Helenskinz is Tablet & Smart Phone Friendly.

If you wish to browse and shop on our websites you can on all your devices. Our Shopify 2.0 system allows us to provide our shopping platforms on Tablets and Smart Phones and of course Desktop. If you have any issues on your device whether it be a phone or a tablet there are a couple of things you can do to make things easier.

Smart Phone.

Deselect "Request Desktop Site" to use the website in Smart Phone Mode. The MENU Tab is in the top left corner, it's a good way to view our websites on a Smart Phone but you may prefer to keep it in Desktop Mode. Rotate your device to see the 2 quite different views. Either way works well it is all up to personal preference. All products are available for secure purchase on your Smart Phone and it is very simple to complete a full transaction and have your package on the way right from your Smart Phone, from anywhere at any time, we never close! Here is a phone in Phone Mode, see the menu with "Request Desktop Site" option, use this to select or deselect the option.


Select "Request Desktop Site" to use the website in Desktop Mode or use in Tablet/Phone Mode. Both work very well and it's entirely up to the user, the Desktop Site is more like using your computer and the Tablet/Phone Site is more compact. Firefox in Desktop Mode seems to be the best on the Tablets. All products are available for purchase on your Tablet and it is simple to complete a full transaction and have your package sorted and paid for securely in just a few minutes. Here is a Tablet in Tablet Mode.    


This is is displaying in "Desktop Mode" for your standard desktop computer. Helenskinz works with all well known browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and more.      


The same settings as a desktop are used to display the website in normal Desktop Mode.


If you have an account with us you will be able to log in to our sites from any device, all you need is your username and password and you will be logged in and able to access your profile, account details and history including your Wishlist. The system stores your shipping address that will appear on any device if you are logged in. We do not hold any credit card information at all, in fact we never see your credit card number at all in any transaction as it is all done through our 3rd party PayPal service.


If you have any issues with your phone or tablet while using our websites please contact us for assistance here.

Happy Mobile Shopping!