine, combusting is no fun especially when using a Bong.

The best way to avoid combusting with DynaVap is to not overheat your device, closely monitor the color and density of vapor filling the Bong and if it gets too thick just back off a bit or open your vent to pause the airflow through the vape but only do it for a second or 2 and then drop it back in and keep going. If your white vapor turns yellowish it's often too late, that's smoke! If you are quick to notice the change in color and suspect it is smoke, the best thing to do is "Instantly Stop Drawing". Then you will have a smoke contaminated vape that needs a clean but your Bong will be fine if you swish around a bit of ISO mixed with water and change the water in the Bong with some fresh H2O. Your whip won't be smelly because you didn't draw any smoke into it. Don't let this put you off using a Bong, these tips are to help you enjoy your new Bong and avoid doing all the things we did when testing the Haze DUO. It's a super fun Bong to use, the sky is the limit when it comes to what vapes you can use it with!

Do you inhale the vapor that builds up in the Bong only? No, as you draw on the Whip or Stem you are inhaling vapor, the vapor in the Bong that is visible is forever flowing through from your vaporizer to your mouthpiece so you don't just fill the Bong and then inhale it, you are inhaling vapor from the word go until you stop drawing after venting the bong. Because it's much easier to tolerate the vapor, being cooler, you will find you can take much larger draws than you normally would take straight from a vape with no cooling. Often vapes or vaping techniques that made you cough will be fine through the Haze DUO. We often find convection vapes can be quite dry on the throat but using through water can change that, this is good news if you have any harsh vapes or harsh strains for that matter. We highly recommend trying vaping through water if you have trouble with dry throat, hot throat, coughing, wheezing etc. We don't guarantee anything because every situation is different but we do know that most people will love using our Bong, we certainly do! 

Percolator in Bong NZTalking about seeing the vapor, the most fun about vaping with a bong like this is being able to see how well your vaporizer is working, if you can't see much vapor then maybe it's time to freshen your vape up with more ground herb or you might just need to ramp up the temp! Whatever the deal is you will see what's going on very quickly once you start drawing, when your vape is working well you will see this crystal clear glass bong turn white with thick vapor, it's fun to see but even more fun when you lift that glass stopper and suck it all up! We have the option to have colored or tinted glass Bongs but it only makes it harder to see that beautiful vapor, clear glass was our first choice for that reason! It's very quick and easy to change from the Whip to the Glass Stem, most people prefer the Whip! You can connect the Whip or Glass Stem (below) and then attach the Green Plastic Retainer Clip (included in kit) to hold it in place, not essential but super handy. 

Blue Glass Whip Adapter on the Haze DUO Bong NZ

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong FittingsIf you can imagine yourself using this water piece you have probably already worked out exactly how you will set it up and have an idea of which vapes you can use with it. If you have the right adapter that you bought separately or was possibly included with your vape you will find it's usually either 10mm or 14mm, the 2 sizes of joints on the Haze Duo Bong. For DynaVap you can drop the pen into the 10mm joint without any adapter and block the 14mm joint with the provided 14mm stopper which becomes your vent to open at the end of your hit. The same goes for using the 14mm joint with vapes like a Pax Plus, Arizer SOLO 2, Mighty+ etc, just mount your vape inverted in the 14mm joint (middle of bong for balance) and block the 10mm joint with the 10mm stopper and so on.

Pax 3 Vape on Haze DUO Water Bong NZ

It's easy and fun to use, you can't beat that bubbling feeling you get while drawing on the whip or the glass stem. If vaping with your bong at night try placing a flashlight on the table pointed hard against it so you light up the interior of the bong. Now start vaping away and watch how your vapor becomes super visible, you can see vapor bubbles pouring out of the percolator and bursting as they surface allowing you to suck up every last drop.

Venting the Haze Duo Bong with Bonger NZ
The Haze DUO complete H2O Vaping Kit comes in a small white box and is well protected during shipping. We pad the white box inside a bigger box which will see your bong arrive in one piece not 10. If you are unlucky enough to receive a broken one we would replace it right away anyway! If you have any questions feel free to ask away. This bong is for everyone using a dry herb vaporizer from beginner to advanced.

Haze Duo Box NZ
Vaping through water is in our opinion the only way to vape when at home.

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong NZ
Check out our range of Vaporizer Water Adapters and find the right one for your vape if you didn't get one with it. Some vapes don't need an adapter like DynaVap Pens mentioned above, they are either 10mm or 10mm and 14mm like the VonG. DaVinci IQ2 and IQC vapes come with a 10mm adapter in the kit but most vapes don't include one and you need to purchase one separately. Half the battle is finding one, fortunately we stock most of the main ones. We have adapters for Pax 2, Pax 3, Pax Mini, Pax Plus, Mighty, Mighty+, Mighty+ Medic, Crafty+, DaVinci IQ2/IQC (changes from 10mm to 14mm), Zeus ARC GTS, Healthy Rips Rogue SE/Fury Edge SE, XVape Starry V3.0, XVape Fog Pro, DynaVap M, Bonger, BB9, Arizer SOLO2/Air 2 and a few more. See ALL ADAPTERS.


We stock XVape Whip Adapter Whip Kits that allow you to connect your vaporizer with a Swivel Mouthpiece (like a Crafty+ or Mighty+) to a 14mm Bong joint. So if you don't want to mount your Mighty+ etc on top of the Bong you can use another whip and run it from your vapes swivel mouthpiece to the Bongs 14mm vape joint. This would allow you to use the Haze DUO Bong while your Mighty+ stood on the table next to it. There's 2 options, the XVape one has a nice Whip Adapter made for the job as seen below in the banner. It has a nice fitting at the mouthpiece end that helps you get a nice fit on your swivel mouthpiece.XVape Whip Adapter for Mighty+ to Bong NZ

There is a Cheaper way to do it with our Whip Kits!

We make our own custom Bong Whips in house! They can be used the other way around as a Whip Adapter for Vape (Crafty+/Mighty+) to 14mm Bong connectivity.

As long as it works right! Well you should definitely check out our Helenskinz Custom Bong Whips Kits in the banner below. We make our own Bong Whips so we can keep the cost down and sell them at a much more reasonable price. Plus they work great and can be used as a regular Bong Whip or a Whip Adapter, just turn it around 180 deg and slide the silicone tubing over your swivel mouthpiece. All is explained on the Whip Kit page here.

Whip Adapter for Mighty+ to Bong NZ

Whip Kit for Haze DUO & All Vaporizer Bongs
If buying a new vaporizer it's always a good idea to look at the "What's included" list to see if it includes a water adapter or not. If not, we most likely have them to buy individually depending on the brand and model of vape you have. Some adapters made for DynaVap for example will also fit vapes like the DaVinci IQC/IQ2 etc. There are many adapters out there that will work with multiple vapes.  
Pax 3 Vaporizer on Haze DUO Bong NZ  DynaVap The B Vape on Haze Duo Bong NZ

If you want to use your XVape Whip that attaches to your swivel mouthpiece on your Fog Pro, Starry 3.0, Mighty+ or Crafty+ or whatever vape you have been using it with, you can continue to use it with the bong. Just connect your XVape Whip to your swivel mouthpiece and the frosted whip adapter end to the 14mm joint on top of the bong. Block the 10mm joint with the 10mm stopper and use as your vent. This will work great if your prefer not to balance your expensive Mighty+ vape on top of the bong where it could be knocked over. Remember there's roughly 450g of water in the bong so it does have some weight and sits well, you just need to be careful when using it and remove your vape as soon as you are done. One other bonus with a bong over a bubbler is that you are much less likely to end up with water in your device, bubblers sit above your vape while bongs sit under them, it's just safer as far as your expensive vape is concerned. Don't ever blow into the mouthpiece on a bubbler or a bong, you will push water into your vape instantly! Don't let that put you off, vaping through water is a very popular method of vaping herb around the world, there's super basic and there's the weird and wonderful bongs that hold a dozen vapes at once, we like to think that our HAZE DUO Bong sits somewhere in the middle.

DynaVap Bonger in Haze DUO Bong Helenskinz NZ
The HAZE DUO Bong is a must have for Kiwi Vapers who love to blow massive clouds in the coolest of ways! You can take a large hit on a DynaVap Bonger for example and not feel any discomfort in the throat from hot vapor! It's night & day the difference.

HAZE DUO Bong Complete Kit includes.

  • 1x 120mm Glass bong - Clear Glass/Flat Bottom (450ml H2O)
  • 1x Long Glass Mouthpiece/Stem 110mm (Glass Stem mouthpiece option)
  • 1x Silicone Hose/Tubing - 50cm long (Whip/hose)
  • 1x 90 Deg Blue Glass Whip Adapter (Connects tube to Bong)
  • 1x Plastic Retainer Clip for 90 Deg Adapter - Green (Holds Whip in place)
  • 1x Small Glass Mouthpiece for whip end (Whip mouthpiece)
  • 1x 10mm Glass Stopper - Blue
  • 1x 14mm Glass Stopper - Blue
  • 1x White box packaging - contains complete H2O kit

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong Complete H2O Vaping Kit NZ*Adapters not included but are available below.


Click to visit the Glass Stopper page.

Haze DUO Bong Blue Glass Stoppers NZ

Delta 3D Water Tool Adapters: Pax, Mighty, Crafty+, DynaVap etc.
Waterpipe Adapters Delta 3D NZ Pax, Mighty, Crafty+

Cleaning your Bong.

You will find hot water and shaking it about inside works well for cleaning, you can start buy shaking and soaking it with some our imported Glass Cleaner which always provides amazing instant results. We also suggest using some ISO Alcohol for the resin build up if any. If you use ISO Alcohol only you can add Rock Salt for abrasion as it won't dissolve in the ISO. It will dissolve when you add hot water. We also have ISO Alcohol VIPES which are ISO Soaked Wipes, a nice pack made especially for cleaning vapes and vaping equipment. Check out Sneaky Pete's Bubbler Video below.

Buy Randy's Black Label Bong Cleaner

Randy's Black Label Cleaner NZ Helenskinz Bubblers

Randy's Bong Cleaner NZ

Buy Orange Chronic Bong & Bubbler Cleaner NZ.

Orange Chronic Glass & Pipe Cleaner for Bongs & Bubblers 350mlAnother easy and effective way to clean your Bong is to use about 30ml of ISO Alcohol, a Teaspoon of Rock Salt and about 300ml of Hot Water (not boiling). Pour it all in and get shaking, you want to take advantage of the Rock Salt before it completely dissolves, it's brilliant as an abrasive additive not unlike the sand type substance used in our Orange Chronic Glass & Pipe Cleaner and Black Label by Randy's. It's also the cheapest way to keep your Bong clean. You will want to clean it quite often as they do get dirty inside but thankfully these methods above work very well and can get your Bong looking brand new again after a decent clean.

If you combust your DynaVap Pen or your electronic Vaporizer while on the Bong you will need to completely clean the Bong and the Whip or Stem as they will all be tainted with the stink of smoke. The only way to get back to enjoying your herbs flavor is to have a clean Bong that hasn't had any smoke in it at all. The same goes for your vaporizer or VapCap, they all need cleaning after combusting! Bummer, yes! Normally it's best to drop in a couple of caps of ISO, some Hot Water and 30 seconds of shaking to remove any nasty combustion flavor!


Dirty bong water may seem like a small issue, but it can pose serious health risks. It is important to keep the water clean and fresh to avoid bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, lung irritation, and chemical contamination. Keeping your bong water clean is super important, if you keep it fresh you can continue to enjoy the benefits of smoking or vaping from a bong without putting your health at risk. Be sure to regularly use a decent Bong Cleaning Solution like Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner or Randy's Black Label and change the water as often as possible! At least daily.

How to clean your Glass Bong - Video.

Cleaning your Vaping Water Pieces, best methods by Sneaky Pete.

Be Careful Mixing H2O with your expensive Vaporizer.

Your vaporizer is not covered by warranty if you get water in it, please use all water tools carefully and at your own risk. They can be a lot of fun but be careful if mixing H2O with Electronics. Obviously the DynaVap Pens are ok but keep it in mind if using an Induction Heater, you don't want to get water any where near it. The nice thing about using your electronic vaporizer on top of a Bong is that it sits above the water unlike a Bubbler that can dump it's water into your vape if you mess about with the adapter and connection, once it starts it will siphon out, it's not common but can happen. With your vape above the Bong it is much safer but Do Not Ever BLOW into your Bong, Stem or Whip as it will push water UP the percolator and into your vape! It can happen when you keep the whip in your mouth and you get side tracked. Just a tip, if your DynaVap Oven is soggy, that's why! Which is no drama at all, just empty it, clean it and dry it out. Ahh DynaVap...so forgiving!

Other Water Tools.

VapeTube 10 Bubbler for DynaVap Pen NZ       Dynavap BB9 Beaded Glass Stems for 10 & 14mm Water Tools

VapeTube 14 Water Bubbler Tool 14mm for Mighty, Pax, IQ2 NZ        Glass HydraFoot Stands for Storing Bubblers NZ.
The perfect place to leave your 14mm Bubbler!


You can click the DynaVap BONGER picture below to visit The Bonger page, the coolest DynaVap Water Adapter that just needs a Tip & Cap and you are ready to vape. It's probably the best DynaVap Vape you can use in our Haze DUO Bong. It fit's in either joint and works so well, it's a little rocket. Great with an induction heater!

The Bonger Water Adapter by DynaVap NZUse your DynaVap tip to easily vape through a 10mm or 14mm Bong or Bubbler. See pics below. This is the 14mm Bubbler but the Bonger also fits in the 10mm Bubbler. It also fits in either joint on the Haze DUO. It is probably the best vape we have used with the new Haze DUO during testing, the Bonger makes the bowl turn white with thick vapor, it's fantastic, especially if using an induction heater.
What a set up! Definitely a favorite for us.DynaVap Bonger with HAZE DUO Bong NZBubbler with The Bonger by DynaVap NZ

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