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Flower Mill Grinders NZ

Flower Mill 2" Grinder Mini NZ.

Flower Mill's patented design rolls your herb across the screen, which creates a progressive crumbling that helps the herb naturally break apart. This action results in naturally soft and fluffy herb. Look Mum No Teeth!

Made from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and an anodized finish. Compact with 2g capacity, this grinder is built to travel and only weighs 4.6 ounces.

The Mini design is 2", comes as a 3-piece grinder, and is available in Black, Blue, and Purple.

3 Colors of Flower Mill 2" Grinder Mini NZ


  • Quality construction from a CNC machine
  • Extra Fluffy herb (perfect for DynaVap, Pax, Mighty+ Medic etc)
  • Complete Milling
  • Low effort needed
  • Large Capacity
  • Easy cleaning

Compact & Travel Ready!

This compact, aluminum, efficient herb mill is made for traveling. You can easily put this grinder in a pocket if you don’t mind a slight bulge, it only weighs about 4 ounces. The aluminium is great because it makes it very easy to wipe clean! Also, the high-grade aluminum makes it tougher, so if you drop it the sturdy build helps prevent damage. It is a relief knowing it can take some punishment.

3 Chambers.

The 3 chambers are as follows: top/lid, grinder, and catcher, which means it does not have a kief collector. On the instructions, it states that this mill can hold up to 2g at a time. There's a  magnet at the top which ensures that the grinder remains locked tight, so there is no worry about spillage while on the move. If you don't use everything you ground, you can easily leave some in your grinder for later use.

Opened Black Flower Mill 2" Grinder Mini NZ

Next Gen Standard.

The award winning and patented design has led thousands of people all over the world to ditch their traditional grinders for a Flower Mill. The Next Gen Standard Flower Mill has been re-imagined from the inside out to be more affordable and accessible for consumers everywhere. 


We source all of our Flower Mill Grinders from DynaVap USA. Genuine brand spanking new and ready to crumble on a table near you!

Who are Flower Mill?

Flower Mill is an independent product development studio based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. They are driven by the belief that people should have access to the best tools. Led by a team of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs we bring this vision to life in the products they create.


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