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RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit - Vaporizer Case


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SmellSafe RYOT Brand
RYOT  SmellSafe 

RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™


The best thing to come from Y2K

The most popular pocketable system ever designed for glass bats and small vapes-- but with a hard shell! Its elastic loops and rigid shell make it the perfect option to tote your gear no matter the terrain!

RYOT® SmellSafe™ - is an activated carbon absorption technology where microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create an odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted odors from your herbal remedies from escaping. Combined with our SmellSafe™ moisture seal zipper, RYOT® Pack and Protect™ has you ready to roll!


  • RYOT® SmellSafe™ Odor Blocking Technology
  • RYOT® Removable Fresh Pod
  • Neoprene lighter pocket
  • Elastic loop
  • Poker included
  • Rigid shell for added protection
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.75" (inches)


Included in Package:

  • 1x RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™ Vaporizer Case

RYOT Hard Shell Krypto Kit

What Vapes are compatible?

We will be building a list in time that we will add to our RYOT Vape Case pages displaying which vaporizers fit each case. We have 4 different cases to select from, there will be one or more that will fit your vaporizer and accessories. We do provide the exact dimensions of each case in the Features section above. You can measure your vape and compare  the numbers to the case dimensions to ensure it's going to fit.

* Please contact us if you want us to check if your type of vape will fit the case you are looking at, we are happy to try one out for you here using our vapes. Better safe than sorry. Contact us here, we usually reply right away.

Compatible Vaporizers:

  • Pax 2/3
  • Boundless CFV
  • Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd Gen
  • and many more
RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™

This is also a Hard Case for protection, lots of pockets and straps and more of a square shape than our other RYOT cases.

 RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™ RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™

The RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™ is ideal if you want to go mobile or just keep everything in one place, all your accessories, vape and material can fit into the Krypto.

RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™

The Pax series of Vaporizers fit very well in all the RYOT cases, the Krypto even has room for the charger and a few other accessories. The Krypto is a good choice for the Pax 2 or Pax 3 and many other vaporizers.

RYOT SmellSafe™ Hard Shell Krypto Kit™


Herbal Vapes

Comparison Photo - RYOT Cases compared to Vapes.

Click to enlarge image.

Comparison Photo - RYOT Cases vs Vaporizers


Check out other RYOT cases we sell - here. RYOT HeadCase  RYOT HardCase


Herbal Vapes

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