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Ispire The Wand NZ - Enail Dab Kit - DynaVap Induction Heater


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Ispire The Wand NZ - Enail Dab Kit & DynaVap Induction Heater.

Dabbing Wax NZ  Dry Herb with The Wand by Ispire NZ 

ISPIRE The Wand - Enail Dab Kit & DynaVap Induction Heater.

Kit Type: Basic Kit, EU Version. Please not some images show the US version button panel, this EU kit on this page has the 3 button interface with the new Concentrate and Flower switch. It is slightly different than the US one below. That's the only difference between the US and EU versions, this page is for the EU Basic Kit.

Dab with the World's Best Dabbing Device in Aotearoa!

Ispire The Wand - Enail Dab Kit & DynaVap Induction HeaterPrecise temperature control for the perfect hit every time! Compatible with DynaVap VapCap Pens. Heat your DynaVap Tip with the safest and most precise temperature control ever. We have come a long way from rubbing 2 sticks together, The Wand induction heater is a fully portable device powered by 2 removable 18650 batteries so you can even pack spares when on extended missions. You can also use an external fast charger to charge your batteries if you prefer, the beauty of removable batteries! (2x Batteries Not included, please read on, below).

THE ISPIRE WAND VIDEO - A Graphical View of The Wand device by Ispire, NZ.
Please note, this is the US version in the video. We sell the EU version. (3 buttons).

Welcome to the dabbing revolution. This sleek very portable eNail dab kit / Induction Heater includes the first ever eNail to use induction heating. It gives you the power to select your exact desired temperature for the perfect dabbing or VapCap Induction Heating experience every time. We don't know of anything better on offer for the job! We now have a range of excellent Induction Heaters for DynaVap users, the DynaTec Orion V2, the UFO and by Ispire The Wand, all stocked in Auckland, NZ.

Ispire The Wand - Enail Dab Kit & DynaVap Induction Heater
Tripod & Glassware not included.

With The Wand you are in total control.

The Wand combined with the borosilicate glass bangers create a safe and easy dabbing experience by eliminating the need for a torch lighter along with Butane Fuel and all the wires and coils found with other eNails. Note the 3 Button Interface on the EU model (this model), it has the Flower and Concentrate switch, below.

Ispire The Wand on Tripod - Enail Dab Kit & DynaVap Induction Heater NZ

By using borosilicate glass bangers with an induction heating method The Wand is able to precisely heat the banger or your DynaVap Pen to your exact desired temperature. No more guess work and expensive secondary devices to monitor temperature. The Wand does it all and even has an Auto Mode. You have complete control. Ispire The Wand Induction Heater - Enail Dab Kit & DynaVap Induction Heater NZ

Once it is at the perfect dabbing temperature place the concentrate in one of the borosilicate glass bangers and take the perfect hit. We have a few video links below which we highly recommend watching.

How can I use my DynaVap VapCap with The WAND by Ispire?

Heating DynaVap VapCap Pens couldn't be easier, you can select the heat you desire and you can wave The Wand up and down over your VapCap cap and target the areas you want to heat. Precision is the key! Not only do you have the ability to move the heat around, you can also change the temperature on the control interface. This allows you to slowly heat your VapCap and get deep heat penetration which isn't easy to achieve with a standard Induction Heater. 

Heating a DynaVap VapCap Pen with The Wand by Ispire NZ

With DynaVap we suggest experimenting as you will find what works best for you, we have seen many different ways, we do hope to get a proper DynaVap Insert for The Wand so it works more like a regular Induction Heater but we found using it as a hand held device was a complete turn around. Try keeping your VapCap Pen still and use the Wand like a wand and try to evenly heat your Cap by moving up and down slowly but constantly, keeping in mind your cap won't click until the "tip of the cap" reaches vaping temperature.

DynaVap The Wand Induction Heater Dab Heater NZ
You can also lay your Wand on the table and if you have glass or a surface that the cap won't burn you can stand your DynaVap Pen upright in the Wand Heating Chamber and either count the LED flashes or wait for the click. Often you will get a small click and a split second later a loud click. Buy the time the loud click happens it's high time to get the heat away from your cap or you may combust your herb. This is why The Wand is cool, you can start low and work your way up with temperature until you find what works in combination with the method you are using to distribute the heat evenly. There's probably a million ways to do it so experimenting is the key! There's loads of interesting The Wand articles, videos and images online using Google, Forums and YouTube. Check out what Sneaky Pete has to say, if anyone knows what The Wand is like with DynaVap VapCap Pens Sneaky Pete will know! He has some great tips for getting great results using his Wand to heat his DynaVap VapCaps. Scroll down to see Sneaky Pete's The Wand Induction Heater for DynaVap Video Review.

Please Note: Sneaky Pete is using the US Version of The Wand, not that it makes much difference, it's better to mention it now as we don't want any confusion about what we are selling. The US Version and of course The Pro Wand Kit are different to The Wand Basic Kit NZ which is the "EU Model/Kit."

Ispire Wand Review | Multi-Function Induction Heater & Huge Value | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews from Sneaky Pete on Vimeo.

Sneaky Pete's THE WAND Review - Detailed Review ISPIRE NZ

Product Features.

  • Induction Heating - Like other Induction Heaters but hand held.
  • Borosilicate Glass Banger Cups - 2 little masterpieces in the making!
  • Battery Operated - Removable 18650 batteries (not included).
  • Viscosity Ranges - Wax/Oil (Thickness of Concentrates).
  • Temperature Settings - 450-800°F (232-427°C). - (Changeable from Deg °F to °C).
  • Safety Features - Auto Shut Off / Battery Protection.
  • Compatibility - Dabbing and DynaVap VapCaps.
  • Portability - Super portable device.
  • Shape & Design - You can reheat your VapCap with The Wand "While Drawing on it" for the biggest and longest hits ever!
  • Accessories - Tripod etc will become available, not included in kit. Spare Bangers, Cups and other Ispire The Wand accessories will be available soon.

Included in The Wand - EU Basic Kit.

  • 1x The Wand - With New Concentrates & Flower Switch.
  • 1x Angled Banger - Fits into 14mm Water Tool.
  • 1x Straight Banger - Fits into 14mm Water Tool.
  • 1x Inner cup for Flower - (Flower Cup - Bottomless).
  • 1x Inner cup for Concentrates - (Concentrate Cup - Bottomed).
  • 1x Carb Cap.
  • 1x Type C USB Charger cable - Fast charging.
  • 1x User Manual.
  • 1x Warranty Card - 1 Year Warranty with Ispire - (Covers manufacturing Faults).

The Wand Basic Kit - EU Version NZ  

Ispire The Wand NZ heating a banger NZ

Technical Specs.

  • Activation Mode.
  • Manual and Auto Mode.
  • Battery Capacity.
  • External Dual 18650.
  • Charging Current.
  • 5V – 2A.
  • Accessories.
  • Borosilicate Glass Banger Cups.
  • Charging Port.
  • USB Charging port with Type C Cable.
  • Temperature Range.
  • 250 – 800 ºF (Version 0.15).
  • Liquid Temp Range.
  • Optimal at 710ºF.
  • Weight: 1.08 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7.3 × 5.3 × 1.8 in.

The star of the show is the induction heating module. The most thermally efficient heating method out there, this device brings a solid battery life of roughly 12 sessions per charge of your 2x 18650 Batteries and also has USB-C pass-through charging so you can use it while you are charging it.

Charging The Wand by ISPIRE NZ

This is the Basic Kit, there is also a The Wand Pro Kit, The Wand itself is identical (EU version), the Pro Kit just has more glass accessories and is not available to stores.

Concentrate and Flower Switch on The Wand Ispire NZ

Please also note that this is the EU version which comes with a slightly different new set up on the interface. This The Wand EU version has 2 buttons and an extra switch, you can change modes from Flower to Concentrates, the US version just had 2 buttons for temp. Some images may show the US version.

Ispire The Wand Induction Heater NZ

The Wand runs on 2x 18650 Batteries and are not included due to the fact that they are no longer allowed to ship them from the factory with batteries. You must source your own 18650's, you may even want a couple of spare ones. We do sell 18650 batteries and chargers that are all suitable for this device. 18650 batteries were hard to find years ago but now they are easy to buy as many Box Mod (Ecig) Vapes etc use them and some of our Herbal Vapes like the DaVinci IQ2. We have DaVinci 3500mAh 18650 batteries in our Battery section. We stock a few 18650's with high amp or high capacity made by Lithicore. We also have Dual Lithicore USB Chargers so you can fast charge both of your batteries out of the device. You just need 18650's around the 2800mAh to 3500mAh range, our DaVinci IQ2 3500mAh Batteries would work great in The Wand.

See all of our 18650 Batteries & Chargers here.

Please refer to your user manual before using the eNail kit. The Wand is only suitable for bangers up to 20mm in diameter. The cups both have a metal ring fully encased and laminated inside the borosilicate glass which gives you very even and efficient heating and nice clean dabs with very good heat retention. Your bangers will also fit in any 14mm Water Tool, take your Dabs and Dynavaps to the next level with the The Wand by Ispire.

Ispire The Wand EU Basic Kit NZ: Product Details.

The Wand Induction Heating Patent Pending NZ

What makes this heating method so unique? In most common heating methods, a torch or open flame is applied directly to the part to be heated. With induction heating, heat is “induced” within the part itself by circulating electrical currents. Since heat is transferred the part never comes into direct contact with any flame or contaminant, the inductor itself does not get hot and there is no product contamination. When properly set up, the process becomes very repeatable, controllable, clean and safe.

Induction Heating | Patented Technology | Built for durability.

Borosilicate Glass Banger Cups NZ - The Wand NZ

The Bangers are made from Borosilicate Glass and use inner cups made from the same material that has ferrous metal encased in between two sealed walls of Borosilicate completely sealed away from the dabbing environment and creating absolutely clean and sealed Borosilicate Glass Banger cups. This one of its kind Banger Cups combination is designed to specially heat by induction created by the wand, completely different but more heat efficient and easy to clean than a torch heated banger.

Borosilicate Glass | Banger Cups | Ispire Patent Pending

Dual 18650 Batteries for The Wand NZ

The Wand induction device uses replaceable dual 18650 battery to power the super high heating efficiency with minimal combustion. Moreover, external batteries ensure extended usage for a worry-free experience. Rechargeable via USB port – fast charging, the Wand device can reach up to 5 Volts with a maximum charging current of 2 Amps.

Dual battery | 18650 Cell | USB Charging Available

All Viscosity Range The Wand NZ

Wax & Concentrates. Versatile enough to support wax and concentrates of any viscosity to meet your daily preference. The Wand handles Wax and Concentrates very well and you are able to Dab your favorite Wax, Oil, Concentrates etc with this Smart device.

All Viscosity | Range | Wax and Concentrates

Precise Temperature Control The Wand NZ

With accurate temperature control settings, it easy to adjust temperature control settings for that perfect dabbing experience. The Wand also available in both Auto and Manual mode for more flexibility. You also have the new switch to change from Concentrates to Flower.

Precise Temperature settings | Auto and Manual Mode Available

Safery Features on The Wand NZ

Equipped with industry standards safety features to ensure top performance, durability, and prolong usage. Having Battery Protection shut downs can be annoying, like shutting down after a set time. Remember that these functions are in place to ensure your batteries last the distance.

Safety Features | Industry Standards | Built for convenience

Cost-Effective Compatible Accessories for The Wand Inuction Heater NZ

Super compatible with most bongs on the market, the wand comes accessorized with both angled and straight bangers. A cost-effective and safer alternative to the traditional oil rigs, it is compact and suitable for personal use. It works very well with the DynaVap VapCap Pens.

Cost-Effective | Compatible accessories | Suitable for personal use

Final Thoughts.

DynaVap users and Concentrate lovers ready to take a break from the torch have a new heating method in The Wand. Perfect for flame-less, precise dabs, this method is portable, clean, and more discreet and much safer than a torch. Sick of those burns? Learn more about The Wand at We highly recommend checking out some videos on YouTube where you watch The Wand in action.

YouTube Video of Bubblers 
Please note some videos may show the US version with only 2 buttons on the interface. If you want to see exactly the version we are selling you should watch the first 2 videos below. The Wand EU Version Videos below.
Ispire The Wand Review Video Vapefiend UK   The Wand by Ispire Factory Demo Video
The Wand Story Video by Ispire    Sneaky Pete's The Wand Video Review - Ispire Wand NZ


An Alternative Product to consider for Induction Heaters NZ

The UFO Induction Heater is a Brand New Device, by Vaping Fans, July 2021 Release. A Fully Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap VapCap Pens. 50 Clicker! Easy to recharge the device quickly, USB Type-C like the Ispire The Wand. This one is great value, check it out, click the Banner below to visit our Portable UFO Induction Heater (IH) and The Orion V2 Pages to compare all the Induction Heaters we sell. NZ Stock. The DynaVap (DynaTec) Orion V2 is a very popular Induction Heater for heating DynaVap VapCap Pens.

The Wand, UFO & DynaVap Orion V2 Induction Heaters at Helenskinz NZ

DynaVap VapCap Torch Lighters NZ

Batteries & Chargers we sell.

 Vaporizer 18650 Battery Charger NZ  USB Vaporizer Battery Charger - Helenskinz NZ  Astrolux USB Battery Charger for Vapes NZLithicore PULSE Vaporizer Battery Charger NZ 

Lithicore 18650 Battery 3000mAh 10amp NZ  Lithicore 18650 Battery 3500mAh 20amp NZ  IQ2 18650 Battery  18650 Vaporizer Batteries NZ

Portable Vaporizer Accessories. Vape Supplies NZ.

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Vaporizer Cases

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Non-Stick SLX Herb Grinders

SLX Herb Grinders NZ

VapeTube 10 Water Tool Bubbler for DynaVap.

10mm, no adapter required. All VapCap Pens fit straight into the frosted receptor. We have tested these Bubblers on many different vapes as we also sell the 14mm version. This 10mm version is fantastic, pour your water into the top, heat your VapCap with your Wand and when you hear the loud click place the mouthpiece of the DynaVap VapCap Pen into the bottom of the Bubbler and take the longest coolest draw ever! These bubblers are awesome. They don't only work really well they are strong with thick glass and a solid build. With The Wand you can even add some heat while drawing by simply waving your Wand a couple of times over your Cap, be careful not to combust, do it near the end of your draw before the Cooled Down Click happens!
VapeTube 10 Water Tool Bubbler for DaVinci Vaporizer NZ

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