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RYOT Vape Case Combo LockRYOT Vape Case Combo Lock NZ.

This compact and durable lock from RYOT is perfect for securing any vaporizer case from our line of Smell Proof Ryot Cases. Keep your vaping accessories and medicine safe with a RYOT Lock!RYOT Case Lock NZThe RYOT Combo Case Lock is an authentic RYOT brand padlock system made for use with their Pack & Protect Product Series. We stock a line of Ryot SmellProof Vaporizer Cases that are ideal for this Vape Case Combination Padlock.

Locking Ryot Case with RYOT Case Lock NZRYOT's Pack & Protect SmellSafe Cases are manufactured with zippers that can be paired with this innovative padlock to keep your precious Medicine, Vaporizer and Vaping Tools safely secured inside from those nosy people in your life.

Ryot Slym Case with RYOT Case Lock NZ
This premium padlock comes equipped with a versatile shackle system that allows you to use it with a variety of lockable items. This shackle is both durable and flexible, it will bend and contour to fit your needs without easily being broken.

Locked Vaping Bag with Ryot Lock NZ
The lock is factory preset at 4 – 2 – 0. Press down button to unlock. Each of these innovative locks utilize a three digit combination entry code that can be customized to your own private number. Simply press down the button to release the shackle, enter your three digit code and your personal number is set.

Ryot Pack and Protect Vape Case Lock NZ Pack and Protect Ryot Vape Case Lock NZ
Invest in this affordable vape case padlock from RYOT USA and keep your expensive and private Vaporizer, Vaping Tools and your Stash of Botanicals/Medicine safe and sound at all times with no exceptions! Has your flatmate been helping himself while you're hard at work? Not any more with this nifty lock. We also like how you can put the lock on your case and have confidence that any nosey parkers sticking their beak into your personal belongings won't see what's in that little case of yours. It's private and nobody's business but yours.


  • Weight: 0.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 2×2×0.25 in.
  • Compatible with all Ryot Vape Cases we sell.

Lock Features.

  • Combination Padlock System.
  • 2" Long wire cord lock.
  • Bends / Forms to Fit.
  • Fits most Zipper Holes.
  • Locks all sorts, no limited to cases.
  • Another High Quality Ryot product.

What's Included:

  • 1 x RYOT Combo Case Lock.

RYOT Combo Case Lock

Your Business and nobody else's!

Ryot Case with RYOT Case Lock NZ

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