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SmellSafe RYOT Brand

RYOT  SmellSafe
RYOT SmellSafe HardCase Vaporizer Case.

Portable Vaporizer Hard Zipper Protective Case. 

New Camo Color now available!

Small HardCase is the Ultimate Pax Case!

The Best Pax Vaporizer Case Ever! RYOT HardCase NZThese compact cases feature ample padding, elastic straps, and a rigid shell to provide safe passage for your favorite hand pipe, vaporizer, or other small valuables. Plus, a convenient carabiner clip keeps all your valuables close at hand! The enhanced zipper closure provides durable moisture protection and added security for your vaping essentials.

RYOT® SmellSafe™ - is an activated carbon absorption technology where microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create an odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted odors from your herbal remedies from escaping. Combined with our SmellSafe™ moisture seal zipper, RYOT® Pack and Protect™ has you ready to roll!


  • Dimensions of Large Case: 6.5” x 2.25” (inches)
  • Dimensions of Small Case: 5” x 2” (inches)
  • RYOT® SmellSafe™ Odor Blocking Technology
  • Odor absorption Antimicrobial microfibers
  • Memory style padding
  • Secure external zipper closure with pull tab
  • Elastic storage loops
  • 2.25” Quick clip carabiner

Included in Package:

  • 1x RYOT SmellSafe™ HardCase - Vaporizer Case (Small/Large)

RYOT HardCase NZ - Pax Vape Case

What Vapes are compatible?

Firstly, the small HardCase on this page is the Perfect Pax 2/3 Case, it is the best Pax Case we can find, it's bang on! Nice and small, it protects and keeps your vape away from prying eyes and nostrils. Great case to leave in the car, a good place to store your vape while traveling.

There will be one or more that will fit your vaporizer and accessories. We do provide the exact dimensions of each case in the Features section above. You can measure your vape and compare  the numbers to the case dimensions to ensure it's going to fit.

* Please contact us if you want us to check if your type of vape will fit the case you are looking at, we are happy to try one out for you here using our vapes. Better safe than sorry. Contact us here, we usually reply right away.

New CAMO color just released!

New RYOT Camo HardCase Small and Large for Pax Vaporizer NZ

Compatible Vaporizers:


  • Pax 2/3 - Perfect Fit
  • Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd Gen
  • and many more


  • Pax 2/3
  • DaVinci IQ
  • and many more

New RYOT Camo HardCase Small and Large for Pax Vaporizers NZNew Camo HardCase

RYOT HardCase front

RYOT HardCase BackThe HardCase comes in 2 sizes, please check the dimensions above to work out what case is right for your vape and accessories. 

Arizer Air RYOT HardCase Pax in RYOT HardCase
RYOT HardCase Opened
RYOT HardCase

Small - The Perfect Pax Vape case!

You could fit this tiny but sturdy SmellSafe Small HardCase in your pocket, it's tiny and very high quality, the best protective and odor safe case we have ever seen, they are very slick! The larger case, or any of our other RYOT cases will also work well with the Pax and other small vapes, if you want compact then the small HardCase is fantastic.

Image below with Pax 2 vaporizer in the Small HardCase.

Silver Pax 2 in RYOT HardCase Small

Small Pax Case

Small Hardcase for Pax 3 NZThe Pax also fits very nicely in the Large HardCase, you will still have room for a stash tin etc.

Pax 2 Large RYOT HardCase

 Comparison Photo - RYOT Cases compared to Vapes.

Click to enlarge image & compare sizes.

Click to Expand Image - Comparison of RYOT Vaporizer Case Sizes with Vapes NZ

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