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Pax Labs USA - Helenskinz NZ

Pax 2 & Pax 3 Vape Cleaning & Maintenance Kit.

This is a super handy Pax Vape Cleaning Kit, the brush is excellent and obviously fits perfectly into the Pax Vaporizer Airway. You can replace your dirty old screen with a brand new shiny one too, 3x Pax 2/3 Screens included in kit. The kit contains the original type Pax 2/3 screens that also fit in the new Pax Mini & Pax Plus and work just fine. You can also put the new 3D screens in a Pax 2 or Pax 3. The Pipe Cleaners in this Pax Vaporizer Cleaning Kit NZ are very tough and quite coarse, perfect for the Pax. There's nothing worse than trying to clean a Pax with a bendy thin Pipe Cleaner let alone pop the screen out! The brush will also pop your screen out from the airway/underside of screen. The brush is excellent to use soaked in ISO Alcohol and will clean your airway thoroughly with ease.

A clean vape tastes so much better and can perform as it should without being all gummed up! You will notice the Pax can get quite blocked up around the screen if you don't pop it out regularly, this will improve the airflow drastically. Remember most of the air has to pass through the loose oven lid gaps, through the ground herb and then under the edges of your screen and into the airway and then up to your mouth. If you have a baked in screen it is probably effecting your airflow a fair bit. It's an easy fix, clean your vape! ISO Alcohol (99%) with cotton buds & pipe cleaners, a new screen and a decent brushing should make your Pax vaporizer run and taste like a new vape!

Pax Vape Maintenance Kits NZPax Maintenance Kit Package Includes:

  • 3x Pax 2/3 Vaporizer Oven Screens (Will still fit & work in a Pax Mini or Pax+)
  • 1x Airway Brush (Keep and use for years to come to pop screens & clean)
  • 10x Rigid Pipe Cleaners

Pax 2/3 Maintenance Kit - Helenskinz NZThe very same Rigid Pipe Cleaners that came with your Pax Vaporizer. The brush and the pipe cleaners can both pop the screen out, very handy! Hang onto your brush as it is going to be a handy tool just for popping your screen out by pushing it through your Airway and applying some pressure, your screen should pop out.

Pax 2/3 Maintenance Kit - Helenskinz NZ

About the Pax 2 & Pax 3 Maintenance Kit.

The PAX Maintenance Kit provides you with all of the essential items you need to keep your PAX 2 or PAX 3 in perfect working condition. The PAX Maintenance Kit includes a long wire brush and 10 pipe cleaners to remove buildup from those hard-to-reach places and thoroughly clear out the vapor path. This maintenance kit also includes three replacement oven screens that ensure your vaporizer consistency delivers smooth and flavorful draws.

Looking For ISO Alcohol to Buy in NZ?

If you are looking for some ISO Alcohol Cleaner we highly recommend you visit your local JayCar Store in NZ (they also sell it online & ship it to you) and buy a 250ml Spray Bottle of ISO Alcohol, it's over 99% ISO so it's as strong as it gets, it's the best for cutting through that baked on build up. It's also good for soaking mouthpieces, screens, bubblers etc. Alternatively you can buy ISO Alcohol from Pharmacies but it's often more expensive. The ISOCOL one you can buy at Chemist Warehouse in NZ is pretty good too, it's cheapish and you can buy small 75ml Spray Bottles and larger bulk 500ml bottles (with the Alligator on the bottle label). It is roughly 70% ISO so not quite as strong and unfortunately it is slightly perfumed but not too bad at all.

What Does Helenskinz have to offer?

We prefer to use the JayCar 99% ISO, there is no water or perfume in it either. It's great on cotton buds/Q-Tips and Pipe Cleaners. We do sell Eco Friendly Cotton Buds for cleaning vapes and VIPES ISO Wipes. See bottom of this page. One JayCar spray bottle of ISO should last you more than a year or 2, you don't use much at all when cleaning, especially with a Pax! Don't flood the top deck under the mouthpiece, you don't want ISO to get into the inner workings especially if it's diluted resin build up. Use your ISO sparingly on a damp cotton bud or pipe cleaner, not dripping wet!

A Clean Pax is a Happy Pax!  A clean Pax is a Happy Pax! Helenskinz NZ

 Pax Labs NZ

Pax 2 & Pax 3 Replacement Parts

We stock many Pax Vaporizer parts and accessories in Auckland, NZ.

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