The M 7 XL by DynaVap | 2024 M7 XL Vaporizer NZ

Color: DynaVap 2024 M 7 XL - Silver
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The M 7 XL by DynaVap | 2024 M7 XL Vaporizer NZ

Conduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends Essential Oils  DynaVap NZ    DynaVap M7 Pen 2024 NZ

The M 7 XL by DynaVap | 2024 M7 XL Vape Pen NZ.

The latest release from DynaVap USA. The M7 VapCap.

DynaVap M7 XL NZ

The DynaVap "M" provides a range of experiences from microdosing to complete extraction. Virtually any heat source can be used, but for optimum flavor, we recommend a butane torch or an Induction Heater like the Yllvape V2.0 or The Wand. The DynaVap “M” is DynaVaps most popular battery-free dry herb vaporizer. Having no electronic parts at all and a stainless steel construction, this portable herbal vaporizer gives you the freedom to use your vaporizer practically anywhere, at anytime.

Holding a DynaVap M7 Pen NZ

The new 2024 M 7 design is quite different to the DynaVap 2023 M+ Pens, it's a stunning pen to look at, it feels nice in your hand and vapes very well like all DynaVap Pens. The only difference from the M 7 to the M 7 XL is the quick install extended Mouthpiece and Condenser which you can use on any "M Pen". The M 7 XL version has some nice new design features and is slightly longer due to the new classic sculpted metal mouthpiece.

One overlooked new feature is the fact that you can adjust the Airflow with the XL condenser tube very easily by either pulling it out a bit or pushing it in more where the tube fits into the mouthpiece. The tube has an interesting end that acts like a retainer clip holding the tube in the position you leave it in. You can try a few different positions until you find the sweet spot and then leave it that way!

DynaVap M7 XL Vaporizer Pen NZ

Or you can convert your M 7 Pen to an M 7 XL Pen later on by grabbing one of our new M 7 XL Condensers, they are brand new and simply slide into your M 7 Stem (body) or any other "M" Pen for that matter. That includes the 2023 M+, the 2021 M, 2020 M and so on. We sell the M 7, the M 7 XL and the M 7 XL Condensers for anyone wanting to add the M 7 XL Mouthpiece to any older M Pen.

DynaVap 2024 M7 XL Vaporizer Pens NZ

Who is the M 7 XL for?

Everybody who wants a top notch dry herb vaping experience. Especially good for those who are looking for maximum vapor output, you can expect more vapor from a well heated M 7 XL than most electronic vapes could produce. The M 7 pens are also ideal for casual easy laid back vaping, the M 7 and M 7 XL are ideal for everyone!

DynaVap 2024 M7 & M7 XL Vaporizer Pens NZ

M7 XL Benefits.

  • Durability: Built to last a lifetime, the “M” 7 is crafted from medical grade stainless steel in the USA.
  • Flavor Explosion: Take your terpenes to a new high. Enjoy flavor like you've never tasted before.
  • Eliminate Combustion: Go smoke free. Once you try a DynaVap vaporizer, you enter a smoke-free world of enjoyment. It's a One Way Street and if you do a U Turn you will hate smoking so much you will likely barf. True story!
  • Discreet, Portable, & Modular: DynaVap vaporizers fit right in your pocket including the M 7 XL version and can be enjoyed while doing most activities bar sleeping.🌴 👍
  • Stretch your Herb: DynaVap vaporizers use much less (>50%) of your material, all while producing high level results. This is one of the biggest attractions to DynaVap vaping, you save a heap of botanicals, most DynaVap users will tell you that and we agree, it's quite amazing how far you can stretch your Medical Cannabis supply that cost you a small fortune. If you use a Pax+ or a Mighty+ for example after using a DynaVap vaporizer you will find your electronic vapes are herb munchers and it seems like you are just ripping through your supply compared to when only using DynaVap. It's an added bonus that comes with an awesome vape!
  • Battery Free: There is no battery on DynaVap devices. All you need is a heat source, such as a torch lighter and you are all set. We have 3 different Single Torch Lighters available, all of these Single Torch Lighters are excellent for DynaVap use. We have our Blaze, Flintstoner and the DynaVap branded Honest Single Torch. We also import Induction Heaters and stock Ispires, The Wand Induction Heater and the Yllvape V2.0 Induction Heater.

We highly recommend taking your DynaVapping to the next level if you are yet to try an Induction Heater. If you like vaping DynaVap VapCap Pens you will be blown away after your first heat up in your new heater. You will chuck your lighter in your vaping draw and probably leave it there! We certainly did, it's a no brainer once you try one, it makes DynaVap vaping a breeze. A DynaVap Pen and an Induction Heater combination is our number one choice when it comes to our favorite Go To Daily Vape set up. Very hard to beat!

DynaVap M 7 Highlights NZ
The XL version gives extra length for handling and a longer path for vapor to cool from chamber to mouth. It's a very well balanced pen the XL, it's a nice size to vape, you can convert any M to an XL now using the new "XL Condenser & MP". The M7 XL condenser that fits all M pens new and old. Here are the main features of the new M 7 series including the M 7 XL version NZ.

  • Bigger Rips - The “M” 7 Tip chamber/bowl has more mass for heat retention and allows users greater control over one hit extractions
  • Finless Tip design keeps your fingers cool, with up to 20% reduction in heat transfer from tip to stem
  • Even extraction - The refined distribution of mass in the tip and chamber walls help prevent scorching and hot spots in your material
  • More airflow due to redesigned captive cap fitment and increased convection heating vs previous models (making this a Hybrid Vape, not just conduction)
  • XL version available with The "M" XL Condenser Assembly and Mouthpiece (Buy an XL Pen or an XL Condenser to convert any M into an XL including the new M 7)
  • Airflow control made simple using the new airport design and “Pivot” style rocker
  • Microdose ready with our “adjust-a-bowl” that reduces chamber/bowl size by half
  • Streamlined design with a textured pattern throughout stem for a pleasant new look and feel and most importantly, grip!
  • Captive Cap engineered to “click” when heated to the optimal vaporization temperature, offering an exceptional user-controlled session

How To Use.

  • Remove the Cap
  • Load your dry herb into the Tip chamber/bowl (Twist & Dig into your stash tin of ground herb to fill)
  • Place the Cap back on the Tip
  • Heat the Cap with a Torch or Induction Heater until it Clicks, this takes ~5-7 seconds. (Must be a "Torch Lighter" not a regular lighter)
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece end allowing some air to enter the intake in bursts if you want a cooler vape but it's not essential, you can block it
  • The Cap will click again when it has cooled down, now you can repeat!

What's Included in the “M” 7 XL package?

Components listed. Comes assembled ready to vape!

  • DynaVap’s Signature Captive Cap
  • Stainless Steel Tip: “M” 7
  • Stainless Steel CCD (Screen)
  • High Temp O-Rings (2)
  • Stainless Steel Stem: “M” 7 (Standard)
  • "M" Stainless Steel Condenser Assembly with XL Mouthpiece
  • Condenser O-Rings (2)
  • Stainless Steel XL Mouthpiece ("M" 7)
  • High Temp O-Rings (2)

The M 7 XL by DynaVap NZ

DynaVap M7 Video by DynaVap USA.

DynaVap M7 Vaporizer Video NZ
Opens in a new window - Restricted Video 18+.
The DynaVap M 7 XL unboxing
How to Assemble The M 7 XL by DynaVap

DynaVap M 7 Logo NZ

DynaVap Banner NZ


Buy a Torch Lighter or Induction Heater.

DynaVap Honest Single Torch NZ
Aomai DynaVa Torch Lighters NZ - HelenskinzInduction Heater Options for DynaVap NZ
Yllvape Induction Heater V2.0 NZ

YLLVAPE YLL-IH V2.0 "2nd Gen" for DynaVap, a torch-less heating solution that offers superior performance, portability, adjustable wattage control, and user-friendly operation. Elevate your DynaVap experience with this compact and innovative device. You can now head for the hills with this device and vape all day long, you may need spare batteries which is an option with this model, just open the back and swap out the 2x 18650 batteries inside. Batts not included. All new, released Oct 2023. In stock NZ.

The Wand by Ispire NZ

THE WAND by Ispire, Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap.
Precise temperature control for the perfect hit every time! Compatible with DynaVap VapCap Pens. Heat your DynaVap Tip with the safest and most precise temperature control ever. We have come a long way from rubbing 2 sticks together, The Wand induction heater is a fully portable device powered by 2 removable 18650 batteries so you can even pack spares when on extended missions. You can also use an external fast charger to charge your batteries if you prefer, the beauty of removable batteries! DYADP Adapter Insert available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! NOW available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! Tripods also in stock.

DYADP DynaVap adapter kits for The Wand induction heater NZ

DynaVap The Wand Insert

DynaVap The Wand Insert NZ


Please note, both Induction Heaters above come without batteries.

Suitable Battery Options for the YLL V2.0 Heater.
EVE INR18650-25P 2500mAh - 30A

Yllvape Decapper & Stand for All DynaVap Caps NZ

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