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Portable Vaporizers

Helenskinz Portable Vapes NZ
60+ Brands of Dry Herb Vaporizer, Imported from USA. Helenskinz specializes in Portable Herbal Vaporizers, PAX is our #1 Portable Vape Import, we have been selling Pax Vapes in NZ and Australia since 2009. We sell all the top American Brands of Herbal Vapes. We have DaVinci IQ2 & IQC, Pax 2, Pax 3, DynaVap, DynaTec, Storz & Bickel Mighty+, Mighty Plus, Mighty Medic, Mighty, Crafty+, Firefly and more. Portable herb vaporizers have become the most popular dry vapes, the Desktop Vapes are slowly fading away because the portable herbal vapes have come such a long way in a decade. We do sell a couple of fully certified Medical Devices / Medical Vapes in NZ, check them out on our Vapormed pages, the Mighty+ Medic and the Volcano Medic 2 are both stocked in NZ and are available to anyone. No Script Req! We also have the new Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Vape, Mighty PLUS Vaporizer available in NZ.

Please also read our Vaporizer Buyers Guide.

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