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Pax Plus Vaporizer NZ
Conduction Herbal Aromatherapy Blends   PAX Labs NZ

PAX PLUS Vaporizer NZ.

Meet the brand new Pax Plus Vape, released in NZ April, 2023.

SOME STOCK in AUCKLAND or ORDER ONLY if not, see selections.

Who does the PAX Plus suit in NZ?

The PAX Plus dry herb vaporizer is the perfect portable vaporizer for those that want a no-fuss, super easy-to-use vaporizer that’s effective, highly portable, and packed with features that don’t require a smartphone app. Pack the oven with fine grind (2pc Grinder best). Turn it on and set your session with one button, enjoy unique modes like Stealth and Boost, and create big clouds for over two hours with the revamped PAX Plus vaporizer, 2023. We believe the new Pax+ vape will suit many Kiwi's looking to either step up to a serious portable or upgrade their Pax 3 to the latest version. After all, Pax owners usually become Pax users for life after finally owning a vaporizer that works so well not to mention it's incredible stealth and portability.

Pax Plus Vaporizers NZ


  • Ultra Pocketable
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Multiple Vaping Modes - No App Required
  • Fast Heat Up
  • 10 Years Warranty (valid in NZ)

Technical specifications.

  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Height: 3.85 in / 9.8 cm
  • Width: 1.22 in / 3.2cm
  • Depth: .86 in / 2.2 cm
  • 4 Preset Temperature Settings
  • USB Charging


  • Onyx
  • Sage
  • Elderberry
  • Periwinkle

PAX Plus Vaporizer colors NZ

What's in the box.

  • Pax+ Vaporizer
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • Oven Lid
  • Half-Pack Oven Lid (HPOL)
  • Concentrate Insert (Extracts/Concentrates)
  • 3D Oven Screens (New)
  • Multi-Tool (New)
  • Wire Brush
  • USB Charger

Pax Plus Vaporizer Kit NZ

NZ Stock Pax Plus Vaporizer NZ
Please note that at times we are able to import Pax Plus Kits in bulk from the US (the price can vary), this is why we have added 4 more options using the "Color Selection" above. The regular "ORDER ONLY" option is listed in all 4 colors as usual with an additional 4 options to buy the color of your choice but from our NZ STOCK. If we have any NZ Stock of Pax+ (they will be available at times) and it doesn't say Sold Out it means we have them in NZ. They don't last long in stock but we do intend to build up a decent supply so our Pax customers can enjoy receiving their new vape with 1-2 days compared to 10 days aprox. Obviously, if you want a Pax Plus asap and we don't have any NZ Stock a the time you should select the ORDER ONLY option to ensure you will have a vape on the way. We don't have any set dates for when they will be available in NZ but we will be working on our local NZ Pax Vaporizer supply. The very best way to make sure you hear about them immediately when they go IN STOCK NZ is to use the "Notify Me When In Stock" button on our page, you may need to refresh your page to see the blue button. Select the NZ STOCK color you want and wait for an email, when we put them In Stock it sends out the alerts within minutes, anyone who subscribed to the notification will receive an email, so there will likely be many people all trying to buy the NZ Stock popular colors at the same time.

If you are keen, be quick!

PAX+ Vapeorizer Onyx 2023 Model Helenskinz NZ

Black PAX PLUS Vape 2023 Model Helenskinz NZBlack PAX PLUS Vape 2023 Model in Box Helenskinz NZ


Smooth, flavorsome vapor.

Enjoy dense, flavorful vapor with the PAX Plus and its 4 preset Experience Modes. Each setting is fine-tuned to cater to multiple vaping styles, from flavor chasers to cloud hunters and everything in between.

Two hour endurance.

The PAX Plus comes with up to two hours of session time and charges via a magnetic USB charger. Also sold separately if you want a spare USB Magnetic Mini Charger for the car etc.


The PAX Plus was made for travel with a small, compact design that you can conceal in the palm of your hand and slip inside any small bag, purse, or pocket. Ideal for taking out and about without anyone knowing you have a vaporizer on you. It's possible to carry a Pax in your jeans pocket without it being noticed they are that stealthy! It's also safe to do and won't turn on while in your pocket like some vapes. Just be sure to never put a Pax in your pocket while warming up (or ON) in case you forget as the motion sensor will think you are using it and it will not shut off like it would if you sat it on a table. You don't want to scorch your Periwinkle!

Pax Plus Periwinkle with Flat Mouthpiece
Flat Colored Mouthpiece/Airway/Switch under black surface/Top

Periwinkle Pax Plus Vaporizer Kit NZ
Oven Lid/Oven/Bottom

Straight forward controls.

Everything from its temperature settings to its unique vaping modes is just a few clicks away. Pack the oven with finely ground herb, turn it on, and vape with a single button. Then, use its four LED light petals to check the battery level (with a quick shake), current temperature, and whether it's cooling down or heating up.

Black PAX PLUS Vape 2023 Model at Helenskinz NZ

Multiple vaping modes.

The PAX Plus comes with four unique vaping modes - No smartphone app required.

STEALTH MODE, or one lit petal, is for incognito sessions. It starts at 360°F (182°C) and the lit petals dim to a barely-noticeable purple. The vapor has minimal clouds to keep things inconspicuous. Our favorite sessions were with this mode and a tightly packed load of very finely ground dry herb using the Half-Pack Oven Lid. Due to less herb in the oven, complete extraction is effortless.

EFFICIENCY MODE, or two lit petals, is for slow, relaxed sessions. The lights turn green/turquoise and it lengthens the session to extend the flavor. Sessions start out light and tasty but finish strong. We got some excellent 10+ minute sessions with this setting.

FLAVOR MODE, or three lit petals, delivered the strongest taste of all the settings. The lights are yellow/green, and the taste is very strong on some of these sessions. At first it can be completely overpowering if you have very aromatic herb. After a couple of draws it will calm down but still retain it's full flavor.

BOOST MODE, or four lit petals, is for strong, fast sessions that get to the point with no mucking about. The LED lights turn orange/red and it extracts everything quicker than at lower settings. The flavor diminished sooner than with other experience modes but only because the herb is vaped much faster than in other modes. This is the mode to use with the Concentrate Insert. Extract vaping usually requires pretty high temps, the Pax Plus handles concentrates well and is truly an extract beast!

Change the experience modes.

The PAX Plus utilizes four unique experience modes instead of single, preset temperatures. When it’s on, press and hold the button to enter the mode selector. Click once to cycle through each mode, and either press and hold or give it a shake to select it.

Pax Plus Experience Modes 1
Pax Plus Experience Modes 2
Onyx PAX PLUS Vaporizer 2023 Model at Helenskinz NZ

Vape dry herbs & concentrates.

Switch from dry herbs to concentrate/extract/wax instantly with the included concentrate insert. Usually, dual-use vaporizers only do one well, either dry herb or extracts, but the PAX Plus performs well with both. Pax has always been very good at vaping extracts unlike many top vapes that just don't do a great job at all. Pax thrives with concentrates utilizing it's concentrate insert that comes in the Pax Plus kit.

The complete package.

The PAX Plus vaporizer includes everything you need to create your perfect session plus a few cleaning and maintenance supplies. It comes with: Flat & Raised Mouthpieces, Standard & Half-Pack Oven Lids, Concentrate Insert, Multi-Tool, and a Maintenance Kit. All you need to vape is your botanicals and a decent Herb Grinder for the job. We can certainly help with the right grinder, it's very important to get the grind just right with all Pax vapes. We find a very fine almost powdery grind works very well in all Pax vaporizers including the new Pax Plus. More info below on herb grinders for Pax Plus. (2pc Grinders are the key to success with all Pax).

Onyx PAX PLUS Vaporizer Oven Lid at Helenskinz NZ

Easier to clean.

Clean and maintain the oven with ease thanks to its redesigned oven screen and multi-tool. Each screen comes with a new 3D design that's easier to remove and replace when it’s time to freshen it up with a new one. The new 3D screens are available separately when you need more. They offer a much better vaping experience with their increased airflow. 3D screens will also work in your Pax 2 or Pax 3 vaporizer.

Front of Onyx PAX PLUS Vaporizer 2023 Model at Helenskinz NZ

The PAX Plus dry herb vaporizer refines the PAX 3. Tasty or cloudy sessions are just a button press away!


The PAX Plus comes with a 10-year warranty which is only valid if purchased from an authorized reseller in New Zealand, ie: Helenskinz. Have a problem with your Pax? Contact us and we will get it sorted asap, we can help if you discover a Manufacturing Fault with your Pax Plus.

Pax+ User Manual.

Comparison Pax Mini / Pax Plus.
Comparison Pax Mini / Pax Plus.

Pax Mini 4th Generation Vaporizer Device NZ
3 Generations of Pax Vape NZ
4th Gen PAX Vape - Pax PLUS Vape 2023 Model NZ

4th Gen PAX Vape - Pax+ Vape 2023 Model NZ

Pax Mini Videos on YouTube
Pax Plus Videos.

Find several informative video reviews on the Pax Plus.

Preparing your botanicals.

The new Pax Plus dry herb vape can tackle ground herb with ease! For a Pax it is essential that you grind your herb with an appropriate herb grinder, like a Croc Crusher or even better a Santa Cruz Shredder 2pc which is a very decent grinder at a decent price. The SCS 2pc grinder produces a finer grind than the Croc Crusher and is what we use for all Pax vaping (an almost powdery grind is best). We highly recommend you invest in a decent grinder and don't skimp on size, small grinders are very difficult to use with big hands, we recommend using at least Medium for the ladies and Large for the men. Or if you prefer, medium 4 piece grinders work for both size of hands, they are easier to grip. Check out our imported herb grinders here. We also have the famous 4pc SLX "Slicks" Non-Stick Ceramic Grinders in stock in Auckland, NZ.

All Imported Herb Grinders NZ

All conduction vapes require a fine grind and Pax is no exception, all Pax models thrive on a fine grind best achieved from using a 2pc Herb Grinder. If using a 4pc Herb Grinder you will not have the same performance as you would from using a 2pc grinder which can produce a finer grind ideal for the Pax. One trick if you don't want to buy a 2pc grinder is to hold your 4pc grinder inverted while you grind, it will prevent your ground herb from falling into the lower compartment and the result will be a finer grind. We highly recommend using a stick of Grinder Grease, it will make your grinder super smooth, prevent jamming, prevent build-up on opposing surfaces and make your standard grinder work almost like a non-stick one. It's the best kept herb grinding secret that every vaper should know about! Amazing stuff. One stick can last well over a year!

Shredder Grease for all grinders NZ"Always" ensure your Pax Oven is 100% Full with no voids at all. If you tried to vape with a half load and with half of the oven empty the vapor would be almost non existent. So with the Pax Plus you must always fill your oven to the top or use the HPOL. The Half Pack Oven Lids that come with the Pax 3 Complete Kit and the new Pax Plus that are also available to buy separately, are unfortunately NOT compatible with the smaller oven on the Pax Mini for your information. Buy a HPOL, NZ Stock.

Half Pack Oven Lid for Pax Plus Vape NZ
Note the Old Pax 3 Screen, see new 3D Screens below.


As far as parts for Pax Mini & Pax Plus are concerned, you can use all Pax 2 and Pax 3 parts like Oven Lids, Mouthpieces, Water Adapters, Cleaning Tools and more.

Pax Plus compatibility of parts with Pax 3 The only part that is different is the Oven Screen although they do still fit. The new Pax Mini and Pax Plus use the new Pax 3D Screens, easy to insert and remove for cleaning and have better airflow (see videos in image gallery). You can still use the Pax 3 screens in the Pax Mini and Pax Plus if needed. So it's good news if upgrading to one of these new 2023 Pax Models from a Pax 2 or Pax 3 because all your spare parts will be compatible and your cleaning tools will all be the right size. You can actually use the new Pax 3D Screens in a Pax 3 if you have a spare one. There's a good idea! Pax Parts and Mods NZThe only other consideration as far as compatibility is concerned is colors! All previous Pax models have come with black mouthpieces but the Pax Plus comes with mouthpieces that match the vaporizer, ie: Elderberry Pax Plus will have Elderberry colored Mouthpieces, the Periwinkle has matching MP's and so on. This obviously isn't a concern for Pax Mini but worth noting if checking out both new models. We stock all mouthpiece colors and types for the Pax+ in Auckland, NZ along with the complete range of Pax vaporizer parts, accessories and mods for all Pax models.

Pax 3D Screens NZ

See All Pax Parts & Accessories

Disregard Pax 2 or Pax 3 labels on parts as they are all compatible as explained above.

PAX Water Pipe Adapters

Pax Water Pipe Adapters will allow you to connect your Pax Mini or Pax Plus vaporizer to any 14mm or 18mm female water tool, like the 14mm Vape Tube Bubbler or your favorite Glass Bong. Vape through H2O for the ultimate aromatherapy experience!Pax 2/3 WPA - Water Pipe Adapter  Pax 2/3 WPA - Water Pipe Adapter

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong - Full H2O Vaping Kit NZ

VapeTube 14 Water Tool Bubbler for Vaporizers NZ

RYOT Smell-Proof Cases for Vapes NZ

RYOT HARDCASE SMALL - Perfect for PAX Mini & PAX Plus.Pax 2 in RYOT HardCase NZRYOT Hard Shell Krypto Case - Perfect for PAX Mini & PAX Plus.Pax 2 Krypto Case NZ

Size your Pax to the Smell-Proof Case you like. Pax 2 in image.
Pax fits best in the Small HardCase or Krypto if you want accessories too.

RYOT Vaporizer Cases - SmellSafe - Comparison to Vapes
Click to Enlarge Image.

Pax Mini Vaporizer Kit NZ

Portable Vaporizer Accessories NZ.

Imported American Herb Grinders
Need a Grinder?

Vaporizer Cases

RYOT Smell Proof Vaporizer Cases NZ

Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZ

Non-Stick Herb Grinders NZ - Cali OG Slick & SLX

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