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Helenskinz NZ Gift Vouchers New Zealand


Gift your loved ones with Herbal Vapes, Grinders, Vape Cases and more. Or maybe you want to give a friend a FLEX or Magical Butter machine!

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Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Helenskinz Gift Voucher. All vouchers are seen as credit and are easily redeemed in our checkout by the recipient.

  • Gift Vouchers are delivered by email to the purchaser and contain instructions to redeem them in our checkout. Then you can Forward the email/Voucher at the perfect time, Christmas, Birthday etc so they can buy their Vape for example right away on the big day!
  • Our Gift Vouchers have no additional processing fees.
  • All Vouchers are Printable allowing you to gift the Voucher in paper form.
  • All Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

Once you complete your purchase of the voucher and pay for it it will be sent to you (the purchaser/gift giver) via email which you can either forward to the lucky recipient whenever you decide, on Christmas Day, their Birthday and so on, or you can click the link sent in the email to view the Voucher and "Print it", you get the drift. This means you can buy it now and send it at the perfect time so they can make a purchase using their Voucher actually on their Birthday or Christmas Day for example. If you decide to print the Voucher (Click Print on the bottom left of Voucher) you will be able to give it to the recipient the old fashioned way, in an envelope or a card. The person can then type the Coupon Code from the Printed Voucher into the box on our Checkout Page to activate the Voucher/Discount/Credit, whatever you like to call it!

Please note that vouchers are not emailed to you until the full amount is paid for the voucher. We understand it can take a few days for payments to clear if using our Bank Deposit option. All POLi payments are fully paid for on the spot activating the voucher instantly, your Voucher will be sent to you immediately if using our POLi Internet Banking method of payment.

If using Bank Deposit "after you complete your order" we will fulfill your order when payment is received. We then activate your Voucher and email it to you. It's totally up to you how you would like to give it to your loved one, email or hard copy or you can simply text the Coupon Code to them and explain what it's for.

Everything is explained below, it's not at all complicated but we have given you all the fine details so you understand how it works, if interested. Basically you are just buying a Coupon Code that you can share with someone as a gift. There is no limit on the Voucher Value, you can buy a $10 one or $1,000+. We have explained below how to find the Total Cost of each product, there are 2 prices for each, be sure to use the Including GST Prices if you want to fully cover the amount due for a particular product you know the person wants, or what you want to give them. They are able to of course buy anything they like with their credit. See our "PAX 2 Vaporizer" example below, explaining how to find the price and what value of voucher to purchase.

What does the Voucher Email look like?

Just forward this onto your loved one at the right time and their credit will be active and ready to use. Or you can click on the "View gift card" button and Print the Voucher! See below "the actual Voucher".

Helenskinz Gift Card NZ 

What does the QR Code & Voucher look like?

Helenskinz Gift Voucher QR Code

Remember, you can Print this yourself to send in a card. The recipient then types the Coupon Code into the box in our Checkout to activate it or they can simply Scan the Vouchers QR Code found right under the Coupon Code.

Info about the Helenskinz Gift Voucher NZ

How do you work out the correct value to cover certain products?

Please note, if you want to buy a voucher that will enable the recipient to redeem the credit in our store for certain products you should take a quick look at the products you had in mind (if any) and buy a Voucher based on the Full Price Including GST.

Buy Gift Voucher at Helenskinz NZ - Vapes, Infusion Machines, Griners & More..

Every product page has the Full Including GST Price at the top of the page
just under the Shipping Info graphic/button.

Including GST Prices on pages

This way you will be able to work out the value of the voucher you want to create. For example, if you want to gift a Pax 2 Vaporizer ($399 incl GST + Shipping) you will want to buy a voucher for $400 NZD at least. Then the recipient will have a voucher that covers the cost of the Pax 2 Kit. If you want to also cover their shipping you can allow for the $11.50 incl GST (regular address) or $17.25 incl GST (rural address) shipping by purchasing a higher value voucher, obviously!

In other words, buy a voucher for $450 and so on. The recipient using the voucher still pays GST and Shipping like any other purchase, the only difference is they have some free credit to use when on our checkout page. Whether it's a $20 Voucher or a $500 one it's simply used as credit in the checkout so the person using the Voucher can buy as much or as little as they like. So if you want to gift extra for Accessories like Grinders, Mods etc please calculate the total value by using the method above, add up all the including GST total prices from each page. If the recipient is buying a conduction vape like a Pax Vape they will also need a 2PC Herb Grinder as the Pax thrives on a very fine grind which can only be achieved properly with a 2PC Grinder. The convection and hybrid vapes like the Mighty+ and Crafty+ are better suited to a coarse grind that is easily achieved with a 4PC Grinder.Imported Herb Grinders NZThe only other non essential item that many customers buy is a decent Vape Case. We have a great selection of regular Vape Cases and a range of Smell Proof Cases imported from RYOT USA. If unsure which case to get please read the info on our RYOT pages, or simply drop us a line and we will help you out. For example, the best Pax Case is the RYOT Hardcase Small, it's ridiculously perfect for all Pax Vapes.

RYOT Cases & Vaping Equipment USA - Helenskinz NZ  Imported Herb Grinders NZ All Herbal Vapes NZ

Receiving a Voucher!

If you receive a voucher all you need to do is jump onto the Helenskinz Website, browse, add to cart and pay with your voucher by entering the Coupon Code on it! If it doesn't cover the full amount you can easily pay the extra to complete your order.

Please contact us if you have any questions or try to Live Chat with us live from our website using "Chat with us" button on the bottom right of all our pages.

Happy shopping!

Pax 2 Vaporizer NZ

PAX 2 Vaporizer in the Wild Flowers of West Auckland, NZ.

Induction Heaters for DynaVap NZ

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