XVAPE Fog Pro/Starry 3.0/Mighty+/Crafty+ Whip Adapter NZ

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Starry 3.0 Water Pipe Adapter NZ

STARRY 3.0 Whip & Glass Adapter for 14mm Bongs & Bubblers.

XMAX Starry 3.0 Water Pipe Adapter. XVAPE Fog Pro/Starry 3.0/Mighty+/Crafty+ Whip Adapter NZ.

STARRY 3.0 Whip & Glass Adapter for Bongs & Bubblers NZ

The XVAPE XMAX Starry Water Pipe Adapter mates your Starry to any glass with a 14mm female connection. Attach it to the swivel mouthpiece on your vape, drop the other end of the whip into your glass piece or bubbler, and set the Starry 3.0 (or other swivel MP vape) down next to it. This adapter also fits the Mighty+ and Crafty+, Fog Pro and a few other vaporizers. The whip is long for a reason, you can adjust the length once you see how it all connects by shortening the silicon hose. Simply cut it and reattach the glass adapter, or do the other end.XVAPE Starry / FOG Pro Water Adapter Kit NZ


XVAPE Starry / FOG Pro Water Adapter Kit.

With the XVAPE Water Pipe Adapter you can hook it up to your own Bong or Water Pipe or buy one of our
14mm Bubblers.

One end of the whip connects to the mouthpiece of your Starry 3.0 or Fog Pro vape and the other connects through a 14mm male glass joint. Our Vape Tube 14 (14mm) Bubbler we stock will fit this adapter perfectly. 14mm is a common size for many water pipes and bubblers.


  • 1 x Silicone Whip With Mouthpiece & 14mm Frosted Glass Adapter.

 XVAPE Starry / FOG Pro Water Adapter Kit NZ

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