DynaVap Bonger Water Pipe Adapter NZ

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Dynavap Bonger Water Pipe Adapter NZ
Dynavap Bonger Water Pipe Adapter NZ.

All you need is a DynaVap Tip & Cap to complete the Bonger!

The latest silicone accessory to use with any DynaVap tip and cap combination - meet the Bonger! The Bonger implements both a 10mm and a 14mm taper to enhance your water piece use. It's perfect for Bubblers, Bongs and all water tools. A shorter length stem allows the included condenser to reach the CCD (screen in oven), providing a constricted airflow. As the first DynaVap design without an airport, the Bonger will compliment your water piece use for a sky high experience.

The Bonger by DynaVap NZ


  • Comes with a Stainless Steel Condenser.
  • Available in Black or Black & Green (patterns vary).
  • Water pipe adapter for DynaVap - 10mm & 14mm.
  • Super quick and easy to clean.
  • Quick to assemble and take apart.
  • Compatible with all DynaVap Tips and Caps.
  • Can leave set up with a dedicated Tip & Cap or keep as is for later use.
  • Ideal for use with a Bubbler.

The Bonger Condenser NZ

Package includes.

  • 1x Silicone Bonger with Condenser. Pick a color.

Dynavap Bonger Water Pipe Adapter

The Bonger Storage Container by DynaVap NZ

The DynaVap Way.

Vaporize the DynaVap way through your favorite glass bubbler with the DynaVap Bonger. This H2O adapter easily connects to 10mm and 14mm male connections for cool, water-filtered dry herb vaporizer hits. It's entirely up to you what you insert into the Bonger. A Stainless Steel or Titanium Tip or a new Finless Tip, a Low Temp, Captive, Perforated or Armored Cap and some juicy botanicals and you are vaping through H2O.

Here's an example of using an existing DynaVap B Vaporizer with the Bonger. Remove the Finless Tip and Cap from The B Vape and push it into the Bonger. Now heat your cap and put your Bonger in your water piece whatever that may be, bong, bubbler, pipe etc.

The Bonger with 2 Glass Bongs NZThere's nothing better than vaping with one exception, vaping through water, there's something about the "bubbling as you draw" that is very appealing to most people, it's just a nice way to inhale your vapor. The Bonger fits perfectly into your 10mm or 14mm water receptor and seals nicely between the silicone and the glass.The Bonger with 2 Glass Bongs NZ
We think the Bonger is nice and simple and we love it because although it is in fact simple it is actually a very handy piece of kit that is a lot more than just a silicone adapter. It's the missing link between your DynaVap Vape and your spanking new water piece (or dirty old one). We have not seen any other adapters like it where the vape (DynaVap Tip & Cap) is inserted into the adapter to build a functioning vaporizer, talk about ass about face! It is brilliant when you think about it. High quality Silicone is proving to be fantastic material for devices like the Bonger and The B Vaporizer.The Bonger with Glass Bubbler NZSeparate your stem and tip on any DynaVap pen and poke your tip with it's cap into the Bonger and then poke the Bonger into any 10mm or 14mm water tool. It's that easy! Our 14mm Bubblers work great with the Bonger, it's a slightly larger Bubbler and with the Bonger poked in the business end it's a really fun way to use your DynaVap vaporizer.

The Bonger with 3 Glass Bongs NZ

The BONGER is an ideal option for our Haze DUO Bong

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong - Full H2O Vaping Kit NZ

HAZE DUO Vaporizer Bong - Full H2O Vaping Kit NZ

Bonger by DynaVap on Haze Duo Bong NZ  Venting the Haze Duo Bong NZ

Bonger by DynaVap on Haze Duo Bong NZ 14mm Joint  Bonger by DynaVap on Haze Duo Bong NZ 10mm Joint

Bonger by DynaVap on Haze Duo Bong with Glass Stem NZ

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Use With Any Tip & Cap.

DynaVap is respected for the flexibility in their lineup, and this ingenious little guy is the perfect way to interface a DynaVap with a water piece. The Bonger works with any current tip and cap in their roster, showing the tendency towards compatibility that DynaVap has worked hard to establish.

Durable silicone.

The DynaVap Bonger is made from durable, lightweight silicone that won’t scratch up your bubbler. It’s small, efficient, and the perfect size to take anywhere at any time.

Stainless steel vapor path.

The Bongers silicone exterior is tough and flexible but comes with a clean stainless steel condenser tube installed. Vapor is strong and potent and maintains its rich flavors as flows through a pure, clean vapor path.

Official DynaVap accessory.

This is an official DynaVap accessory. It’s made specifically for any DynaVap tip and cap and guarantees a sure fit.

DynaVap Cap options.

Cap options for DynaVap Pens NZ
DynaVap Stainless & Titanium Tips - Build a DynaVap Pen Helenskinz NZ


The Bonger By DynaVap from Dynavap on Vimeo.
DynaVap Bonger Review & Product Demo | GWNVC's Vaporizer Reviews #shortvideo #dynavap #review from Sneaky Pete Vaporizers on Vimeo

Induction Heater Options for DynaVap NZ

DynaVap Orion V2 Portable Induction Heater by DynaTec NZDynaVap Orion V2 Portable Induction Heater by DynaTec NZ. We stock the Orion V2 in our Auckland Warehouse for fast dispatch NZ Wide. The Orion is the highest quality "portable" Induction Heater you can buy and it's also the most expensive. It works extremely well and is small enough for a bag or even a jacket pocket. You can conceal almost the entire device in your palm. It comes in a very nice zipper case that can also hold your VapCap Vape Pens, and it has a SnapStash Stash Tin (plastic) to carry your botanicals. It's a great kit and an even better device, you can't go wrong with DynaTec, made by DynaVap. In stock NZ.

The Wand by Ispire NZ

THE WAND by Ispire, Portable Induction Heater for DynaVap.
Precise temperature control for the perfect hit every time! Compatible with DynaVap VapCap Pens. Heat your DynaVap Tip with the safest and most precise temperature control ever. We have come a long way from rubbing 2 sticks together, The Wand induction heater is a fully portable device powered by 2 removable 18650 batteries so you can even pack spares when on extended missions. You can also use an external fast charger to charge your batteries if you prefer, the beauty of removable batteries! DYADP Adapter Insert available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! NOW available for DynaVap, convert your Wand for DynaVap! Tripods also in stock NZ.

Yllvape Induction Heater V2.0 NZ

YLLVAPE YLL-IH V2.0 "2nd Gen" for DynaVap, a torch-less heating solution that offers superior performance, portability, adjustable wattage control, and user-friendly operation. Elevate your DynaVap experience with this compact and innovative device. You can now head for the hills with this device and vape all day long, you may need spare batteries which is an option with this model, just open the back and swap out the 2x 18650 batteries inside. Batts not included. All new, released Oct 2023. In stock NZ.

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