Tripod for The Wand Induction Heater by Ispire NZ

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Tripod Stand for The Wand Induction Heater NZ

Ispire NZ
Tripod Stand for The Wand Induction Heater by Ispire.

The Tripod stand is the perfect companion for the Wand and allows you to go hands free for the perfect Dabbing and/or DynaVap experience.

Tripod Stand for The Wand Induction Heater Dabbing NZ

The Wand Tripod Stand from Ispire is a useful articulated tripod (like a mini camera Tripod) that works with the Ispire Wand Induction Heater to provide stability & articulation and 2 free hands. The Tripod Stand was designed and made by Ispire the makers of The Wand, the final piece of the puzzle! The ideal accessory for The Wand Heater when used for Dabbing or DynaVapping!

Used in combination with our DynaVap Wand Insert Kit your Wand will be ready in no time to Rip a VapCap!

Tripod Stand for The Wand Induction Heater NZ

The Wand Tripod Stand is built as its name suggests, with three adjustable (bendy) legs and a ball head for ultimate customization. Loosen the ball joint, adjust and re-tighten, it's very simple and once tightened it will sit rock solid! You can control both the height and angle of your wand, providing your ideal level of comfort and positioning whether it be for heating your Banger or your DynaVap VapCap Vape Pen.

Tripod Stand for The Wand NZ
The Wand is awesome, but it takes some time to bring the banger up to temperature. The Tripod Stand provides a hands-free option as a KISS simple solution. The Wand sits securely inside the specially sized bracket, while also remaining easy to remove.

Dabbing with the Tripod Stand for The Wand NZ

Ispire Wand Tripod Stand Features.

  • Genuine Authentic Ispire Original Product.
  • Precisely Holds Your Wand In The Perfect Position.
  • Works With All Borosilicate Glass Bangers and Cups.
  • Perfect to use with the DynaVap Wand Insert Kit for VapCaps.
  • Made by Ispire, the makers of The Wand.

Technical Data.

  • Dimensions: 76 x 50 x 211 inches.
  • Fit for: Ispire The Wand Heater.
  • Product Name: The Wand Tripod Stand.
  • Brand: Ispire.

Package Includes.

  • 1x Ispire Wand Tripod Stand.
  • 1x Bracket/Clip to hold The Wand.

 The Tripod Stand for The Wand Induction Heater NZ

Helenskinz Vapes NZ

The Best way to use The Wand with DynaVap NZ.

Ispire have just made a brand new DynaVap
Adapter for The Wand, DYADP!

Ispire & DynaVap NZ
The Wand
can be quickly mounted in the Tripod bracket, the DynaVap Wand Insert Kit installed in The Wand and the Bottomed Cup in place so you can simply drop your VapCap Pen into the Glass Cup and heat it up to the Click and beyond all with 2 hands free! Too convenient for you? Try installing the Pass Through Glass Insert and heat your pen from below by moving it up and down inside the Wand Oven/DynaVap Insert Adapter while your Wand sits still in the Tripod Bracket. It certainly makes life much easier when you free up both of your hands.

DYADP - DynaVap Adapter Kit The Wand by Ispire

The new DYADP Adapter allows you to use your Wand Induction Heater like a standard Induction Heater. It comes with 2 different Glass Cups that slide into place using a Silicon Insert. You can quickly install the silicon sleeve by pushing it into the Wand Oven from the bottom. Then you can press one of the Glass Cups into the silicon sleeve, either the Pass Through Glass Cup or the Bottomed Glass Cup. You must press the bottomed glass cup in from the top. It is very straight forward and the end result is that your Wand will now be properly configured for heating all DynaVap Pens. 

Ispire The Wand DynaVap Insert Kit NZ Click to visit the Adapter page.

10 seconds to install the DYADP insert kit by Ispire NZ
The DynaVap Insert for the Wand Heater centers the DynaVap VapCap and makes it much easier to heat your pen properly, either by using the Pass Through Cup or the Bottomed Cup.

Bottomed Cup on the DYADP insert kit by Ispire NZ

With the Pass Through Cup (image below) you can move the pen (or the Wand) up and down heating the Tip and Cap from below or you can use the bottomed cup and drop your pen into the glass cup from the top (above image) and let it sit in there and heat just like a regular Induction Heater.

Pass Through Cup on the DYADP insert kit by Ispire NZ

This adapter makes all the difference when using your Wand to heat your DynaVap VapCap. Because induction heaters activate and start heating when they detect metal (your Cap and Tip) it can be difficult to get the Wand to stay activated when heating a VapCap due to the large oven space on the Wand. This adapter kit puts your pen in the right place (center) at the right time and will keep your Wand activated and heating. Made by Ispire, the makers of The Wand.

DYADP adapter insert kit by Ispire NZ for The Wand

DYADP adapter glass insert kit by Ispire NZ for The Wand
We have found that using the pass through cup heats more of the DynaVap metal resulting in thicker clouds of vapor. The bottomed cup is the most convenient one to use and the pass through cup is probably the best as far as performance goes. It certainly helps having the insert.

DYADP - DynaVap Adapter Kit Video
DYADP - DynaVap Adapter Kit Vid NZ
Video also shows Tripod in use with The Wand.


Click to visit The Wand page.

The Wand Induction Heater NZ

YouTube Video of Bubblers 
Please note some videos may show the US version with only 2 buttons on the interface. If you want to see exactly the version we are selling you should watch the first 2 videos below. The Wand EU Version Videos below.
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